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Entertaining mythology (about pregnancy)

Entertaining mythology (about pregnancy)

“Of course, I do not believe that a horseshoe brings good luck. But I heard that it helps regardless of whether they believe in it or not, ”said the great physicist and Nobel laureate Niels Bohr, explaining why he nailed a horseshoe over the door of his house. All of us are more or less inclined to mystify our lives.

What can we say about the future mothers! Women “in position” – people are impressionable.

And myths, will accept stereotypes that dictate the “right” behavior to future mothers, do not count. Let’s look at the most popular of them and try to figure out where lies here, and where and “hint, a good lesson for good girls”.

“Forget about visits to the barber. You will shorten the child’s century, or the baby will be born prematurely! ”

Where did it come from? Hair in the legends of many nations symbolized strength, will, energy.

Remember, the strongest hero Samson from the biblical legend lost all his power along with cropped strands. Our great mothers were very kind to their braids in principle. Only once a month with a growing moon, they trimmed split ends.

And during pregnancy, and this was neglected.

But this is a fact! Today, doctors do not see the reasons why mommy needs to abandon fashionable haircuts. But there are nuances.

So, suddenly becoming a platinum blonde is not worth it. During pregnancy, it is recommended to use gentle dyes that do not contain ammonia. Radical clarification by such means is impossible.

You can refresh the image by making highlights. With this technique of dyeing paint does not fall on the skin.

Curious! Chinese women have a long tradition.

As soon as a woman finds out that she will soon become a mother, she makes … a short haircut.

“You will sew a tiny path into a happy life, or the umbilical cord will be tied with knots”

Where did it come from? Behind this sign lies a logical rationale. In the old days, the village houses had rooms with small windows; there was not enough light from the torch.

The woman was forced to bow over needlework in three deaths. From a long stay in such a “crooked” position, the blood flow deteriorated and, as a result, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus was limited.

But this is a fact! Future mothers often experience an unprecedented creative rise. They want to make something for the baby with their own hands.

Do not miss the moments of inspiration! Tie the daze first booties, make a developing mat from pieces of fabric of different textures.

Create in pleasure, but not to the detriment of walks in the fresh air.

Curious! There are special needlework courses for expectant mothers, where you can learn to knit feeding beads or sew a rag Waldorf doll.

Perhaps the following signs do not need decoding. Just smile!

  • If you water a pregnant woman during a drought, it will rain.
  • If a pregnant woman eats an egg with two yolks, gives birth to twins.
  • You can not often touch yourself for the face – the baby will have many birthmarks. The same fate awaits the baby, whose mother, while he was waiting, looked at the fire.
  • If the mother wants her child wealth, then when the child is born, it should be put on a shaggy sheepskin coat.
  • A pregnant woman cannot be eaten in secret – the child will be born fearful.
  • If the expectant mother often eats fish, the child will speak late.
  • Squint of the baby can be triggered by the fact that his mother admired herself a lot in the mirror or peeped through the gap. And a sloppy woman who splashed water from a bucket will give birth to a slobber baby.
  • Pregnant women should not be denied, especially if she asks for something edible. According to popular belief, in the opposite case, the mice will bite all good in the house!

Entertaining mythology (about pregnancy)

“If the future mother has become sick, she is waiting for the girl: she takes the beauty. Got pretty? A boy will be born.

The abdomen has an acute shape (it is not visible behind it) – there is a lad. Babies sit in a rounder belly. Pregnant leans on candy and buns – daughter on the way.

Pulls on salty and meat products? You will have a son!

Those who wish to conceive an heir under the marital bed need to put an ax, and if the priority is a sweetheart-daughter – a mirror and a comb.

Where did it come from? The desire to know the sex of the future child has always existed.

And what tragedies were played out when a baby of the “wrong” sex came into the world! Especially when it came to the inheritance of titles, estates, and sometimes even thrones.

Therefore, it will take on this account in all nations more than enough. The ancient Greeks determined who they would be born, a boy or a girl, by how the wind blew outside the bedroom window at the time of conception.

And the Chinese even developed a special calendar, considering that the sex of a child depends on the age of the mother. Not so long ago, archaeologists found the ancient Egyptian papyrus, referring to the period of the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II.

It said that the sex of the fetus can be defined as follows: water the barley and wheat grain with the urine of a pregnant woman: if barley germinates earlier, then a boy will be born, if wheat is faster, then a girl.

But this is a fact! With high probability to find out the sex of the baby allows ultrasound.

It is possible to examine the external genitalia of the fetus from the 12th week (more often on the 18th). However, there are errors here.

For example, an inexperienced doctor may take for the subject of male pride … the umbilical cord stretching along the legs.

Curious! Responsibility for who exactly will be born to future parents, is solely the father. The point is the genetic code.

The egg cell can contain only the X chromosome, and the sperm X or Y chromosomes. Match a pair of XX – a girl will be born, XY – will be a boy.

“Before the birth of the child do not buy anything, otherwise be in trouble”

Where did it come from? Since the days of paganism in Russia, it was believed that pre-prepared items for a baby could become prey to evil spirits.

So if you believe in this omen, do not forget to leave the presents for the house-maid behind the stove (as, you don’t have a stove in your apartment ?!) and promptly drive the kikimora.

But this is a fact! The reality is that after giving birth to deal with issues of the situation in the nursery, the choice of strollers, clothes for the baby, etc. you will be elementary once.

You can, of course, send a young father for shopping (he will have three days to prepare, until you are discharged from the hospital). But in this situation, be prepared for a lot of surprises and additional expenses.

Curious! Just think how many positive emotions the future mommy gets with the purchase of a children’s dowry.

As a result, her body produces the hormones of happiness, from which both mother and baby have only one benefit!

“It is hard to give birth to children through a log

Where did it come from? Our ancestors had serious mystical reasons for this. For example, a brownie, living under a broom, could be offended.

And the threshold was generally attributed to special properties, because it was considered a serious boundary between the house and the outside world. In addition, our ancestors believed that this causes similar, and, in order to avoid the pathologies of the fetus, the woman was forbidden to step over the curve of a pole, a pitchfork, a tree felled by a storm.

But this is a fact! Women who are “in position” should really step over obstacles with extreme caution (especially if the stomach already closes the view).

A “run with obstacles” in the later periods can cause premature labor.

Curious! But the right exercise mom only benefit.

To pick up a course of studies help on special courses for pregnant women. Today, there are yoga, and Pilates, and even aqua aerobics.

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