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Dreaming of dad for Nicoletta

Dreaming of dad for Nicoletta

HAPPY PARENTS Oksana, what is more important for you professionally: acting or design? OKSANA SKAKUN Of course, acting, although, until I entered the St. Petersburg Theater Academy, I was not even an actress.

From the age of 14 she worked at a modeling agency, only there she no longer feared the stage and, with a light hand, the director decided to go to the theater, where she entered the first time. When I saw how many talented actors were around, for a long time I could not believe that I was among them …

S.R. And when they realized that it was yours? OXANA SKAKUN In another profession, I don’t see myself, although that student’s surprise doesn’t go to this day …

S.R. And what is closer to you – theater or cinema?

OKSANA SKAKUN When I graduated from the Academy, I was immediately invited to the theater, and after just a few days, I was invited to play the main role in the film Answer me, where I played with Valery Nikolayev. I chose a movie and had to leave the theater because I was given a choice. She worried for a long time, because on the stage, of course, there are completely different emotions than on the set … But now in my life there is more theater than a movie, although I have time to do it.

Recently, for example, she finished her work in a very interesting author’s film “Soon it will all end,” which deals with the relations that have developed between Ukraine and Russia today.

S.R. And in such a rich creative life also find a place for design?

OKSANA SKAKUN When my daughter was born, I thought that everything, life was over, I was left alone with a child in her arms. Whether it will be invited to the cinema or not will be unknown. What to do?

And then just one friend from St. Petersburg, a designer who always liked me picking up clothes, suggested that I create my own collection. And I decided.

From scratch she learned to draw, cut, sew. Now I create also collections, I sew under the order.

S.R. And How? Can you live for it?

OXANA SKAKUN Even this is not the case. I would have time to go to the theater for a rehearsal and be in a movie. Design is a hobby that gives me a special pleasure.

So nice to understand that you gave a man joy. Especially great to create outfits for the most important events in life: weddings and weddings.

And besides, as a mother, I need to leave time for the child.

S.R. Oksana, how is it that you educate Nicolette alone?

OKSANA SKAKUN According to the history of my life, you can write a script for the movie. William, Nicolette’s dad, Frenchman.

We met in Thailand, where I went with my girlfriend. Then they parted, but continued to communicate: they called up and corresponded. It was in March.

In September, my friend and I went to Italy, and from there to France. There they met again with William … And everything began to turn. He divorced his wife and sincerely told how he respects her (although this was a lie, I later learned that because of the difficult relationship with him on the basis of eternal worries, she fell ill with cancer) and does not want to injure her children with divorce.

For the first six months, everything was fine with us, and then he began to be jealous of me. First I demanded that I should not communicate with anyone on social networks, then – so that I would give up a movie. Difficulties began, although in spite of everything together we were four years old.

We lived in two countries: I came to him in France, then he lived in Russia. 2011 William was supposed to meet with me in St. Petersburg.

He arrived, but because of his jealousy, he scandals every now and then, collected his suitcase several times and left for the airport. And then he called me and asked me to take him back.

On December 25, he collected the suitcase for the fifth time, left and, of course, called me again: “Take me away!” But this time I said: “No.”

I think it is precisely this refusal, and even on Catholic Christmas, I still cannot forgive William. After that, our relationship began to deteriorate rapidly. William began to behave very incorrectly, wrote in the networks of nastiness … However, soon it stopped just as abruptly as it began.

By the time I moved to Moscow and was alone in a huge city. And then I realized that, despite nothing, I love him. And, as is typical of women, gave him a second chance.

We decided to start all over again: I came to him, ready for the family to quit his career. We decided to have a child, get married, even submitted an application to the consulate.

Having gotten pregnant, I really quit my profession, sold a car that I took on a loan for 5 years, told my mother that I was leaving for France, asking her to come to help me when the child was born. Everything was fine until, on the 4th month of pregnancy, William and I did not go to rest on the sea, where I met a Russian 19-year-old girl from Kursk.

And on his return to France hell began. Our relationship deteriorated, for two months I cried without stopping.

Once in the heat of the moment she said that I would go for an abortion, to which I received the answer: “Go!” This was a shock for me. I thought that a person would appreciate that for his sake I gave up the profession I had gone to for so long, left my native country, learned French, and he … He gave me, for example, a SIM card that I only called him to call A friend who lived in France could not be called.

When I asked to take a walk along the embankment together, he took me to the coast, left me alone, and he left to play tennis. Every day I became more and more convinced that foreigners did not have such a generous soul like those of the Russians.

Not only are men and women different from each other like aliens, and here is also a foreigner! As a result, I left for Russia to give birth to Russia, where the doctors treated me with much more attention than in France. And William … He did not object to my departure, drove to the airport, put 2 huge suitcases, which I myself had to drag up to the baggage racks up the huge stairs, and departed.

I confess that I hoped that he would come to his senses, would come to me in St. Petersburg to give birth. And he went to the girl from Kursk, with whom we met at sea. And then everything became even worse: she began to write to me that William is not the father of my child, and demand that I forget him …

Dreaming of dad for Nicoletta

S.R. Have you seen William yet?

OKSANA SKAKUN A year after the birth of Nicoletta, we came to him in the hope that William would come to its senses and her daughter would have a father. He again demanded that I come out of social networks, did not communicate with anyone.

He said that he did not like this Natasha from Kursk … And again it did not work out. The last time we met was when my daughter was one and a half years old, and in all 4 years I had not received a single penny from him.

In the column “fatherhood” we have a blank, although I even made a DNA test for my money – he gave the biomaterial. Having learned the result, William said that I had bribed doctors, because the test was carried out in Russia.

S.R. What supported and supports you in such a difficult situation? OKSANA SKAKUN In the most difficult moments I think about my daughter and I live so that she has everything.

Yes, and I try to take care of myself: William’s first wife fell ill with cancer during a divorce, and this was a lesson to me. Here’s how you can bring yourself nerves and experiences! For the first year and a half after the birth of Nicolette, I felt a black hole grow inside me.

With each conversation, William destroyed me more and more. But at one point I revised a lot and pulled myself together. Lucky there was a job.

Nicole turned 3 months old when we flew together to a shooting in Cyprus. I could not leave her at home because I was breastfeeding.

But she tried not to disturb her once again, and when she went to the site, she stayed in the hotel.

Two years ago I moved to Moscow and started a new life: I am shooting a film, once again began to go out on the theater stage. I play in the comedy “Today or Never”, the premiere tour of which is scheduled from September.

I work with all my might, I think that now Nicole should be given to tennis, to the gym. William has other concerns.

S.R. Can we say that this person is in the past?

OKSANA SKAKUN I let go of this situation, I don’t think about William as a man for a long time. But about the child because there is no other dad. And I want him to be in the life of our daughter.

If he comes to his senses one day and calls me, for Nicole’s sake, I will communicate with him.

On the other hand, if William recognizes Nicolette, there is a risk that he will want to take it away. I am very afraid of this and am not yet ready to sue him with the recognition of paternity.

And this fear so far overcomes my desire for Nick to be a legitimate child.

S.R. And if Nicoletta asks about dad? OKSANA SKAKUN She asks every day.

I answer that he lives very far away. But my daughter knows that if I do not speak Russian by phone, it means that I communicate with my dad.

Recently, I began to ask her to give her a phone, I did not give it, she began to cry. I asked if she remembers dad. To which Nicole replied: “Yes, I recently saw him in a newspaper.”

My heart sank! It hurts and insulting.

But both of us both wanted our girl. D really need a dad.

S.R. Tell us about Nicoletta. Does she go to kindergarten?

OXANA SKAKUN Will only go in September. It turns out that even a single mother is very difficult to arrange a child in a kindergarten if she moved from another city. No benefits, nothing is provided!

It’s good that I have a mother, but I don’t even imagine how I could cope. To arrange Nicolas in kindergarten, I had to put a lot of effort.

I do not complain, but this question in our country is somehow not thought out. Previously engaged in artistic gymnastics, while a break, but maybe in the fall back.

We also have music education plans. Even if my daughter does not go my way, these lessons will be useful to her in the future.

And recently we became interested in tennis, while “training” at home with a children’s racket.

S.R. Does Nicolette have any prerequisites for the acting profession? OKSANA SKAKUN In my opinion, there is.

She has an expressive character, she loves to dance, plays entire miniatures. And this is not a crook, it depicts well.

And, most importantly, the daughter herself says that she wants to become a clown.

S.R. And what difficulties in education? OXANA SKAKUN Nicoletta active, restless.

It is impossible to set her to read a book – and she cannot sit for a minute, she starts to fidget. But she likes to do tasks from books. The most difficult thing in her upbringing is probably the fact that I often have to leave.

Because of this, sometimes I feel not like a mom, but a dad who does not raise a child, but pampers when he returns from a business trip. Fortunately, mom helps me in her upbringing. But Nicolette clearly lacks the real daddy’s solid word.

In my opinion, the girl needs it even more than the boy. Although I can also be quite strict.

And she has responsibilities: to clean her room before bedtime, folding toys and outfits into place.

S.R. What would you like to wish for yourself and your family in the future? OKSANA SKAKUN Love.

And work, of course. I would very much like in our family there appeared a man with a capital letter, who would become not just my husband, but a friend, a loved one, and certainly a real dad Nicolette. And I still dream about children …

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