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Easy cleaning: choose a vacuum cleaner

Easy cleaning: choose a vacuum cleaner

If you decide to buy a vacuum cleaner, the first thing you should decide on is for what type of cleaning and in which room you will use it. If you need to clean a small room, then you should stay on a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning.

It is cheaper and easier than a vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning, does not require additional costs for detergents and small-sized. There are several types of “dry” vacuum cleaners: conventional (balloon), vertical, built-in and vacuum cleaners-robots. Conventional vacuum cleaners (balloon) are used to clean the floor, carpet, carpet, furniture.

Vertical designed for cleaning large rooms. They are better than usual, clean the dirt, easy to use, good against allergens, but at the same time quite noisy and bulky.

Built-in vacuum cleaners are interesting because all the collected dust is removed from the room along with unpleasant odors and allergens through the air ducts built into the walls and floor. Install them during repair or construction of the house. Robot vacuum cleaners move around the room and remove dust, bypass people and common objects themselves.

If necessary, recharge, returning to the charger. They have an excellent filtration system, which allows to avoid the characteristic smell, completely free a person from cleaning.

Are expensive.

Washing vacuum cleaners can perform wet and dry cleaning, spray moisture and suck it up. Many can collect liquid spilled on the floor.

Ideal for washing carpets, cleaning furniture, for general cleaning of the house, washing tile, stone. Their cleaning efficiency is higher than that of “dry” vacuum cleaners.

Where the usual vacuum cleaner is cleaned every other day, washing – once a week. The disadvantages include: a high price (about 3 times more expensive than for dry cleaning), the inability to vacuum natural shag carpet, flooring, furniture that does not like moisture.

One of the characteristics of the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner is power. However, it is necessary to distinguish between the power consumption of a vacuum cleaner and the power of suction of dust.

Power consumption ranges from 1300 to 2000 watts. It gives you the opportunity to evaluate the vacuum cleaner in terms of energy consumption.

Absorption power, which, in fact, depends on the quality of cleaning, is 250-480 watts. The more suction power, the better the carpet will be cleaned, the more heavily knocked out dust will be drawn into the vacuum cleaner.

This means that the more suction power the better. For cleaning small rooms suitable vacuum cleaner with a suction power of 250 watts.

If pollution is significant and you have little time to clean, pay attention to models with a capacity of 300 watts. If you are using a turbo brush, choose models with power from 350 watts.

For vacuum cleaners set the standard noise level. This rate ranges from 71 to 80 dB.

So that you can find out what kind of noise it is, you should inform that the noise level of a very quiet whisper of a person is 40 dB.

The first stage of filtration is the collection of dust and dirt in a bag of dust, a plastic tank, aquafilter. Dust collectors can be replaceable paper or reusable textile. Replaceable paper better retain small particles.

They consist of 2-3 layers, which helps to effectively trap dust. With regular use of the vacuum cleaner they last for a month. Dust passes through reusable textile dust collectors, as if through a sieve, while heavily contaminating subsequent filters.

In addition, to remove dust from such a dust collector, it must be shaken out manually. The advantage of such bags is only the possibility of their repeated use.

Dust collection in plastic tanks is used in vacuum cleaners with a cyclone system. Their main advantage is a constant indicator of suction power. Such vacuum cleaners are easy to use, do not require the purchase of bags, dust collectors.

The disadvantages include the need to manually clean the garbage container. Also, this vacuum cleaner has a rather complicated structure and consumes a lot of energy.

Vacuum cleaners with aqua filter. Inside such a vacuum cleaner have a tank with water.

The intake air passes through the aqua filter, dirt and dust settles in the water, and the air comes out. The vacuum cleaner is the more effective, the better it mixes water, air and dust, and the more intense the water weights the dust particles, precipitating them.

This system is good because you do not need to spend money on dust collectors, and the air during the operation of such a vacuum cleaner is moistened, as a result of which dust accumulates in the room. These vacuum cleaners have a high degree of filtration (up to 99.97%).

The next stage of filtration is the filter located in front of the motor (motor filter). It protects the motor from clogging, its failure, overheating. It can be replaceable – then it is changed with the change of the dust collector.

But more often – a permanent one that does not require replacement during the entire life cycle of a vacuum cleaner.

The third stage of filtration is the fine filters. They are designed to retain the smallest particles, allergens, microorganisms and are responsible for the cleanliness of the air at the outlet of the vacuum cleaner. Among the fine filters are electrostatic microfilters, S-class filters and HEPA filters.

They differ from each other in the effectiveness of the retention of the smallest particles, microorganisms larger than 0.3 microns and their service life. Electrostatic microfilters retain microparticles larger than 0.3 microns. They purify the air at the outlet by 80–99.9%.

S-class filters absorb at least 99.97% of the smallest particles. HEPA-class filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air – “highly efficient air purification”) provide four-class protection with varying degrees of efficiency. They serve as S-class filters for several years.

Can be replaceable or reusable. In this case, they serve until the end of the life of the device.

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Easy cleaning: choose a vacuum cleaner

The new technology of water filtration AquaWeb “locks dust on the lock” and prevents its return into the air. The advanced AquaWeb filter can be easily removed and rinsed under running water. The dust collection box is equipped with a handle that allows you to empty it easily without getting your hands dirty.

In addition, the novelty, like all Philips vacuum cleaners, has a high power of 2000 W for quick cleaning. TriActive aerodynamic brush for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Side brushes allow you to achieve perfect cleanliness in the corners and along the walls, and a large frontal hole copes with large debris. The model range is represented by two vacuum cleaners: FC8950 and FC8952, which have all the advantages mentioned above.

And the model FC8952 also has an additional mini turbo brush, which is designed for deep cleaning of carpets, as well as for quick collection of hair and fluff. Rotating brush allows you to get rid of dust and animal hair, thereby increasing the cleaning efficiency.

From 8990 rub. (model FC8950), from 9490 rubles. (model FC8952), ask in the appliance stores

Easy cleaning: choose a vacuum cleaner

Equipped with the Super Multi Chamber system, which maintains a constant suction power of 380 W regardless of the degree of fullness of the container. The motor power of 2200 W provides powerful air circulation inside the vacuum cleaner, thanks to which the dust is separated as efficiently as possible.

After that, the air flow is directed to six small compartments in which small particles settle. At the outlet is a filter system (including the HEPA 13 filter), which guarantees maximum air purity.

Filtration efficiency of the vacuum cleaner is 99.7%. In addition, it has one of the lowest noise figures in its class. The special design of the wheels makes the device as maneuverable and quiet as possible.

Cleaning the dust container takes a few seconds.

From 9990 rub., Ask in all major appliance stores in your city

Easy cleaning: choose a vacuum cleaner

LG Kompressor – the world’s first technology of mechanized pressing dust into dense and compact briquettes, which increases the capacity of the container four times, preventing the penetration of dust into the room. Thanks to the revolutionary technology of automatic location detection (Automatic Location Recognition) and active movement of the wheels (Active Following Wheel) you don’t have to pull the vacuum cleaner behind you: it moves after it.

Dual noise absorption system allows you to minimize the noise level of the vacuum cleaner to a comfortable 74 dB. A unique multi-layer filter retains even the smallest dust particles.

So, the pre-motor filter protects the motor from dust particles. A four-level carbon filter HEPA 13 not only detains dust and allergens, but also blocks unpleasant odors.

Power: 2000 W / 420 W.

From 19,990 rub., Eldorado, M.Video, MediaMarkt stores

Easy cleaning: choose a vacuum cleaner

Its compact dimensions and long aluminum tube make it easy to clean in the most inaccessible places. Thanks to the patented Root Cyclone ™ cyclonic air filtration technology, the vacuum cleaner has a constant high suction power and does not require replacement of filters during the entire product life cycle. The device is also equipped with a Dyson Digital Motor (Dyson Digital Motor).

The new rechargeable battery provides work with a constant suction power for 20 minutes without reducing the efficiency of cleaning. For heavily soiled surfaces, a maximum power mode is provided – 8 minutes of continuous operation.

Electric brush with its own engine and a combined nap allows you to more effectively remove the finest dust, wool and hair.

Price: on request, can be purchased in the company salon in GUM, as well as in all network hypermarkets of electronic equipment

Easy cleaning: choose a vacuum cleaner

Provides a high class of cleaning due to the built-in aqua-filter. The five-stage air purification system includes a HEPA filter that retains the smallest dust particles, such as mold, plant pollen, and dust mites.

This filter is also equipped with an anti-bacterial screen. Built-in humidification and air aromatization.

The power of the vacuum cleaner is 1800 W, the suction power is 400 W. Electronic power adjustment allows you to use the necessary for each specific surface suction power.

The capacity of the dust collector is 3.5 liters, the capacity of the water tank is 0.6 liters. Allows to do without replaceable bags dust collectors.

Thanks to all kinds of nozzles with a vacuum cleaner, you can remove hard-to-reach places and clean any furniture. A turbo brush easily removes pet hair from carpets.

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