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Fat on the abdomen: especially dangerous

Fat on the abdomen: especially dangerous

Doctors and nutritionists are unanimous: among all the fat “depositories” of our body, the stomach is the most dangerous place. Not the hips, not the buttocks or the chest, but the abdomen.

And if, when you gain weight, your stomach starts to increase in the first place – this is a reason to think not only about diet, but about your health in general. The fact is that fat deposits in the abdominal area have special causes and entail serious consequences for the whole body.

The problem is that in the case when you have most of the fat deposits in the abdominal area, this means that fat accumulates not only under the skin, but also around the internal organs. This is the so-called “visceral” fat. Men are more prone to the formation of such body fat.

However, among women there are women with the type of “apple” – the presence of the abdomen and the absence of a pronounced waist with relatively slender legs and hips. What is so bad exactly this type of fat?

First, belly fat is a repository of toxins that the body could not get rid of quickly, and now they are slowly but surely poisoning us.

Secondly, the fatty tissues of our body secrete certain hormones. Accordingly, the more adipose tissue, the more these hormones are produced. As a result, an imbalance occurs in the body, the consequences of which can be very, very sad.

And feeding inappropriately, you risk turning an existing imbalance into a chronic one. The same trace elements and nutrients accumulate, an excess is created, which leads to problems with the intestines. Over time, these problems gradually go beyond the gastrointestinal tract and, in the form of various inflammations from herpes to cancer, spread throughout the body.

Among the most common problems are hypertension, the development of type 2 diabetes, colon cancer. The picture is unpleasant, but it can be prevented in time, the main thing is to know the enemy by sight.

Fat on the abdomen: especially dangerous

The main provocateurs of hormonal imbalance and as a result of belly fat:

Refined product before you get to your table goes through several stages of cleaning. It is cleared of components that are called “ballast”, “heavy”, “non-digestible.”

But, as studies show, it is these components that help our body digest what remains in the process of processing. It is the shell of the grain, bran, help the intestine to cope with the starch of purified grain.

Simple sugars, such as white flour of the highest or first grade, white sugar, entering the body, cause a sharp increase in the level of the hormone insulin. The latter plays a major role in the process of deposition of subcutaneous fat.

It suppresses the breakdown of fats and accelerates their synthesis.

  • whole grain white bread
  • biscuits and crackers on the loaves, better rye or oat
  • sweet and soda drinks with lemon and honey, tea, fresh juices
  • sweet dairy products (yoghurts, cheese, milkshakes) on natural unsweetened with the addition of fruit, berries or honey.

Fat on the abdomen: especially dangerous

Trans fats are vegetable fats brought to a solid state by hydrogenation. As a result, hydrogenated fat contains molecules that simply do not exist in nature. When they enter our bodies, he simply does not know what to do with them, and out of habit puts them in fat cells.

Cells with trans fats cease to function normally, their interaction with hormones is undermined. As a result, hormonal changes and the farther, the more.

The main source of trans fat is margarine. In addition to it: all fried fast food (cookies, crackers, chips, donuts, burgers, etc.), semi-finished products (dough, pizza, dumplings, chicken and fish products), more popcorn, sauces and mayonnaise. Make it a rule to read the composition on the package.

You see margarine, soybean, corn, rapeseed, vegetable oil, confectionary fat, or the word “hydrogenated” there – put it back on the shelf and look for something else.

Speech on the unsaturated fats omega-3 and omega-6. Both those and others are an indispensable resource for the body, extremely important hormones are produced from them – eicosanoids.

It depends on them whether the inflammation that already exists in the body will develop or not. The difficulty here is in the competent combination of omega-3 and omega-6.

And, as a rule, most of us do not succeed. Omega-3 is found predominantly in algae and animal fat.

Omega-6 – in vegetable oils. Usually in our diet there is a significant bias in favor of Omega-6.

In this case, the body produces more inflammatory eicosanoids and as a consequence suffers from obesity.

Fat on the abdomen: especially dangerous

Everything is simple: in response to alcohol, our body begins to produce more hormone cortisol. It is a stress hormone that our body usually produces in a stressful situation.

It participates in all metabolic processes. The result of an increase in cortisol is excess subcutaneous fat in the abdomen and neck. “Beer belly” – the most vivid proof of this.

Products from which your belly gets bigger
Sometimes it doesn’t matter what kind of food you eat – wholesome or not so much, because after eating you still feel as if you’ve eaten a balloon, and now you don’t know how to “blow it off”. No wonder. Even the right diet food is not perfect.

And even more so it concerns nutrition, to a healthy and non-dietary category. Read more

Foods that burn belly fat
People have come up with, it seems, a million ways how to make the stomach slim and fit. Exercise, all kinds of diets and starvation, massage, wraps, even plastic surgery – and all for the sake of one goal. But not everyone knows that there are products that seem perfectly created in order to reduce the amount of fatty deposits on the abdomen and waist.

Most of them – not some kind of inaccessible exotic, and include them in your diet will not be easy. Read more

“Apple”, “pear”, “banana”: what is your type of fat deposition
Completeness is different: for some, the surpluses are deposited on the hips and bottom, while others with slender legs completely lose their waist, others evenly lush. These features of the figure depend on the principle by which fat reserves are distributed in the body.

And if you are determined to lose weight, you should take into account your personal body type and choose tactics in accordance with their peculiarities of body fat. Read more

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