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First class entry: it’s time!

First class entry: it's time!

How to apply for admission to the first class?
There are two options. If a child goes to kindergarten and he is attached to the school you are dreaming of, everything is simple. You will be asked to agree to the translation and will offer to write the corresponding application on a regular sheet of paper.

Bureaucratic issues in this case will settle the school.

If a child goes to kindergarten at one school, and you need to get to another, you will have to submit an application electronically on the portal mos.ru. This can and should be done from December 15 of that school year when you plan to start going to school.

Can I choose a school in another area?
On the portal mos.ru you have the opportunity to choose a maximum of three schools. In any case, you will first need to enter the registration address. And it does not matter which one: temporary or permanent.

The system will automatically ask you to tick the complex assigned to your registration address. He will have to choose first. Then you can specify the school where you want to go.

It can be located in any area of ​​Moscow.

What is the main and additional list?

The main list includes those children who are assigned to the school at the registration address. The territorial principle of consolidation gives a reliable guarantee that you will find yourself among the lucky ones. The only reason for refusal is the lack of empty seats.

And this is the first and most reverent argument that encourages parents to attend to the school issue at the beginning of winter.

If places in the school remain after the main set is completed, an additional list is opened. Theoretically, this event should take place no earlier than July 1, but in practice, the start is most often postponed to August.

The conclusion is simple: the earlier you get in the queue, the more chances you have to get into the group of favorites.

Can I stand in two queues at the same time?

The number will not pass. When you create an application on the site and enter the registration address, the system will immediately issue a list of schools to which you are attached “by law”.

At least one of them you will have to choose as the main one. Otherwise, you are technically unable to take the next step to look after a school in another area. After 30 days, your personal account will receive an invitation.

You will need to refuse it and let you know that you have decided to wait for enrollment in another school on the additional list.

From this point on, you lose the “original right” to be enrolled in the first class at the registration address. The later it turns out that you didn’t pass the additional list, the less chances you have to get to the main school, which services you refused.

So “hold” a fallback next to the house will not work.

What to do if you “missed” the main school?

Search for another. First you will need to call and check availability. Then you have to make changes to the electronic application.

The school, where you are just waiting, you just need to add as a “primary”.

Can I stop testing when writing to first grade?
To enroll in the first grade, no school has the right to conduct testing. Another thing, if the classes are divided into gymnasium, humanities, music and so on. In such cases, children are likely to be asked to do several tasks.

So it will be easier for teachers to identify the innate abilities of your child. In this regard, it is better to go to school in advance and ask for examples of assignments that were given to future first-graders last year.

To practice at home and less nervous.

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