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Dyslexia and talent: the most famous dyslexics in the world

Dyslexia and talent: the most famous dyslexics in the world

Dyslexia is called verbal blindness. And the disease of geniuses.

Incompatible? Nothing like this! We don’t think about it, but many talented and successful people have suffered and continue to suffer from dyslexia.

They are actors, singers, successful millionaire businessmen, heads of state, scientists, writers, artists … this list is huge. Dyslexics do not know how to read or do it with difficulty and constantly make mistakes; they often have difficulties with writing, because dysgraphia often goes together with dyslexia.

Problems are found in childhood and persist throughout life. Most dyslexic geniuses through hard work managed to improve the situation.

And someone, on the contrary, used the disease to their advantage.

This is a genius with a capital letter, to the pictures of which kilometer queues are lined up. His inventions have overtaken their time, and contemporaries admired his creations.

Nevertheless, Leonardo all his life had big problems with reading and, especially, with the letter. In addition, he was left-handed and wrote from left to right.

The scholars who analyzed the texts of the maestro admitted that in order to read the manuscripts they had to use a mirror — that was how the letters were distorted.

The father of modern physics also had considerable problems with reading and writing, and indeed with learning. Many people know that he was a Losers, but not many people know that this was due not to slovenliness and laziness, but to developmental features.

Surprisingly, the world-famous writer-storyteller literally could not write. His first attempts at writing attracted the attention of the public and theatrical figures not with content, but with monstrous illiteracy. Everybody laughed at the mistakes of the novice writer, but this did not stop him.

Andersen wrote a fairy tale in his head and only at the very end poured it on paper. There have been cases when publishers, shocked by the author’s illiteracy, returned the manuscripts back.

Walt Disney’s path to fame and success was thorny, but, as befits a storyteller, he passed it with optimism and faith in himself. In 16 years, he was expelled from secondary school for academic failure.

But Walt persistently dreamed of becoming a journalist. He got a job at the newspaper’s editorial office, where he spent hours on the notes that other reporters took in 15 minutes. Congenital illiteracy did the trick, Walt was fired after a couple of months, and that was where his journalist career ended.

But only a few years later he became a millionaire and the world’s main cartoon magnate. Now, only those who saw with their own eyes, with what difficulty and caution Walt each time displayed his autograph, recall Walt Disney’s dyslexia – the same brand autograph familiar to everyone from the lock screen saver, which ironically became the most expensive autograph in the world.

Actor Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise) – hereditary dyslexic. Like his mother and sisters, from childhood he could not distinguish between letters and distorted words. Offensive handbags rained down on the future actor as from a cornucopia.

Classmates called Tom stupid, and he himself believed in it. He changed more than 10 schools and for some time he studied in a special correctional class.

Currently, the actor is an active supporter of Scientology, and in 2005 he publicly stated that it was she who helped him cope with dyslexia.

Keanu Reeves, like Tom Cruise, suffered severely from dyslexia and changed schools several times a year. In each new class, they laughed at him and considered him backward. As a result, Keanu grew up closed and notorious.

Normally, the actor learned to read only in high school with the help of doctors and speech therapists. However, all the final examinations Keanu failed and was left without a high school diploma.

The star Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Monroe) is known for being a little afraid of interviews and press conferences, she was squeezed and even stuttered. The cause is still the same dyslexia. The disease caused the actress a lot of suffering while still in school.

She, like her colleagues in the shop, did not avoid ridicule and bullying. Unable to cope with the pressure, Marilyn, on the pretext of marriage, dropped out of school at the age of 16.

She entered a big life with an inferiority complex and an unsatisfied thirst for knowledge.

This is a real fighter, not only in character, but also “in rank”, so is Keira Knightley. The star is the face of the British Dyslexic Association.

She began her active resistance to the disease in childhood. Then her parents gave her an ultimatum: if you want to be an actress, learn well. And the girl sat down for textbooks.

The school is over, but the struggle with dyslexia continues. “I read virtually everything in order to prove to everyone, and above all to myself, that I am not a fool,” admits Cyrus.

Like Kira Knightley, dyslexic Orlando Bloom (parents), the parents once had a choice: if you want a motorcycle, you must read 50 books. Young Orlando did not get a motorcycle – the task was daunting. Even now, the actor every time mastering a new role is doomed to do triple work – it is very difficult for him to read and learn the script.

Nevertheless, this did not prevent Orlando to master French perfectly, and indeed to become a global star.

The world-famous director Quentin Tarantino (Quentin Tarantino), the author of such films as “Pulp Fiction”, “Django Unchained” and “Kill Bill” openly declares: “I hated school. Much of what people learned easily was hard for me. ” Tarantino had no problems reading, he loved reading, he loved history.

But the letter was not given to him. Like everything related to numbers. The director admitted that even just recognizing the numbers was a problem for him.

And he learned to learn time by hours only in the 6th grade.

Fyodor Bondarchuk was luckier than the rest. Dyslexia combined with restlessness and hooliganism did not give good performance in school, but gave a cheerful stormy youth. Nadya from mothers and teachers did not depress Fedor.

And later, when his father and educational specialists took over him, Bondarchuk managed, albeit with blood and sweat, but still quite quickly achieve good success in reading and memorizing roles.

The fact that the poet is not at odds with commas will be easily noticed by anyone who opens a collection of his poems. This is usually attributed to your own style.

But the formation of this style of Mayakovsky owes much of the innate illiteracy, in which he himself has repeatedly admitted. Poet-dyslexic – a rare and unusual phenomenon.

Judging by the various memoirs of contemporaries, Mayakovsky had difficulty reading. When creating works that required reliance on literature, Osip Brik often picked up material for him.

For a long time, he had punctuated the poet.

Reading difficulties: dyslexia in a child
Fears of parents that a poorly reading child may have dyslexia are more often in vain. This diagnosis occurs in reality less often than it is customary to talk about it.

But it is much more serious when adults do not realize the problem of a child suffering from dyslexia, writing it down in “stupid”, “muddle”, and stubbornly trying to teach him to do what he cannot do for objective reasons: using standard methods: read and understand what he read. Read more

Phonemic hearing: hearing, without which there will be no words
Phonemic hearing is very important for a child. Without it, it is impossible to distinguish one sound of speech from another, to perceive words correctly and to understand them correctly.

Experts advise to develop such a hearing in a baby from the first days of life. Read more

Why do kids with speech defects get bigger
We all remember the hapless speech therapist from the famous movie “For family reasons” performed by Rolan Bykov. Today, in time to contact a specialist of this profile (of course, more professional) is very important.

Why, we decided to find out from the doctors.

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