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Female breast: in a special position

Female breast: in a special position

The most popular phrase of numerous articles on the female bust – “size does matter” – is in fact quite far from the truth. Of course, lush forms look very attractive.

Their sensual owners proudly walk through life, awakening incredible fantasies in men and promising unearthly pleasures. Monica Bellucci, Emmanuel Bear became real sex symbols of the era.

However, they have to make maximum efforts to maintain and strengthen their female charms.

It is quite natural that small “compact” breasts recover faster after childbirth and retain their shape better, despite the influence of time. Although regular care and close attention it deserves regardless of size.

Watch your posture carefully, and this will immediately affect your figure! It is a mistake to suppose that by slouching, you are hiding an excess or deficiency of the breast — you just become a stoop.

Alas, with age, and sometimes even after prolonged breastfeeding, the breast loses some of its attractiveness. This part of the body is practically devoid of muscle. It consists of adipose tissue and glands.

Accordingly, your attractiveness depends only on the elasticity of the skin. Maintain it only with the help of regular competent care.

This is especially true in the so-called “critical” periods.

We are talking about hormonal surges during puberty, pregnancy and feeding, a sharp change in weight (regular jumps in one direction or another), menopause. It is against the background of such stresses for the body that some stretch marks appear – reddish or bluish stripes on the skin, which are much more difficult to fight than prevent their occurrence.

Female breast: in a special position

Caring for the bust is not accidentally highlighted in a special ritual in relation to “applying body cream after a shower.” In this case, it is not just about moisturizing, relaxing or toning, but also about methodical and purposeful improvement of skin elasticity.

This is the secret of success. Believe me, it’s not so difficult.

Five minutes per day is enough.

  • Increase your tone with a stream of cool water under the shower, and for the brave (but by no means pregnant or nursing) – with the help of refreshing baths in the sink.
  • Say the sounds “x” and “o”, gradually increasing the articulation in order to make the neck muscles work. One time will be clearly not enough. 15 times in a row – what you need!
  • Lower the shoulders and move them back – this will allow the chest to proudly come forward. Repeat such a simple task as often as possible throughout the day. Just pre-look around, otherwise your intentions may be misinterpreted by others.
  • Connect your palms with one another at shoulder height and squeeze them tightly enough to create pressure on the pectoral muscles. First, do this exercise 10 times in a row, then 20.

In order to achieve maximum effect, water procedures and exercise must be supported by home cosmetics. They are aimed at solving several problems at once: toning and increasing elasticity, strengthening and lifting of the skin, prevention of stretch marks, and sometimes struggle with them.

Often these are true generalists who perfectly “serve” not only the breasts, but also the decollete zone.

Every day, in the morning and in the evening, apply a cosmetic preparation for the bust, rubbing it with upward massaging movements. In the case of painful choice: cream, gel, serum or milk? – give preference to serum.

The light texture allows it to be absorbed faster and does not make the breast heavier, but, on the contrary, due to the tightening effect it supports it as an invisible bra. According to experts, our biological clock is optimally tuned to such procedures from 10 am to 11 am.

Attention! If you are doing a deep cleansing of the skin using a scrub, in any case do not affect the nipple area.

She is too gentle and delicate.

Female breast: in a special position

Look at the flawlessly elegant French women. Surprisingly, under their clothes a bra is never noticeable.

No strapless bangs and fat wrinkles hanging on the sides. In our country, quite often you can observe a completely opposite picture.

But this is not only about the aesthetic side of the issue, but also about health and safety.

Magali Lagatu, sales manager and creative director of the popular lingerie brand Empreint, shared her thoughts on this burning topic with us. “When choosing a bra, you need to think about three fundamental things: comfort, support, elegance. Since it is still a very personal detail of the toilet, it is quite obvious that every woman is waiting for something of her own.

Therefore, do not blindly rely on the opinions of friends. Lingerie must be measured!

There is no other way.

Whatever the chest: small or large, elongated or rounded, the model should be chosen based not on the natural constitution, but on what effect you want to get. For example, a cup that completely encircles the entire breast is the most common and well-selling type of bra. It inspires confidence, provides good support and improves the silhouette.

The korbei models (in the form of a basket) are also highly valued in the world, but by virtue of sensual and erotic advantages. But the “sink”, although it holds the chest “at a height”, but it looks modest.

True, fans and this model is enough. “

How to measure a bra? It would seem that there is nothing tricky and we all have done it more than once. And still refresh the rules of “successful purchase.”

As soon as the linen you like is put on and buttoned, correctly position the mammary glands inside the cups. Bend over, move around (well, within reason, of course) and take a close look at your silhouette in the mirror. A well-chosen thing should harmonize the shape and even make it visually slimmer.

So you should not get involved in looking at the picture and the study of details, as well as wrinkles on the face and extra pounds on the sides. All attention to the silhouette as a whole!

Now that the “technical” side of the matter is finished, you need to ask yourself again: what kind of clothes will I wear with this miracle? Remember that embroidery and lace do not fit well with slinky blouses and dresses.

Under the light outfit it is better to choose flesh and caramel shades, unless, of course, you want to play on the contrast. And the color lace looks seductively both under a slightly transparent shirt of the same tone, and under a strict business suit. And there is nothing more boring than black underwear under a black turtleneck (“black and black at night in the black and black room …”).

There are many shades of gray, burgundy, blue … Allow yourself some courage!

  • the skin in the strapless area reddened;
  • fatty folds that had not been seen before;
  • the back zipper crept up (this means that the support will be insufficient);
  • the cup remained half empty or, on the contrary, overflowed with a surplus;
  • bra frame is not exactly under the breast, but slightly higher;
  • The straps are not fixed on the shoulder.

Female breast: in a special position

Many women are familiar with soreness in the chest, when any touch causes discomfort, and sleep becomes restless. It is these symptoms that form the premenstrual syndrome of hormonal origin, which affects one woman in six.

However, these pains pass quickly enough. If minor seals are palpable all the time, these may be cysts or nodes that are easily detected by mammography.

The origin of them has been little studied. As a rule, this “scourge” subject to women after 35 years.

However, there are modern highly effective methods of treatment, which in each case is selected by the attending physician. There is another type of pain, which actually has nothing to do with the mammary glands. We are talking about a certain kind of rheumatism (at the junctions of the ribs with the chest bone, the vessels swell slightly).

Such a “disease” happens very often with impetuous, restless girls.

Yet the main thing that every woman should always remember is that any, even minor, pain in the chest area requires immediate medical attention. And regular visits to a mammologist are not just a norm, but a matter of first priority.

Soft elastic bras are ideal for sports training.

Sport is very good for health. But, going to the gym, you need to make sure that the chest is well supported by underwear, designed to absorb sudden movements.

This is the case when you can make a concession to aesthetics in favor of practicality and give preference to wide straps and sturdy cups. Tight-fitting bras are also quite acceptable. By the way, jogging, tennis and horse riding provoke too frequent and active fluctuations and therefore are not recommended for large bust size.

But swimming and all kinds of sports, developing the muscles of the back and chest, will only benefit.

Female breast: in a special position

1. Is the heat harmful to the health of the mammary glands?

As for the sun, as well as various baths or saunas, the heat has always been considered destructive for women’s charms. It provokes a loss of tone and flabbiness of the skin. Therefore, give up the long hot baths, and keep the bust kerma in the fridge to enhance their toning and tightening effect.

However, immediately before use, the required amount of the drug should be warmed in the palms, and then applied to the skin. This will avoid the other extreme – hypothermia.

2. How to protect your breasts from stretch marks?

During pregnancy, the breast grows, and by the time of birth, its volume may increase threefold. Although the appearance of stretch marks is largely due to genetics, regular preventive measures reduce the risk of striae. First, you need to wear special underwear for pregnant women, which has good supporting properties.

Secondly, do not forget about water procedures. Third, use anti-stretch agents.

They, as a rule, contain extracts from plants, vitamins and substances that not only increase the elasticity of the skin, but also reduce the load on the tissues of a gradually increasing breast. Fourth, regularly moisturize the skin of the breast throughout the entire period of feeding.

3. Is it possible to avoid a decrease in breast volume during weight loss?

Yes, provided that you will not lose more than 1 kg per week and at the same time eat foods rich in proteins: lean meat, eggs, fish, legumes. You should also keep your muscles in your back and chest in tone by regularly doing special physical exercises.

Finally, to minimize damage to the skin tissue, you should not lose weight too quickly. The skin must be given time to adapt painlessly to the new volume.

4. Is it true that a big breast is much richer in milk than a small one?

No, not at all! In the big bust there is more fatty tissue, but not milk ducts.

So owners of modest forms can not worry in vain!

5. How long will it take to fully restore the breast after feeding?

If you regularly do gymnastics, follow the diet, do a massage with makeup tightening and nourishing the skin, it is quite possible to restore a strong and well-defined bust in 3-4 weeks. But in any case, remember that you have 2 years after giving birth in order to naturally restore the “lost beauty”.

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