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ELLE subbotnik in the Hermitage garden

ELLE subbotnik in the Hermitage garden

From 10 am all those who wish to take part in the cleaning at the entrance to the park will be given the appropriate equipment and a special bracelet that entitles you to a free lunch in the ELLE-foodcourts zone.

Subbotnik participants will be invited to share the teams – the most active and fast team led by Ivan Pyshnenko, the author and actor of the KVN team “Sportivnaya Station”, the resident of the Comedy Club show on TNT, will be able to win valuable prizes from the ELLE brand group.

Throughout the day, guests of the ELLE subbotnik in the Hermitage Garden are expected to:

  • Lectures and workouts from the ideal body school #Sekta School
  • Fitness classes from the club Les Trois Santes
  • Ballet lessons from Balletomania;
  • Organic Yoga Master Class
  • Scandinavian walking lessons under the guidance of experienced instructors

The partner of the sports grounds is the company Fashion Verdict Sport, which represents in Russia the brands of clothes for yoga and fitness, and also organizes practice sites at major festivals in Moscow.

In the ELLE DECORATION zone, Fineobjects decorators will hold classes on the original painting of birdhouses along with the star guests of Subbotnik, as well as:

  • Master class on “How to revive the interior?” On the example of drawings, sketches
  • Floristics and landscape design lessons: flower pots decoration

In addition, there will be a lecture hall at Subbotnik, where experts from the Organic women portal, experienced doctors, motivational speakers and wellness coaches will give a number of lectures:

  • “Ayurvedic secrets of beauty. Ancient science to help the modern woman “, lecturer Elena Oleksyuk.
  • “How to achieve a dream figure?”, Lecturer Danina Maria.
  • “Conscious nutrition. My path to harmony ”, lecturer Ekaterina Plotko.
  • “Detox in the big city”, lecturer Ilona Belaya.

In the ELLE GIRL beauty pavilion for Subbotnik participants, make-up artists from Divage will help create a fresh spring make-up, and experienced stylists of the Babyliss brand will twist fashionable curls and weave braids.

Young fans of the fashion magazine are also waiting for master classes from stylists on the fashion trends of the upcoming Graduation Ball and active games in the fresh air from Hasbro.

The Subbotnik participants will be able to eat after the active cleaning and master-classes in the special area of ​​ELLE-food courts:

  • Khachapuri for Children will install a platform with a huge rope cube and a football game, where you can score Tolik’s sheep and get cookies for this, and there will also be street yard games from parents’ childhood, for example, all girls will be taught to jump in rubber. www.hacha.ru
  • “15 sisters” will offer real chebureks, cooked in front of the guests, to drink kvass and lemonade. www.15sis.ru
  • “Lyubov Pirogov” – pies made with love, where the fillings are larger than the dough www.lovepirogova.ru
  • The Pechkin company will prepare French Socca pancakes on chickpea flour and sandwich rolls with various fillings.
  • “Czech place” will present the real Czech cuisine: boiled-smoked sausages on the grill, goulash soup in a bread loaf, national pastries and children’s mulled wine.
  • MOCHI SWEETS – Mochi luxury desserts are chilled steamed cakes.
  • “PRIME” – only natural dishes from fresh ingredients. Convenient eco-friendly packaging helps you to have lunch quickly and with health benefits, as well as grab food with you when your day passes dynamically.
  • Spanish courtyard – famous delicacies and the best drinks from all over the world. www.spanish-food-store.ru
  • Pian-Se – steam burgers – the famous Korean street food on the streets of Moscow.
  • Taq taq – quesadilla in the format of street food.
  • Gyros for Heroes is a mobile cafe with Greek cuisine and adapted traditional Greek dishes, taking into account the preferences of modern citizens.
  • Wokker is an ideal opportunity to have a quick bite to eat tasty and hot Asian dishes in a convenient traditional Chinese box. www.wokker.ru

Opening hours: from 10:00 to 21:00. Cleaning from 10:00 to 14:00.

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