Главная 7 Child development 7 Evgenia Semina: “Being a mother and at the same time doing your favorite business is such a drive! “

Evgenia Semina: “Being a mother and at the same time doing your favorite business is such a drive! “

Evgenia Semina: “Being a mother and at the same time doing your favorite business is such a drive!

– Before the birth of the child, I was an avid workaholic in an advertising agency. To leave work after midnight, not to sleep, thinking about work, to cancel the meeting with a friend for the sake of meeting with a client – this was my life.

It is not surprising that I met my husband in the office.

In the evening on the eve of my departure on maternity leave, I sobbed at my desk, and promised to return in six months. And I really went back to work when my son was 8 months old: first part-time, and then for a full day.

Probably the feelings that had fallen into my hands were familiar to all working mothers: both the eternal lack of time, and the feeling of guilt in front of her son, and regret for the first words and first steps that happened without me. The situation was complicated by the fact that the son was very attached to me. He sobbed bitterly, parting with me every day, could not easily remain either with his grandmother, or with the nurse, or in kindergarten.

The irony was that the financial situation of the family allowed me not to work. However, my active nature could not tolerate sitting at home.

Without work, I pined for melancholy and thirst for activity, breaking on both my son and my husband.

In this difficult period, I began to take my son to classes at the Baby Club. The child was about two and a half years old.

Before that, we visited several development centers, and I always left them with a sense of bewilderment: why do parents pay money for such nonsense? The baby club, unlike others, conquered me as a mother from the first visits.

I liked everything, starting from the design and the atmosphere in the club, and ending with the fact that my super-tied to the child the child easily walked alone to classes. Moreover, during the month I noticed the results: the son began to speak better, started counting, suddenly showed an interest in creativity.

Evgenia Semina: “Being a mother and at the same time doing your favorite business is such a drive!

Having learned about the franchise center, I almost instantly made a decision. We buy!

We do! The decision was intuitive and very spontaneous, but, fortunately, the spouse supported me – he was tired of his exhausted, torn between the house and the office of his wife for a long time, and we pretty quickly arranged all legal issues.

And then there were three months, which I would call one of the most vivid periods of my life. It’s even impossible to convey how exciting it is to run your own business, solve a million questions, and at the same time be free from the fear of making a mistake, because the franchise agreement requires a clear plan of action and a curator who helps each partner on their way to their club. Of course, with a three-year-old child it was not easy.

I slept very little, hung up on the phone while I was walking with the child, or was immersed in the Internet, my car was laden with building materials, sometimes with boxes of toys. But it was such a drive that I dream to repeat!

We opened the club in record time – in less than three months. The opening of the club on the same day coincided with the happy news: we will have a second baby! It was very symbolic for me!

Very soon, I realized how true my decision was. In the first month I received a profit that exceeded my salary, which I received as a director in an advertising agency.

The baby club as a brand is known to parents, mostly they come to us on the recommendation of friends, so the groups filled up quickly, and the teaching methods made the mothers stay with us for a long time. I am proud that about half of the children who study with me now come to us from the first days of the club’s existence.

After the opening of the club, it became easier, and I felt like a cool business woman: I got up when I wanted, walked a lot, and as a “job” I did the most pleasant things – talking with other mothers and teachers, choosing and buying toys, and interior design at the club. And most importantly, I was able to afford to take my son from kindergarten and spend as much time with him as it was required for both of us!

Yes, there is a routine work – financial accounting, accounting, personnel search. But all this fades before the delight that one experiences when entering the club, seeing the daily successes of happy children, communicating with contented, grateful mothers.

Evgenia Semina: “Being a mother and at the same time doing your favorite business is such a drive!

Of course, there are downsides. This is an oppressive responsibility – whatever one may say, but I have almost a dozen employees for whom I am responsible, not to mention more than a hundred children.

This and the inability to leave the club for a long time – everything seems to be established, but if you don’t see teachers for a long time and don’t charge them with your enthusiasm, they somehow go out and get tired. It is helplessness that sometimes rolls on: either the teacher on whom you pin great hopes will decide to quit, the client turns out to be dissatisfied with the activities in which you put all your soul, then the fire inspector will stick to some nonsense.

But like-minded people save me – both with advice and deed. The Baby Club has a strong Management Company that helps in any difficult situation.

And then there is the community of Baby Club partners – these are more than a hundred people, among whom I have found good friends for myself.

Now I have two wonderful sons and a thriving business that I can afford to spend only a few hours a day. And a sea of ​​plans. From global – to expand living space, open another club, give birth to a third child – to small ones, connected with the upbringing of boys, daily joys in relations with the husband and with the development of the business.

I believe that everything will turn out!

On March 1, an event for the mothers of the Mom’s Experience Day project was held, where Yevgeny Semin helped with the organization of the children’s play space throughout the day. And while the children selflessly frolicked with the animators of the Baby Club, the mothers were able to communicate with each other, learn a lot of new things, get inspired to create their own business, get personal advice in different areas and just enjoy everything that happens because the program was incredibly diverse.

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