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Food for the “fives”: what to feed the student for better performance

Food for the

Scientifically proven fact: child care disappears as soon as the child feels hungry. Therefore, pediatricians insist that parents ensure that children consume the necessary amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates in each meal.

This will speed up the work of the brain, increase concentration and allow you to maintain a feeling of satiety for longer. At the same time there are products that are required to be in the diet of a small student regularly.

First of all, we are talking about products that contain Omega-3 fatty acids, as they help develop memory, attentiveness and resist stress. The use of such products has a beneficial effect on the concentration of attention in the child, the general concentration, the spirit of learning and the speed of intellectual processes.

In addition, they keep blood vessels in a good shape, support blood circulation and the activity of the immune system.

What foods contain omega-3 fatty acids? Fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, sardines), walnuts, eggs and wheat germ. In addition to Omega-3 fatty acids, the consumption of monounsaturated fats (olive oil, rapeseed oil, nuts / seeds and avocado) also contributes to healthy blood flow to the brain.

What is to feed the child school?

Food for the

My teacher friend says she sees a big difference between her daughter and children who do not eat before school or eat an unbalanced breakfast. Indeed, studies on this topic show that children who have a balanced breakfast before school, learn new information better and are more open to communication with their peers.

Glucose – fuel for the brain. According to nutritionists, legumes are one of its richest sources.

They are a rich source of nutrients, including B vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and antioxidants, which play a key role in brain function.

A homemade burrito can be a good breakfast idea for a young student. This dish includes whole wheat tortillas, eggs and lightly roasted beans.

According to nutritionist and obesity specialist in children Anne Kalts, this is a good full breakfast, because it includes fats (egg yolk), carbohydrates (cake) and proteins (beans and egg white).

A rich source of glucose is oatmeal. Children, as a rule, can not stand it, so sprinkle cinnamon with porridge, add nuts, berries, fruits and honey.

Such a mix is ​​a great power source for the brain.

Be sure to include whole grains in your baby’s diet. For breakfast, for example, you can give your baby a whole-grain bread sandwich with a slice of ham and an egg.

Eggs are a good way to start the day. The fat contained in the yolk soothes the brain and enables it to better concentrate and improve concentration.

This property has only the yolk, so make sure that the child ate the entire egg (some picky do not like the yolk).

If you do not want the child to “burn out” in the middle of the school day, do not give him much sugar for breakfast. Cakes, milk chocolate, a lot of honey, jam for breakfast dramatically increase blood sugar levels.

Energy from simple carbohydrates is quickly consumed, and the child will feel hunger after an hour or two.

Food for the

When preparing a school lunch, first of all pay attention to the content of fat in it. Many parents are surprised when they learn that cheese is the main source of not very useful saturated fats in a child’s diet. Another source of saturated fat is sausage, ham and sausages.

But why be surprised: sandwiches with cheese and sausage – a typical meal in the school lunch box. It seems to parents that such food helps the child to quickly satisfy hunger.

But after such a diet, the child becomes drowsy, concentration decreases. In the future, it is still fraught with excess weight and the accumulation of dangerous visceral fat in the body.

Nutritionists advise to revise this stereotype. Sandwiches can be very useful if parents are not lazy to do them right.

First of all, make sure that the lunchbox always had products from whole grains. Whole grains are an excellent source of fiber, and they also help you not to feel hunger any longer.

In addition, they contain important nutrients such as selenium, potassium and magnesium.

A good lunch option is roasted turkey, egg and whole grain bread. This combination is the perfect continuation of a busy day.

The turkey, due to its biochemical composition, helps to concentrate and be attentive to the lessons, the healthy yolk fat calms down and concentrates, and whole grain bread provides energy for learning.

A worthy substitute for turkey can be a piece of tuna. This fish is saturated with essential amino acids essential for brain function.

In addition, it is an excellent source of omega-3 fats, which are of fundamental importance in the functioning of the brain.

Food for the

Dark chocolate contains very powerful antioxidants called flavanols. They increase blood flow to the brain. Chocolate also contains sugar, which is important for providing the required level of glucose in the blood as a “fuel”.

In this case, the fat contained in dark chocolate slows down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, which, firstly, prevents a sharp rise in blood sugar, and, secondly, leads to a longer feeling of satiety. Note: this is true only for dark chocolate, not for milk and white.

A small amount of caffeine, which is contained in chocolate, stimulates increased attention, improved mood and perseverance.

Another tip: teach your children to eat avocados. At least a little bit. This fruit contains powerful antioxidants that increase brain productivity.

If this product has problems, be sure to slip omega-3-rich nuts, especially walnuts, and red fish meat to your child.

Thinking through the snack for your little student, remember that it is important to minimize (and better – eliminate at all) refined carbohydrates and refined white sugar from the diet. An alternative should be whole grains and natural sources of glucose, such as fruit, honey, or maple syrup.

And finally: do not forget about the great benefits of fruits and vegetables. Antioxidant-rich foods such as red and blue berries, plums, oranges, red / green grapes, cherry, kiwi, red grapefruit, garlic, kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, avocado, red pepper and purple onions protect the baby’s brain from free radicals.

Do you think “food for the mind” is something not edible? And no. In proof, Lika Dlugach offers a smart menu for young geniuses:

Make sure your child drinks enough water. A glass of water after waking up should become as normal as morning washing and brushing your teeth.

Offer the child a glass of warm boiled water – it is easier to drink it on an empty stomach just to the awakened child.

Remember: dehydration leads to fatigue, irritability, and most importantly – to a lack of concentration and slowing down of thought processes, doctors say. Make sure your child drinks enough fluids all day, preferably water.

If the school has interruptions in drinking water, take the child with a bottle of clean drinking water with you.

Fruit smoothies are also beneficial because they contain antioxidants. But they will not replace clean water.

Food for the

First of all, it is necessary to minimize the consumption of products from white flour, white rice, white potatoes, white sugar, sweets, which, according to nutritionists, lead to a sharp fluctuation in blood glucose levels, cause drowsiness in children, impair memory and mood.

Some experts propose to completely abandon products containing sodium nitrite (for example, bacon). One of the side effects of abusing this substance may be short-term memory loss.

And again: do not allow your child to have a snack in the middle of the day with sweet bars, sweets and soda. This will certainly affect the work of the brain.

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