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Doctor, is this normal?

Doctor, is this normal?

Not all sorts of discomfort means a threat to pregnancy, and therefore the first thing that is required of the future mother at a critical moment is not to panic and not aggravate the pain with your experiences.

Chest pain.

A feeling of tension, pain or tingling can appear as early as the first weeks after conception – so the mammary glands react to a sharp surge of hormones. Within a month, as soon as the hormonal balance improves, everything will pass.

Choose an appropriately sized cotton bra without “seeds”, which will not compress the breast, but, on the contrary, envelop and support it.

Lower back pain and sacrum.

These sensations often appear in the second half of pregnancy due to the increasing load on the spine. Discomfort increases while walking.

In order not to aggravate the problem, from the 20th week begin to wear a bandage; watch your posture and keep your back straight; sleep on an orthopedic or at least not too soft mattress; lie down for a rest during the day, stay on all fours for 2–3 minutes.

Unpleasant sensations in the center of the abdomen.

If they occur in or above the navel, it is most likely associated with the stomach or intestines. Problems with the stomach during pregnancy appear due to the fact that under the action of hormones the tone of the muscles of the intestine is weakened and the rhythm of digestion slows down.

In the 2nd half of pregnancy, this may also occur due to the fact that the growing uterus puts pressure on the digestive organs.

Tension in the lower abdomen.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, at about the 29th – 32nd week, women can sometimes notice that the uterus is tense and the abdomen becomes “tight”. Experienced mothers will notice that these sensations are similar to light contractions, but differ from them in that they last only a few seconds, do not cause pain and occur irregularly, up to 8–10 times a day.

So the body is gradually preparing for the birth of the baby, and the muscles and ligaments soften under the action of the hormone relaxin.

Doctor, is this normal?

When a woman waits for a baby for the first time, unfamiliar sensations may give her a lot of anxiety. On the one hand, it is impossible to let the situation take its course, but even panic can serve the expectant mother not the best service.

Only a doctor can dispel your anxiety – do not hesitate to contact him, and if you cannot meet with your doctor, do not hesitate to call Ambulance.

Pain and tension in the lower abdomen.

It is worth to consult a doctor if such sensations occur at any stage of pregnancy. At the very beginning of the pain and discomfort reminiscent of feelings during menstruation, it may later look like regular contractions.

Most often, the threat of termination of pregnancy or premature birth is manifested. And although the cause of unpleasant sensations can be completely harmless (the abdominal muscles and ligaments supporting the uterus stretch; the bowels ache due to constipation), a visit to the doctor does not hurt, because only a doctor after examination and examination can recognize the threat of abortion.

Severe pain in the lower abdomen.

It always requires the immediate intervention of doctors, especially if accompanied by bleeding. The causes of this condition can be many: for example, an ectopic pregnancy (in the first trimester), a miscarriage that began (up to 22 weeks), premature birth (from 23 to 37 weeks).

Pricking and distention in the lower abdomen, in the vagina and rectum.

These feelings arising in the middle of pregnancy can be signs of cervical problems: when it opens up even without regular contractions and does not perform its “locking” function. Be sure to consult your doctor for examination and ultrasound.

Sharp pain on the right side between the navel and the thigh.

If it is also accompanied by fever, nausea, diarrhea – in front of us is a picture of appendicitis. Most likely, the expectant mother will need surgery – but she should not be afraid, because neither the intervention itself, nor the anesthesia will affect the course of the pregnancy and the baby’s well-being.

Doctor, is this normal?

Severe pain in the lumbar region, often on the right or on both sides, sometimes extending to the leg or groin, may be accompanied by difficulties with a “small toilet” and an increase in temperature.

So either pyelonephritis (inflammation of the kidney), or urolithiasis, when the stone is infringed in the pelvis of the kidney or ureter. Call a doctor as soon as possible to quickly relieve ureteral spasm and inflammation.

If the previous pregnancy ended with a cesarean section or in the past a woman was removed large nodes of fibroids, you should be careful about the unpleasant sensations in the uterus, especially in the 2nd half of pregnancy. Pain when a child moves, pain in one area of ​​the uterus (or at one point), nausea, sweating, pain “under the spoon” require immediate treatment to the doctor.

Such sensations can occur if the scar began to diverge – as the doctors say, it became “insolvent”. If doctors suspect the future mother of such a diagnosis, she will be asked to go to the hospital.

If you are taken aback by severe pain, immediately consult a doctor or call an ambulance. Before the arrival of the doctors, you can drink 2 pills of no-shpa and be sure to lie down.

Other painkillers should not be taken, otherwise you may alleviate the symptoms and it will be more difficult for the doctor to understand the situation.

To make the correct diagnosis, it is important for doctors to know when and how often pain occurs, how long it lasts, what causes it and, conversely, when relief comes.

The doctor thinks you need to go to the hospital for a while? Do not refuse: sometimes only the time spent treatment helps to keep the pregnancy.

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