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Extracurricular activities: what and why do they need the child and you

Extracurricular activities: what and why do they need the child and you

It happens that the child is given immediately to all possible circles and sections. And parents can understand: a child must have a choice, but what if some of the extracurricular activities become his profession in the future?

And, if you do not start with young nails, it can be fatally overtaking. But is it worth it to fill all the free time of the child in different circles? Maybe it is better to stop at one thing?

How to choose? And what does he (and you) face?

Circles are different and, above all, of course, it is necessary to proceed from the inclinations of the child. It is necessary to decide: what baby likes to play? What does he do best? What does the family pay attention to?

It is not necessary to record a child into several circles at once, trying to grow a child prodigy out of it. The children’s organism can not sustain long and regular loadings.

First of all, it is necessary to determine, in fact, the purpose of classes. For example, psychologists recommend shy children to give to groups where they need to communicate with their peers. It can be dance studios, drama clubs, sports clubs.

Hyperactive “pacify” classes in drawing, music, sports. Physical culture, sport and dancing will suit kids in different builds, but if they are mobile and thin, they will be happy to take in the preparatory groups of professional sections, then full and slow-moving kids should not be tortured by serious exercises.

There are many groups of general physical development or choreography, where a child’s self-assessment will not be ostracized by a demanding dance coach or teacher.

If a child has a clearly outstanding talent (such children do exist), parents should make every effort to show him the best in their field for children’s teachers in the field. It is likely that, in the case of real abilities, his training will take place at a good school and at no extra charge.

Age is important for sports clubs and dance studios. For example, in boxing, karate, etc. will not be taken earlier than 4 years, in a serious ballet – earlier than 10 years. And it happens the other way around.

What to do if parents brought to the section of rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating or other kind of sport, where children are taking from the age of 4, 7 years old, and they don’t take it only because of their age? Provided that the child really wants to do just that and is suitable for build, take him to another similar section.

There are a lot of champions in the world who started doing something else later, but with hard work and talent who have achieved incomparably greater success. As for art, music and educational activities, age is not a hindrance here: now there are even destined for infants.

The desire of the child himself is a necessary condition for recording him in a circle or section. There are situations when the baby has obvious abilities or excellent physical data, but he does not want and that’s it.

In this case, the most reasonable thing is not to force with severity, but to talk about what awaits him, outlining bright prospects and offering to try, with a clear target date. If even after this the child refuses flatly, you should not force him: the experience of many parents shows that this does not make sense. Even if he achieves something, the hatred of domestic violence will also remain.

Do you need it?

An important condition – the location of the circle. Since it will have to be visited regularly for a long time and in any weather, it is of great importance how long it takes to go there and back, whether it is possible to go there on foot is the best option, or how to get to the place in any other way. A long time road spent in public transport or in traffic jams will exhaust the child and learning will not be a blessing.

And finally, who will drive or carry him to the circle?

The number of extracurricular activities should also depend on the workload at school. If a child goes to a serious gymnasium, where there are many extra classes that are worth attending, it is better to minimize extracurricular education. Still, the baby’s health should outweigh the parental ambitions.

Finance is an important criterion for selecting a group or section. And it’s not only about paying for classes — information about these expenses is known right away, but about how much money parents will have to pay during the whole course.

And this may be the purchase of forms for classes and speeches, equipment and inventory, payment of trips to competitions and contests.

Extracurricular activities: what and why do they need the child and you

Different activities. In circles and sections, classes differ from school and kindergarten.

And, if a baby goes there, as on a holiday, firstly, there are more holidays in his life, and secondly, his personality develops comprehensively, because he acquires new knowledge and skills.

The more social interaction a baby has, the better. Children in a circle or section – a completely different team than at school.

And they are busy there in a different way, and for the majority – classes there are fun. Unlike school.

Accordingly, the atmosphere is quite different than at school.

Extracurricular activities, especially when they are regular and last for several years, develop in a growing person such useful qualities as a sense of responsibility, ability to work, plan their actions and rationally allocate time.

Finding yourself and being proud of yourself is, perhaps, the main thing that a small person can acquire during extracurricular activities, and that will help him most of all in adult life. He may not have time to do too much at school, but in the section, the circle, spread his wings and, literally, fly.

Adequate self-esteem, individual (and bringing happiness!) Sphere of realization is what not every adult achieves and what the extracurricular circle can help with.

Extra time is child’s free time. He could walk, play, read, dream, looking at the sky … But we must go to the circle!

Additional loads are also not shown to everyone. Moreover, many children are now weakened and are not in the first group of health. From excessive physical or mental stress the child will tire.

But fatigue also depends on his attitude towards studies – if a child likes them, then, as a rule, fatigue will not affect his well-being.

Classes in circles is a load for parents (grandmothers or nannies). Inevitably they will also have to delve into the child’s work, help him, show by example, etc. And later, perhaps, he will have to accompany the child to competitions, and to various competitions, sacrificing his free time or asking for help from work.

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