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Feed – and to work

Feed - and to work

The first thing that a nursing mother needs to decide on when she wants to go to work is, over time, when it is most convenient to do it. We can only say with certainty that this should not be done before establishing a stable lactation and overcoming possible difficulties associated with the postpartum period, that is, during the first 4-6 weeks after the baby is born.

Approximately after the crumble is 4 months old, it will be easier to keep further milk production after going to work.

Make the transition to the new schedule as inconspicuous as possible for the crumbs. The child should gradually get used to your temporary absences.

Start from 20–40 minutes and gradually increase the separation time. One-year-old children already more calmly endure their mother’s absence for a full day if they stay with their grandmother or nanny.

If possible, try to negotiate with your superiors about a “flexible” schedule or about reducing working hours. Keep in mind that, according to Part 1 of Art.

258 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, working women who have children under the age of one and a half years, in addition to breaks for rest and meals, additional breaks for feeding are also provided. They are laid at least every three hours and should have a duration of at least 30 minutes each.

And the break is included in the working time!

If a working woman has two or more children under the age of one and a half years, the duration of the break for feeding is set at least one hour (part 2 of article 258 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).

If an employee wants to add breaks for feeding a child to a break for rest and meals or to summarize them at the beginning or end of the working day (shift), she must write a statement (part 3 of article 258 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).

The document is drawn up in any form. Accordingly, the employee’s working day should be reduced and paid in full.

That is, you can sum up the time and come to work later or, on the contrary, leave earlier by agreement with the superiors.

In fact, today it’s not such a big problem to find a place at work where you can safely express the milk or breastfeed the baby (in case the nanny or someone from your loved ones brings it to your office). For this, a rest room, a free meeting room, a first-aid post can ideally suit.

In the end, you can do it even in your own car.

A baby who is exclusively breastfed should, during mother’s absence, get expressed breast milk from a spoon or syringe (this applies to four-month-old children). A crumb at the age of 5−6 months is already quite capable of drinking milk from a cup.

It is also worth explaining to the caretaker of the crumbs person that he must learn to soothe the baby, without resorting to using pacifiers.

To switch the attention of the crumbs, you can perform a song familiar to him, read amusing little things or cheering him up with a game. That is, it is important that in the event of a bad mood the baby does not remain alone with himself, but feel the support of a person he knows.

To maintain lactation, breasts need to be stimulated. In the absence of attachments, pumping is an effective method of stimulation.

The best ways are considered competent manual, as well as the use of a breast pump with different modes.

If during the working day you will not put the crumb to the chest, try to decant at least 1 time in 3 hours. At a time when the baby is near you, no better feedings have been invented.

Do not forget that the more and more often you breastfeed or decant, the more milk comes.

To prevent breast milk from flowing, use liners for nursing moms or storage liners to collect milk. Change them as needed, but at least once every three hours.

If necessary, you can press on the nipple – for some time it will help stop the flow of milk.

You can store breast milk in the refrigerator or in the freezer both in special sterile plastic bags, and in glass or plastic vessels (small bottles, containers). The only requirement is that the containers where the milk is decanted and where it is stored must be sterile and tightly closed.

If there is no refrigerator at work, use a small portable refrigerator to keep the milk fresh.

Thawed expressed milk should also be thawed either in the refrigerator, in its main chamber, or at room temperature. Heat the thawed milk should be in a water bath.

It is not recommended to warm the breast milk in the microwave or on the stove.

Now that the daytime feeds will be replaced by feeds of expressed milk, the baby can increase the frequency of evening and night feedings. After all, the kid, besides satisfying the need for nutrition, wants to satisfy the need for communication with his mother, whom he missed all day.

In this situation, for some mothers, it would be even more convenient to establish a joint night sleep with a baby (unless, of course, he was not used to sleeping alone in his bed), because only in this way can the mother rest at night and at the same time feed the baby and calm him down presence

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