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Fashion Manicure: Spring-Summer 2016

Fashion Manicure: Spring-Summer 2016

Repaint nails and change the image today can even every day without the slightest harm to health, even allergies. “Quite recently, the notion of 7Free appeared in the nail industry,” says Galina Mintich, a teacher at the OleHouse training center (Moscow). – This icon marks products that do not contain such dangerous components as toluene (depressing the nervous system), formaldehyde and formaldehyde gum (cause allergies), dibutyl phthalate (risks of birth defects of the fetus), camphor (negative effect on the heart and respiratory organs), xylene and methyl ethyl ketone (cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and throat). Of course, the producers didn’t refuse a large number of components, otherwise the varnish simply could not hold onto the nails!

Instead, they were selected funds with the same principle of action, but safe. “

Decorative nail polishes are best purchased by well-known professional or cosmetic brands (CND, OPI, ORLY, ChristinaFitzgerald, Essie, Zoya, Mavala, MAC, Alessandro, Chanel, Dior, DolceGabbana, YSL, LANCÔME) – this is the case when the goal fully justifies the invested facilities. The manufacturer is a guarantee of product quality: the “serious” varnish will be ready to serve you up to two years.

And even this considerable time can be increased, knowing certain secrets.

  1. Close the bottle tightly, even if after five minutes you plan to apply a second coat of varnish! Because the air enters the open vial, the varnish quickly thickens and deteriorates. After you have finished with the coating, with a cotton pad dipped in a liquid for removal, wipe the neck of the bottle outside so that the dried varnish does not interfere with closing the lid as tightly as possible.
  2. If the varnish has thickened with time, revive it with a special thinner. It is better to choose a product of the same brand as varnish. (It is better not to use varnish remover because of the high concentration of solvents in the composition — varnish diluted in this way will lie unevenly and will not last long.)
  3. Do not rush to run for a new lacquer when the bottle is half empty and it becomes uncomfortable to paint your nails. A special stand will help you to use it to the end: the vial is placed in it at an angle, and the brush easily collects the required amount of varnish.

Fashion Manicure: Spring-Summer 2016

Varnished Secrets

From time to time we all paint our nails at home: someone prefers not to overpay the master for coating, someone does not like to sit in the salon and wait until the varnish dries completely, someone in the mood does a manicure on their own. Anastasia Dashko, an expert technologist at Shelly, talks about the nuances that need to be taken into account.

How to apply varnish?

To make the varnish lay down smoothly, the nail plate must be degreased – treated with an alcoholic antiseptic solution (sold in pharmacies) or, in extreme cases, with a nail polish remover. Allow the nails to dry for a few seconds.

Before applying a colored lacquer, be sure to apply a base coat – it will help to level the nail plate, protect it from yellowing and the appearance of stains, and extend the manicure resistance. The base can be universal (2-in-1 TneONE, Oriflame), if the nails are healthy and strong, or therapeutic (CalciumShield, ORLY), when the nail plate is sensitive or needs repair.

Be sure to use a base coat when covering your nails with lacquer-glitter (clear or colored varnish with glitter): it will not allow the metallized particles to be imprinted on the nail plate and damage it.

Sometimes when applying a color varnish on the coating there are unaesthetic bubbles. To prevent this from happening, properly prepare the varnish for use: without shaking or turning the bottle, clamp it between your palms and light movements, roll for 10-30 seconds. This will allow the color pigments to evenly distribute inside the bottle, providing not only a rich, but even color. “Bubbles often accumulate in a lacquer brush,” adds Nika Matveyeva, world champion in nail modeling OMC, an OPI technologist. – So that they do not fall on the nail, before you re-type lacquer, wipe the brush properly on the neck.

On top of the colored lacquer, apply a clear top coat for a glossy shine and protection against chipping. “

It is best to do this with the help of special drying-fixers, which are always offered by the manufacturers in the kit (as well as the base coat) to colored lacquers. They allow you to quickly and evenly dry all layers of varnish and provide extra gloss to your nails. Extremely undesirable “folk” ways to make the varnish dry faster: blow-drying or under running cold water.

If you dry your nails with a hair dryer, the varnish layers will heat up and dry out unevenly, which will make the coating rough, dull and short-lived. It is generally better not to contact with water after applying the varnish for 1.5–2 hours.

Keep in mind that bright shades of varnish and metallic dry faster than dark and shiny!

How to prolong his life?

“The quality of your natural nails primarily affects the quality of your nails: the healthier and stronger they are, the more stable the coating will be,” says Nika Matveyeva. – If the nails are thinned, flaking and breaking, then the varnish will not be durable. Of course, we do not mean gel coatings, whose standard service life is at least 12-14 days, but ordinary nail polishes. Of course, the resistance of varnish depends on its quality.

Now there are new hybrid varnishes (InfiniteShine from OPI), in which, besides the actual lacquer component, there is also a gel component. It gives lacquer additional density and plasticity, thereby reducing the likelihood of chipping and increasing resistance by up to 10 days.

Such hybrids dry without the use of UV lamps and dryers, and are removed with a simple nail polish remover. “

Fashion Manicure: Spring-Summer 2016

Sometimes annoying troubles happen with a manicure, which can be solved without the help of a manicure master.

  • Chip varnish. The problem, familiar to those who have a nail plate weakened or thin by nature. Due to regular use of gel polishes and nail extensions, a general decrease in immunity, hormonal imbalance of the body, the nails become dry and inelastic: the slightest pressure on the free edge of the plate (for example, when pressing the keys of the computer keyboard) can cause chipping of the lacquer at the end of the nail. To avoid this, before applying colored lacquer, use strengthening and restoring base coat: they “glue” the nail flakes together, giving them strength and elasticity. Knowing the predisposition of nails to such a nuisance, carry a bottle of lacquer that is coated (or as close as possible) with you: retouching visually hides the presence of a chip. A radical option – the presence of a compact package of wipes for removing nail polish in your purse.
  • Crack in the nail or breakage of the nail. If you broke a nail, when you only made a manicure, do not rush to cut it at the root. For resuscitation, it is good to have a special nail repair kit at home, consisting of a special quick-drying liquid glue and a small roll of special fabric called fiberglass or acrylic powder. The technique of working with such kits is very simple: a strip is cut out of a fiberglass slightly wider than the nail fracture area, applied, coated with glue (it easily penetrates into the crack of the nail plate, fixing the broken piece reliably) and dries. If the set for nail repair includes acrylic powder, then first the place of breakage is treated with glue, and powder is powdered on top. In order to keep a broken nail before repair, simply wrap it with a bactericidal adhesive with a sticky edge.

Fashion Manicure: Spring-Summer 2016

What manicure will be in fashion in the spring and summer of 2016?

Galina Mintich, teacher of the OleHouse training center (Moscow): “A beautiful and neat manicure starts with choosing a varnish, and a stylish design – with your inspiration. As a basis, you can choose one of the most liked nail-art elements from the New York Fashion Week shows: large rhinestones on one nail or small sparkles on all.

Also recently, as a decoration, large stones are popular – such an element would be best to look at the middle or ring finger. Snake print is very popular with fashionistas, but be careful!

For such a pattern is better to use not too bright colors. If you are not thrilled with the brilliance, pay attention to the geometric pattern: a strip, checkered, staggered, and a combination of “crazy” shades (for example, sunny yellow, rich blue, tropical green and neon pink, sparkling bronze, ultra-white ). Stake on short nails of oval or almond shape.

The maximum length of the free edge should be 3 mm (for French manicure, an exception of 4 mm can be made). ”

Nika Matveyeva, OMS world champion in nail modeling, OPI technologist: “Pay attention to short nails with a dark varnish: many are afraid of this option, but it looks very stylish. Of course, the manicure itself must be done carefully. It is worth looking at long oval nails that look very feminine and beautiful.

One of the favorite colors in the coming season is pastel (lavender, violet, yellow will be popular). ”

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