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Features of age: from one to two

Features of age: from one to two

Even if the child has not yet spoken, he is already quite capable of explaining what he wants with gestures or sounds. At this age, children can point the finger at the desired object, shake their heads in response, demonstrate where and what they have pain.

After a year, the child intensively develops speech, there are many syllables, and then words. First, the pace of speech is slow, and the vocabulary is poor, but very quickly the situation changes. Every week, the child is becoming more and more aware, learning to compare what he heard with what he saw, fulfills simple requests and understands bans.

From 1 year to 1 year and 3 months in children the so-called babble prevails, which can be expressed in whole monologues. From about 1 year 3 months to one and a half years, the number of words increases, and babble decreases.

After 1 year 6 months to 2 years and the number of words, and the quality of their pronunciation improves markedly. Although most often the children’s speech is understandable only to close relatives.

Gradually, the baby will discover more and more new phenomena and objects, will begin to assimilate their names, and at a certain moment the accumulated “passive” vocabulary will become “active” – the child will start speaking with phrases and sentences, improving his speech and pronunciation with each phrase.

Since the baby does not yet speak, and cannot express his feelings, his disappointment is expressed in actions. For example, being annoyed, the baby may fall to the floor and bang with his legs and hands, screaming with all his might. Or angrily throw the toy on the floor.

So the child expresses its discontent. If you do not want to reinforce such negative behavior, never succumb to provocations and do not rush to fulfill the requirements of the toddler, if only he calmed down.

Features of age: from one to two

Some people mistakenly think that a child is a blank sheet of paper on which you can write anything. But in fact, temperament and character are formed even in the womb, and to the light of a crumb it appears with already certain personal qualities. Carefully watching the infant, you can (albeit with great difficulty) to guess about some aspects of the character of the baby.

After a year, these parties become more and more delineated as the child begins to contact other children and adults and is faced with situations in which he manifests himself. During this period, one can notice what is given to the child easily, and what is difficult, and to understand how much the baby can adapt to the new conditions. Parents increasingly find the similarity of the character of the child with their own, see a reflection of their features, while feeling a sense of unity and pride.

But it is very important to consider the individual traits of the child himself. This will help to better understand the child, competently educate, develop strong qualities and reveal talents.

After the age of one year, many babies begin to show an interest in music: they love to listen to songs, try to sing, dance to the beat of the melody. During this period, relevant songs, poems, poems, and after one and a half years – and short simple fairy tales. Significantly enriched in the second year of life and the nature of the game activity.

The kid begins to “feed porridge” of dolls and teddy bears, combs in front of a mirror, “reads” a book or magazine, imitating adults in everything.
Over time, the games become more complex, children are addicted to role-playing games, so by two years you can buy a tabletop puppet theater, where you can show your child ideas from the scenes he knows, gradually drawing the kid himself into the play. Reading, singing, theatrical performances can turn into an interesting and fascinating activity, if we consider them as a creative process that can affect both the mental and the mental development and attitude of the child.

It’s time for parents to use imagination in joint games and activities with children.

Features of age: from one to two

When was the last time you watched a leaf fall from a tree and fall to the ground? Or did they watch how rain drops fall from the roof and the sun sets over the horizon?

We have not noticed such pure joys for a long time. And for a baby, bird singing or leaf fall is an amazing discovery.

The children of the first year of life are surprisingly courageous, inquisitive and tireless adventure seekers who solve the mysteries of life, establish the reasons for the occurrence of certain phenomena and events. Children are impressionable and open to everything new, unexplored, amazing.

When you talk closely with a small child, you suddenly realize how interesting our universe is, you learn anew to rejoice in the simplest things and again you begin to believe in a miracle.

Of course, you knew before that the baby loves you, but now the child is able to vividly express his attitude: when he sees you from a distance, the little one runs to the pens; can not sleep without a kiss at night; Pull yourself together and try to console when you are upset. At this age, children already understand and feel the relationship between adults, and, although at the verbal level they cannot yet express their emotions, they may well express them through their actions.

Sometimes young children are amazed at their forgiveness. Mom scolds and punishes the baby, and he immediately runs to her for consolation.

Parents show excessive severity or injustice in relation to the child, and mom and dad are still the best for him. This is an amazing childlike purity, spontaneity, kindness is sometimes incomprehensible to adults, it is difficult to appreciate it, but this is what submits us in children.

Features of age: from one to two

We all love good jokes. And it is especially pleasant when we ourselves are joking successfully, raising the mood of others and instantly becoming the center of attention.

It gives us a sense of self-worth, importance. Communicating with a small child, this attention and joyful laughter is easier to achieve.

A one-year-old toddler can be made laugh with trifles, for example, wearing shorts on the head or speaking into a shoe, as if into a telephone, – the baby will be filled with laughter from any such antics. The “secret” of children’s humor lies in the fact that young children clearly delineate the world, learn the rules of life “play”, lay everything out on the shelves, and when something extraordinary happens outside the scope of the ordinary, it makes them laugh. That is why children selflessly begin to laugh when someone stumbles and flops with a swing in a puddle. Moreover, after a year, the children themselves are trying to make their parents and peers laugh, often going beyond the limits of what is permitted, sham and hooliganism.

So, you can put the child to bed, and having come in 10 minutes, see that he threw out all the bedding from the bed and stands, smiling, – the child decided to joke and cheer you. For a child, the smile and laughter of parents is the greatest praise.

Therefore, try to smile to the child more often, do not be afraid to laugh and fool around with him. But also observe the boundaries: it is impossible to turn the laying into a farce.

There is time for games, and there is time for serious things.

Often, after a year, it becomes more difficult to put a baby to bed. For a baby, sleep is parting with his parents, a separation that he begins to resist. Therefore, sometimes bedtime becomes a battlefield.

Try to observe the regime and nightly rituals: bathe the baby, read a fairy tale for the night, sing a song, sit in an embrace for a few minutes and only then put it in the crib. So going to bed will be less painful.

In general, the period from one to two is an amazing tender age, which will soon pass. Therefore, enjoy and enjoy the bright days with the baby, because these memories you carry throughout life.

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