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Dummy: not weak consolation

Dummy: not weak consolation

Offering a little dummy, we solve several problems at once. We are satisfied with his sucking reflex – he will still suck, but only a finger or a cam, which is much worse in terms of developing the right bite.

We console him if he has a pain. We help him fall asleep if he is too over-excited. We close his mouth for a walk, because to swallow the frosty air is not the most useful thing.

But this does not mean that the dummy is a panacea for all ills! It is important to remember that we give it to the baby so that he feels better, and not at all to help himself.

In addition, for a newborn who eats breast milk, a dummy is contraindicated for at least the first two to three weeks while he learns to get food.

So, if you have decided to use a dummy (of course, only as needed), you have to take another difficult step – to make a purchase.

Shape Pacifiers are round, oval, drop-shaped and orthodontic. Small, drop-shaped soothers are ideal for newborns. Round and oval pacifiers are timeless classics, they are loved by children.

Dummies of a special orthodontic shape are designed taking into account the shape of the baby’s sky and sucking mechanism, they help him to form the correct bite. Details Besides the nipple itself, the pacifier has a disk and a ring. It is important that all these components are firmly interconnected or that the soother is a solid construction, otherwise the baby will be able to disassemble it and choke.

The disk of the pacifier should have a cutout for the nose and hole so that the little one can breathe freely.

Material Today dummies are made from high quality latex and silicone. Latex – a soft and short-lived material.

For this reason, latex soothers must be constantly checked to see if they are torn. Their service life is small – 2-3 weeks. And yet: in some children, latex causes allergies.

Silicone is a hard and durable material. Such a dummy will be your faithful assistant for 4-6 weeks.

Just remember that because of its hardness, silicone nipples should not be given to babies who are teething, because they can prevent the latter from growing properly.

So that the dummy serves the child faithfully:

  • do not hang it by the rope around the child’s neck (use a special chain with a clip);
  • buy dummies of the right size: there are “models” for babies from 0 to 3 months, babies 3–6 months and 6–12 months;
  • sterilize them for at least 3 minutes;
  • do not hold soothers near heaters;
  • store them in a special container.

Dummy: not weak consolation

Silicone Soother 0+ Mothercare

l Orthodontic nipple shape.
l The disc with special notches allows the baby to breathe freely.
l Holes in the disc provide an outflow of saliva and protect the baby’s delicate skin from irritation.

Dummy: not weak consolation

Night dummy with luminous ring-holder Avent

l Latex teat is adapted for babies from birth to three months.
l A special cut-out for the nose on the disk does not interfere with the breathing of the child, and large openings prevent saliva from accumulating.
l The ring is made of glowing material, making it easy to find a pacifier in the dark.

Dummy: not weak consolation

Dummy with case and clip-holder Tommee Tippee

l Designed for children from birth.
l Used high quality latex.
l The droplet-shaped teat is perfect for the little ones.
l Clip conveniently and firmly attached to any clothing.
l Case with clip-holder can be used for any dummy.

Dummy: not weak consolation

Dummy 0+ Mothercare

Level “for the smallest”:
l Dummy shape suitable for newborns.
l The highest quality latex is used.
l Cut for a nose in the disk does not interfere with the baby’s free breathing, and special holes protect against skin irritation.

Dummy: not weak consolation

Naturally Shaped Silicone Nipple Nuby

l The Airsystem disc creates an air cushion between the baby’s skin and the pacifier, which protects against irritation.
l The special design of the disk (lack of a ring-holder) will allow the baby to feel comfortable, even lying on his stomach.
l Silicone ball is made of soft material and is shaped like a mother’s breast.
l Solid base with knobs massages the gums, facilitates teething.
l Oscillatory movements of the nipples increase the tone of the muscles involved in sucking.

Dummy: not weak consolation

Latex soother orthodontic form Dentimaxx, Baby-Nova

l The world’s first dummy designed by orthodontists for children.
l Special thin base of the pacifier reduces pressure on the front teeth and jaws when sucking.
l The step on the basis of the pacifier is made taking into account the location of the teeth with a normal bite.
l Space for free movement of the tongue thanks to a new nipple shape with a recess below.
l The shape and size of the pacifier correspond to the size of the baby’s sky, which makes sucking pleasant and safe.

Dummy: not weak consolation

Dummy physiological latex Chicco

l Designed to reflect the shape of the sky and the characteristics of the sucking mechanism.
l Natural latex gives the pacifier elasticity and softness.
l Butterfly-shaped trim is adapted to the shape of the baby’s lips and nose and does not interfere with his breathing.
l Suction air extraction system.
l Holes in the disc do not allow saliva to accumulate and protect the skin around the mouth from irritation.

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