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Dummy in a million!

Dummy in a million!

All young children have a sucking reflex – this is how nature laid. And there is an explanation.

Sucking calms babies, helps them get distracted and fall asleep. Our great-grandmothers were well aware of this, inventing chews – pieces of bread wrapped in a rag. Such nipples were given to children in order to calm the cry when the mother spent the whole day in the field.

In the twentieth century, rubber nipples appeared – easily sterilized, but hard, traumatic for the mouth and harmful to the bite of the baby. These nipples also did more harm than good.

A completely different thing is modern dummies.

With proper selection and use of modern pacifiers not only do not harm the formation of bite, but also help its development. It all depends on the design: the nipple should push the baby’s gums as little as possible without hindering the growth of the teeth and the development of the jaw.

Secondly, intestinal peristalsis improves during sucking, which contributes to the removal of gases that can torment the baby. Thirdly, the “use” of the pacifier involves the facial muscles, which makes it possible to train and develop the speech apparatus.

In the first month and a half after birth, when mother and baby have to adjust the feeding process. The active use of the pacifier during this period can disrupt the natural mechanism of breastfeeding.

If the baby is upset about something, it is better to try to find out the reason for crying and soothe the baby in a natural way. By resorting to the use of nipples in this case, you are traumatizing the child’s psyche, because you ignore the true needs of your child.

When choosing dummies, there are subtleties that are not obvious to young parents. From the first time, determining the best option is not easy – and often you first need to try different options in order to understand which of them suits the child best.

Weight and size of the child. Typically, dummies are designed for ages 0–6 months (size A or 1), 6–12 months (B or 2) and from 12 to 18 months (C or 3) as the baby grows and his needs change.

The shape of the nipples can also vary. There are nipples with a round tip, the so-called “cherries”, with an oval tip – the classic “droplets” and orthodontic, ensuring the proper development of the baby’s jaw.

The latter have a long base and a sloping tip, imitating the shape of the mother’s nipple during feeding.

Dimensions of the holder. It should be big enough, but not too large, not have extra decorations and not irritate the delicate skin of the child.

Security. A dummy should not nibble, break or break apart.

Material. Latex teats are made from natural rubber.

They are elastic and soft, but they have a specific taste and smell that not all kids like. In addition, they are less durable.

The silicone teat will last longer. Silicone is a safe synthetic material that has no taste or smell, it is not allergic to it, even in sensitive children.

Manufacturer. Choosing a pacifier or a pacifier for the baby, it is better to purchase a thing of a famous brand – this guarantees quality and safety.

Design is another important selection criterion. Soothers are divided into day and night and differ from each other by the corresponding time of day characteristics. Day nipples are brighter and more fun, and, as a rule, they have comfortable rings that allow you to fix the nipple so as not to lose it during the walk.

The fewer items in the dummy, the safer it is for the baby. Night nipples are deprived of a ring that interferes with the baby’s sleep, some can glow in the dark – this helps the mother quickly find the lost pacifier.

Nagubnik. It must be cutouts for the nose and the holes on the sides – this protects the delicate skin around the mouth from diaper rash.

The scouter itself must be large enough so that the baby does not accidentally swallow the nipple.

Proper care of dummies is not difficult, but very important. Here are some tips:

  • The same nipple should be used no more than 2 months (ideally 5-6 weeks).
  • New nipple, before giving it to the baby, should be washed and boiled.
  • The nipple should be checked daily for cracks or other damage.

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