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Dreams come true: a trip to Disneyland

Dreams come true: a trip to Disneyland

Disneyland Paris is a whole magical kingdom. There are two theme parks: Disneyland and Walt Disney Studio.

And there and there a huge list of attractions – for three days only to get around. And (tested on children more than once) they cause the same delight, regardless of the complexity of the scenery and theme. Take a ride on a beautiful, though seemingly ordinary (carousel – it is a carousel), Lancelot carousel?

Everyone is ready at least ten times in a row. Probably horses are magic there.

A little bit it is: all handmade, and each is unique. Mad Hatter’s Cups? This is generally amazing – when you can still get into the cup.

And if it is also unleashed … To my surprise, all the boys rush through the Sleeping Beauty castle and Alice’s labyrinth from Wonderland with delight. And the girls squeal with delight in the boat, which wears on the waves of the Caribbean.

Guess what kind of attraction in question? Yes, about him, about “Pirates of the Caribbean” – the only one that was made not based on the cartoon or film of the Disney film studio, but itself served as an idea for the film projects of the same name. And with enthusiasm twist the wheel in Formula 1 racing.

And I tell you, the girl behind the wheel is cooler than the boy.

Well, there are plenty of opportunities to tickle your nerves, of course. And for all ages. The haunted house in Frontierland is so authentic that you forget that this is an attraction. And finally, a hit for fans of extreme sports – “Space Mountain” in Discoveryland.

Children for him were too small in height (you need to be at least 1 m 32 cm), but the adults have gone for a ride, and not just once. I, by the way, is not the first time they call on him. But no, somehow without me.

Out of control, the elevator in the Twilight Tower of Horror at Walt Disney Studio Park is also a win-win for those who fear nothing. At least until this tower enters.

Dreams come true: a trip to Disneyland

Dreams come true: a trip to Disneyland

Dreams come true: a trip to Disneyland

Dreams come true: a trip to Disneyland

The most magical season of the year begins here in November, so that as many visitors as possible plunge into the enchanting magic of the New Year holidays. Disneyland Paris hosts a 62-day New Year and Christmas celebration, from November 7, 2015 to January 7, 2016.

On Main Street, USA (Main Street, U.S.A.®), near the Sleeping Beauty Castle, it’s snowing every day. We, of course, are no strangers, but still the sensations are magical. Santa Claus is waiting for guests in Fantasy Land (Fantasyland) with Mickey Mouse.

And the princesses and princes, the heroes of the studio masterpieces talk about the magic of winter in new wonderful shows. After all, princesses and princes, like us, just love the New Year holidays.

In the special show “Royal Christmas Wishes” (Royal Christmas Wishes) we met with all our favorite characters: Aurora and Philip (“Sleeping Beauty”), Belle and the Beast (“The beauty and the Beast”), Ariel and Eric (“Mermaid”), Snow White and the Prince (“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”), Cinderella and the beautiful Prince (“Cinderella”), Rapunzel and Flynn (“Rapunzel: Complicated story”), Tiana and Navin (“The Princess and the Frog), Jasmine and Aladdin (“Aladdin “) – the children were absolutely delighted.

Dreams come true: a trip to Disneyland

Dreams come true: a trip to Disneyland

A fascinating Christmas parade – it’s just not to describe in words. We seem to be inside an endless fairy tale. Not to mention Anna and Elsa, who pass a carriage several times a day during the Royal Greeting show – this is a unique opportunity to see a living legend, a cartoon, over which the Disney studio team worked for more than 10 years.

One evening, our heroes took part in a photo shoot with Anna and Elsa, and here it should be noted that adults rushed to the set in front of the children.

Every evening, guests can join Mickey, Minnie and Santa Claus at the magical New Year tree. Finally, at the end of a wonderful day, we enjoyed the New Year’s version of the show. Disney Dreams® near Sleeping Beauty Castle: stunning special effects, video projections of your favorite heroes on the castle walls and enchanting fireworks in the night sky.

Dreams come true: a trip to Disneyland

Dreams come true: a trip to Disneyland

Dreams come true: a trip to Disneyland

Dreams come true: a trip to Disneyland

One evening, our young winner, 7-year-old Roland, was invited to the “Academy of the Jedi,” where he underwent a short course of an intergalactic warrior. And not just received a diploma.

Before that, he had the honor to fight on stage with Darth Vader himself. Of course, Darth Vader was defeated, the Galaxy was saved, and after that you could enjoy a gala dinner, to which our winners were invited.

And the next day, to devote some time to shopping – the benefit of the shops here in abundance. This time I took a large suitcase with me.

And what’s the point – the Jedi Sword bought by the son did not fit there! I had to drag under the arm of the plane.

Editorial thanks to Disneyland® Paris for help in organizing a magical trip.

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