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Family Biorhythms: Enable Sync

Our body has certain biorhythms. To build life, regardless of them, means risking your health and psychological well-being.

If at the same time in your family are not synchronized ideas about the daily routine, it will inevitably lead to serious conflicts.

Family Biorhythms: Enable Sync

The daily routine is a frequent topic of family conflict. For example, mother insists that the family go to bed early. And papa advocates late “backs”, arguing his position with the desire to communicate with relatives.

Behind such a “dissimilarity” of characters often lies a banal violation of the light regime.

Our body synchronizes its biological rhythms with the change of day and night. If you spend the day in the twilight, and the night, on the contrary, with the light, biorhythms go waddle.

In the absence of a clearly defined rhythm “light – dark” the body tries to be guided solely by internal biological clocks, which, alas, are imperfect. For some people, the “larks”, they constantly run forward: their internal daily rhythm is slightly shorter than 24 hours.

And the body strives to begin to produce sleep hormones even before the official release. Therefore, the “larks” consider the minutes before the time of sending to bed and fall on the pillow without strength.

At the owls, the internal clock, on the contrary, is late (the circadian rhythm is extended). The moment of going to bed is near, but there is no tiredness.

So there is a temptation to go to bed later than usual every night.

Family Biorhythms: Enable Sync

The pledge of harmony in the family – compliance with the light regime. Living “by the sun”, we insure ourselves against too late rebounds or extremely early climbs.

What you need to remember?

  • Nights are important to spend in the dark. Burning nightlights are absolutely contraindicated for a family with a baby!
  • From street lighting, knocking down biorhythms, you must be protected with thick curtains or blindfolds for the eyes.
  • Morning rises can ease the lights that mimic the dawn: after switching on, they burn weakly, but gradually increase the power of the light.
  • Daylight twilight (for example, in apartments on the first floors) is also able to “knock off the rhythm.” It is important to take care of sufficient illumination of those rooms where parents and the baby spend their day.
  • Family members who are prone to unnecessarily early ascents, wear sunglasses at the street in the morning. And for those who are inclined to “soviet”, on the contrary, in the first half of the day it is important to expose the eyes of the sun and provide yourself with bright lighting.
  • In the evenings, you should dim the light in the room so that the body and the parents and the baby can tune in to the next dream.

The tradition of going to bed before dawn, and rising by noon, cannot be called a normal routine. Nighttime wakefulness causes a deficiency of the hormone melatonin in the body.

And this, in turn, can trigger the development of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

The need to go to work, to take children to kindergarten, many of us encourage us to live “by the hour” on weekdays. We get up early, eat at certain times. But on weekends, we just want to break loose: stay up late at night, sleep off and declare a day dream “out of the law”, etc.

According to chronobiologists (scientists studying biological rhythms), similar experiments with the regime are dangerous to health. They cause a condition called the social jetlag.

Social jetlag is similar to the syndrome experienced by travelers crossing several time zones on an airplane. Their symptoms are the same: insomnia, problems with appetite and digestion, feeling of weakness, bad mood. Putting to bed later than usual on Friday, we seem to be heading west.

On Monday, however, an “imaginary” flight to the east awaits us: we have to get up several hours earlier than on Sunday. There is a social jetlag due to the fact that the internal clock of the body is not able to quickly change to a new rhythm. And since we often expose ourselves and our family to the Jetlag twice a week (on Friday and Monday), its manifestations risk becoming chronic.

But regular disruptions in the life rhythm can cause not only drowsiness and headache, but also more serious problems. They are pushing the head of the family towards the abuse of strong drinks, coffee and cigarettes.

For mothers, the weekly adjustment of rhythms is fraught with problems with the menstrual cycle, and the baby because of them having problems with memory and attention.

Family Biorhythms: Enable Sync

To avoid future health problems, family members need to:

  • All week go to bed at the same time.
  • On weekends, if possible, do not plan interesting activities or reception of guests in the evening. Extraordinary events are regarded by the body as stress and are accompanied by the release of adrenaline, which can prevent you from falling asleep on time.
  • Fight psychological addiction from nocturnal lifestyle. Of course, it is tempting to take up personal affairs after the baby has fallen asleep, but you still need to get back to bed today, not tomorrow.

German chronobiologists have found that sometimes we suffer from social jetlags because of the wrong rhythm of life adopted at the place of residence. Our body “adjusts” its internal clock by the sun, and not according to the mode of opening of kindergartens and offices.

That’s just the schedule of their work usually does not take into account the time of dawn. For example, the hour of opening of state institutions is determined by the time zone. Inside the time zone, people live by one time, but on its eastern borders the sun rises an hour earlier than on western ones.

As a result, the inhabitants of the eastern territories feel like “larks”, and, coming to the kindergarten or to work, they are full of strength. But those who live near the western borders of the time zone are doomed to feel like “owls”. In the morning they are tormented by brokenness and drowsiness, they turn up from breakfast, and in the evening, on the contrary: the clock drives the bed, and the body requires bread and circuses.

It is good that our country will soon switch to “winter time” – this will help to partially eliminate the harm from linking the rhythm of social institutions to the time zone.

Adhere to the correct rhythm is necessary not only in the morning rises and evening waste to sleep, but also in the diet. The traditional picture of family life with a baby: mother is so passionate about parental troubles that she forgets to have breakfast and lunch.

Sometimes she “on the run” intercepts a sandwich. But when the head of the family returns from work and takes patronage over the “heir”, the mother runs to the kitchen and “comes off” for the whole day. Often, in the morning, a woman suffers the torment of conscience for an evening attack of overeating and already consciously punishes herself with a “morning hunger strike.”

That’s just closer to the night legs again carry it to the refrigerator. One may engage in self-flagellation, but over a half-starved day will surely be followed by night overeating.

The latter is one of the common causes of female obesity.

Family Biorhythms: Enable Sync

  • Breakfast and lunch should be mandatory items in the daily routine of even the busiest mom. Remaining half-starved during the day, the female body throws all its strength to replenish the “reserves”, that is, to store fat.
  • 4–6 meals are better than one, smoothly flowing into an attack of gluttony.
  • Pause between meals should not be done longer than 4-5 hours. But too short intervals between meals as well not bring to good. If the mother arranges a tea party every hour or opens a cracker bag, the rhythm of the food gets off and hunger begins to follow.
  • Last visit to the kitchen should be no later than a couple of hours before bedtime. Late meals increase the risk of developing diabetes.

The daily regimen is an extremely useful thing. He protects the biorhythms of all family members, and therefore, is on guard for their health and psychological comfort.

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