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Don’t play toys

Don't play toys

During summer walks in the park, develop coordination, agility and balance in the baby. Having found a fallen tree in the park, play with the child in the climbing bear cubs, jump like bunnies, through shallow and narrow grooves, throw cones into the hole or into the hollow. When you meet a very small stump, show how you can jump off it, and invite the kid to do it.

Children are afraid of new actions, take the child by the hand and do everything together.

You can perfectly play on the shore of a pond or stream. For example, throwing pebbles into the water at a distance.

You can rest while your baby is messing with clay and sand. Let sculpts in your pleasure! Do not scold the child, worrying that he gets dirty.

Getting acquainted with different materials by touch, children get a new invaluable experience.

Rest on the beach is useful and enjoyable. Playing with water, the kids calm down, often cease to be capricious: the water calms, relaxes, unlocks the child, relieves muscle tension. And just gives a lot of joy.

And sand games attract children, because here they are boundless rulers. You can build cities, destroy palaces, and at the same time no one shouts: “You again broke an expensive toy!” Besides, sand gives new priceless tactile sensations.

You will first have to organize sand constructions yourself, invent new forms and do most of the work, only eventually giving the kid more and more initiative. And to make this game even more useful, for example, bring plush and plastic animals to the beach. Say: “We have animals, but they have no place to live.

Poor little animals! What is to be done? ”A child of one and a half or two years will guess that it is necessary to build houses for animals.

We can recall that the town for animals is called a “zoo”.

Don't play toys

Hidden treasure (for children over 1 year). Make small bags from colored paper and masking tape (envelopes can be used), in each place a shell, a flower, etc.

Dig them in a small square of clean, dry sand. First, bury it in front of the child, and when he gets used to it, bury the “treasure” so that he does not see it. Ask the child to dig in the sand and look for the hidden.

Help him open the bags and together look at the “treasures” hidden in them. Let the baby touch them. The leaves and flowers, of course, will crease, the branches will bend, the shells may break.

So the child will recognize the properties of objects: hardness, plasticity, fragility, etc.

Water Trickles develop perception. In the cork of a plastic bottle, make a hole, dial the water in the bottle. Drive a bottle over the sand, drawing different shapes with a stream: a Christmas tree, a ball, a house.

First, the mother draws, and the baby guesses, then vice versa. You can also “draw” by typing in a handful of dry or wet sand. Start with simple things, like the track.

Think up and tell the baby where she leads. Then go to the projects more difficult.

Sand wonders. In the ground or wet sand dig a shallow winding groove, a small “river”.

With a stick at the bottom make small depressions, build dams from stones and twigs. Let the child pour a bucket of water into the ditch. Water is quickly absorbed into the bottom of the “river”.

What will be the surprise of the child when he sees that the water has disappeared.

Next to next Show your baby how his finger leaves a mark on the sand.

Demonstrate that the track on the wet sand lasts longer than on the dry. Place handprints and feet of mother and baby near, compare them, name which imprint is big and which one is small.

Make prints of other items.

In case of rainy weather, you can stock up on dry sand in advance, and then arrange a “beach game” at home. For example, sand castle on paper (for children over 3 and a half years).

Take a bucket of clean and dry sand. Draw a lock on thick paper with your child. Ask your baby to paint the sky.

Apply a layer of glue to the surface of the lock. Suggest a child using a scoop to sprinkle it with sand.

Wait for the glue to dry. And then let the child pour the excess sand into the bucket – on your sheet of paper there will be a sand castle.

Don't play toys

A country or village plot is a great place for simple educational games that even a grandmother and grandfather can play with a baby.

Playing Spike to Spikelet will teach your baby to compare items by size. You can play it when you need to harvest and at the same time need something to take the child. Ask the child to help.

Determine the scope of work – sorting the crop. Let the baby lays out large and small berries in different bowls.

To prevent the berries from being crushed, pour water into bowls.

The game Homemade coloring contributes to the development of motor skills and coordination of movements. On the ground or sand, together with the baby, circle the outline of a plant telling about it.

Then the kid shades the outline with a wand, while the adult calmly goes about his business.

Game What grows in the garden helps to develop attention. Suitable for children 2.5–3 years old.

Mom throws the ball to the kid and calls any plant, fruit or vegetable he knows. If this plant grows with the grandmother in the garden, the baby catches the ball, if it does not grow, it does not.

Or the mother calls the plant, throws the ball, and the child has to throw the ball back, calling another plant.

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