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Fashionable and beautiful: 10 European names

Fashionable and beautiful: 10 European names

Sophie (options – Sophia, Zoffi)

The birthplace of this name is a beautiful and distant Greece. Sofia means wise. The baby is really born with a mind and intelligence inherent.

At the same time, she is rather impulsive and emotional. But the most important thing that distinguishes the little princess Sophie from her peers is incredulity and shyness.

In general, this is a truly charming creature, beloved by all, and therefore a little spoiled.

Emma (variants – Emilia, Irma)

The name has three interpretations: according to the German version, it means “integral”, if we take into account Latin roots – “spiritual”, finally, according to the Arabic interpretation, “correct, reliable”. Little Emma has a “sunny” character, always sweet and friendly. Sometimes she is too impatient and restless, but just not inconsistent!

If Emma made a decision, she would do exactly as she had in mind.

Fashionable and beautiful: 10 European names


The name of Latin origin, which means “carrying the world.” Little Olivia is distinguished by prudence and decisiveness, a balanced approach to solving a wide variety of life situations (from the “section” of the rattle to school lessons).

Honest, open and sociable, she easily makes friends whom she quickly loses due to being too categorical.

Jane (options – Joanne, Jenn)

The English name originates from the old French version of Joan (“God’s mercy”). The owners of this name really seem to be lit by an unearthly glow: they rarely remain alone, because the surrounding is literally crazy about them.

The girls have an inner core (they can stand up for themselves), but they have a compromise character (you can always agree with them).

Angelina (option – Angie)

Another name with a Greek origin, meaning “messenger of God.” The owner of it, however, is by no means an angel.

Since birth, babe is characterized by capriciousness and self-love. On the other hand, Angie is always distinguished by generosity and responsiveness, which is much appreciated by her peers.

Fashionable and beautiful: 10 European names

Max (options – Mike, Mika)

Calm, reliable, but “cold” name, which translated from Latin means “great.” Confirmation of this can be seen from childhood: Max is a pronounced extrovert and a completely independent person. He is a good companion, but not afraid to be alone.

He is fascinated by everyone around, but it is difficult for him to focus attention on one subject for a long time.

Alex (options – Alec, Alexis, Alessio)

One of the most popular names in English-speaking countries is taken as an abbreviated form of the name Alexander or Alexey. The literal interpretation from the Greek is “protector, helper”.

Little Alex has pronounced creative abilities and sweet temper, but often withdraws into himself, preferring waves of fantasy to real actions.

Danny (options – Dan, Damian)

Often is diminutive on behalf of the Jewish origin of Daniel (the literal translation of “God is my judge”). Baby Danny is a very delicate sensitive person.

He is in love and at times too picky about others, but he is purposeful, decent and has a strong intuition and good aesthetic taste.

Adam (option – Aidan)

The most biblical name (literally – “man fashioned from the ground”) is ubiquitous, but in Russia it is used a little. Its owner is open and cheerful disposition.

Since childhood, Adam loves order, strives for new knowledge and sensations, is distinguished by boldness and decisiveness (sometimes they border on recklessness), which, alas, is often combined with stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise.

Harry (options – Garik, Gary, Harry, Ari)

Today, this name is strongly associated with the world of cinema (“Dirty Harry”, “Harry Potter”), thanks to which its energy is imbued with the spirit of courage and heroism. In fact, the roots of the name are hidden in its old French version – Henry (“strong”).

The name gives its owner a firm character, patience, curiosity and a sharp mind.

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