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Faithful companions of the child – toys

Faithful companions of the child - toys

The most useful toys for the development of a 2–3-year-old child are dolls, animals, figurines of heroes of fairy tales and cartoons. At this age, the process of socialization is actively going on, the child becomes acquainted with the rules of behavior in human society, “tries on” them for himself.

And the most natural way for a small child to master different social roles is a game. A toy puppy, princess or superhero are characters with their own character traits, which causes the child to identify with them and be emotionally involved in the game.

The child finds a common language with other children through the game, and the soldiers or dolls become guides on the path to mutual understanding. And if the kids still do not have enough vocabulary to communicate, this is completely offset by their curiosity towards each other and the need to come into contact with their peers.

From fussing with toys, your child will surely benefit both and enjoy, but you can help make this process more meaningful and interesting.

The kid is happy to have the opportunity to discover the world around, but at the same time this freedom can be scary. In order to feel less vulnerable, the child, tearing away from his mother, takes with him his favorite toy, which becomes for him a kind of talisman, protector and comforter.

Psychologists believe that the toy chosen by the child, with which he, as a rule, does not part, symbolizes his connection with the mother and helps to cope with the anxiety accompanying the separation from her.

Encourage your baby to play independently, leave him alone with you, for starting 15 minutes once or twice a day. If a child has broken out, do not interrupt unnecessarily, watch from afar.

Toys will be useful for the development of self-service skills. In order for the kid to consolidate knowledge, he can “practice” on his favorite toys. “The doll still does not know how to brush teeth. Teach her, please! ”

Faithful companions of the child - toys

Children in their 2–3 years are for the most part very impulsive and emotional, but are still not able to recognize the emotions of others and express their own in a socially acceptable way. But they can learn to distinguish and control emotions through game situations, imitating the reactions of those characters with whom they identify.

To help your child cope with negative emotions, you can play situations in which he will be the one who calms, comforts or even shows severity. You can play for a doll that will act up, play pranks, fight, and thus give your child the opportunity to react by imitating someone from adults.

This is useful for the child and informative for you, you can see including your own reactions in the interpretation of the child. Such an outside view will help you better understand the emotional life of your child and, possibly, correct your educational impact.

At the age of 2-3 years, children have a “language revolution”. The baby quickly learns new words, sometimes more than ten a day!

Listen to what the child says during the game. Surely he makes mistakes, pay attention to it, but do not correct him while he plays.

Take time to play together, speak for different characters – this will encourage the baby to express his thoughts more clearly and clearly.

The kid is just starting to learn to communicate and make friends. Dolls and plush comrades will help to practice in communication.

They will “tell” (with your help) how important it is to be able to negotiate, share, sympathize, and sometimes defend themselves.

When a baby invites you to play along with it, you have a good opportunity to teach a child to communicate to a child using the example of toys. Gather friends, dolls at a tea party and say that at all, unfortunately, only one cake. “The princess wants a piece, a little bear too.

Let’s share it so that it is enough for everyone! ”Give your child the opportunity to cope with the situation on his own, because he will have to enter into relations with other kids, not you.

Faithful companions of the child - toys

For a small child, the world is too big, and it sometimes scares. It is important for the baby to feel that some part of his life is under his control.

Therefore, you can catch your baby “bringing up” toys. Most of the time the child obeys the parental rules, through the game he gets the opportunity to become the one who controls and commands.

If you feel you need to encourage and cheer him up while playing with your child, give him the opportunity to choose the role for the doll. Let him lead all the actions and behavior of the doll, do not criticize or moralize.

Such a game will give him pleasure and give a sense of confidence and freedom.

Sometimes parents ignore the request of his son to buy him a doll or a soft toy, considering that these toys are only for girls. But with the help of animals and dolls, boys get the opportunity to develop the emotional sphere and communication skills that machines and designers cannot give them.

1) The development of speech. Surely your baby loves to play with cars most of all. But sometimes he wants to talk with his beloved teddy bear.

And it is worth welcoming, because during such a game the kid develops verbal communication skills.

2) Emotional sensitivity and sensitivity. Regardless of gender, develop sensitivity and responsiveness in children.

Dolls and plush friends will help with this.

3) Control over aggression. Soldiers, dinosaurs or figurines of cartoon characters who sometimes will fight among themselves will help the boy to let off steam.

If your son gets the opportunity to show militancy in the game, he will not need to look for a reason to throw it out in everyday life.

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