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Do not let yourself get cold: 10 games with a child outside during the cold season

Do not let yourself get cold: 10 games with a child outside during the cold season

With snow, and, especially, ice slides, it is interesting to even just slide. On sleds, on “plates”, on snow-scooters, “cheesecakes”, cardboard boxes, fifth point … Yes, on anything!

And, to make it even more interesting, you can come up with rules.

Descending on a traditional sled from a hill in various postures: backwards, standing on them and holding the rope, lying down, and also two by two, three by three … Just as we fit!

If there are two lanes on the mountain for the descent, then you can arrange a competition: on the distance or on the speed of descent.

It is interesting to build light gates from bent thin sticks over the descent, in front of which it is necessary to bend down to continue the path.

You can install along the slide obstacles in the form of children’s pins or plastic bottles stuck on the sides of the descent into the snow. Players must snatch the most of them right while moving down.

The one who takes the sticks out more wins. Or play “tobogganing”, setting the pins so that they can go round.

Having built an improvised target on the sides of the track and, blinding snowballs, players can arrange a “sled biathlon”. During the descent, “biathletes” need to get snowballs taken with them on targets.

Points are counted, the winner is the one with the highest number.

Old Russian fun. Before, before the television, it was not the children who fought at all, but adults, in whole armies. Sometimes women defended, men attacked, but mostly the troops were mixed.

In the course were homemade guns, as well as brooms and shovels, were used undermining. Even horses!

Instead of boiling water, mountains of snow were poured out of the vats and shot with blank cartridges.

So, the first part of the game is construction. The walls can be folded from large lumps of snow.

One rounded shelter wall or a large, ready-made snowdrift in which holes are made – loopholes can become a fortress. And, if desired, and if there are skillful hands, you can build a structure and larger, with towers, loopholes and defensive structures.

Then the participants are divided into two teams: the defenders and the attackers. But before you start the battle, the rules of warfare are stipulated. What is the attacker’s goal?

Sometimes it is to reset the flag, mounted on the fortress. Or just climb into it.

Or completely destroy. After the rules are set, teams prepare stocks of snowballs and the battle begins.

(Picnic – because this snack is shorter than the summer one. It’s cold!) In order to have an appetite for a snack outside in the winter, it is not necessary to go out of town. You can even get in the yard, and better in the park.

First, play the games that are written above and below, and then have a snack. In order for nobody to freeze anything, it is necessary to take thick seats from the house (for example, folded blankets).

Not bad, if there is a folding tourist table. And if it is not there, then the table can also be made from scrap materials, that is, from snow.

From it, you can also build chairs, covering them with “seats”. And do not forget the tablecloth (more tightly), napkins and a pair of table candles – aesthetics, above all!

To keep the food warm until the moment of feasting, tightly wrap hot sandwiches and cakes in foil, then in a warm cloth or put them in a thermo bag, take thermoses with drinks. In the sports shops special heating pads for hands are sold, it is also reasonable to take them with you.

Enjoy your meal!

Do not let yourself get cold: 10 games with a child outside during the cold season

The game takes place on a small hill, from which it is not dangerous to fall. But which, meanwhile, in one moment to climb will not work!

Such a slide can be, for example, a large snowdrift.

The game is divided into two stages. At the first stage, all the participants rush up to the mountain; those who fit in first – that is the “king of the mountains”.

But the fastest one can climb, but, behold, only the most clever, strong and desperate will be able to hold on. The goal of the game is to stay on the top of the mountain for as long as possible (or a specific time, for example, 5 minutes). The game can be played both by teams with an equal number of players – with a large number of players, and by a single “king” against several attackers.

At the command of the attackers amicably climb the mountain. The defenders (or one “king”) are defending themselves with all their might — with snowballs and jerks (but not with their feet).

The player who overthrew the “king” rises to his full height on the hill and shouts: “I am the king of the mountain!”. And the game begins again, with the new king.

Playing on an ice slide adds excitement, speed, but also risk, so it’s worth playing only for guys after 10 years and under adult supervision.

A game for the little ones so that they do not freeze. The task of an adult: to learn poems for the game. You can play with a group of kids or with one child.

At the beginning of the game, children run around the playground, jump, have fun – they depict bunnies. Then, at the command of the leader, all players must sit down on the cards, and the leader reads the poem.

The little white hare is sitting And moving his ears. So, so, He moves his ears.

The kids along with the host raise their hands to their heads and move them like ears.

Zaika is cold to sit, It is necessary to warm the sweetie. Clap-clap, clap-clap, It is necessary to warm the little ones.

Children on the last words get up, begin to rub and clap their palms, and on the shoulders as if they are warming themselves.

Zaika is cold to stand, It is necessary to hare to jump. Skok-galk, gallop-gallop, It is necessary for the hare to jump.

On the last words, the players start jumping in one place.

Bear hare scared. Bunny jumped … and rode away.

The presenter “scares” the children, depicting an evil, clumsy bear, and the children scatter.

The old Russian game is a lightweight version of hockey. Only without ice and skates.

You can also do without the sticks, replacing them with hooked sticks and without a washer, finding a suitable ice-piece instead.

You can play, if there are at least 3 people, on any flat and trodden snow surface with a diameter of at least 8-9 m, better fenced, but not necessary. In the center of the site are drawn “gate” in the form of a circle. At the very center of it, a hole is made with a diameter of 20-30 cm – this is the boiler.

Around him is another bigger circle. Around this circle (at a distance of 2 m from it) make the holes smaller – by the number of players around the circle. The watchman is selected.

He, being in a larger circle, is guarding the smaller one, that is, the “cauldron” itself. The goal of other players is to drive the ice into the “cauldron” with the help of sticks or clubs.

The goal of the watchman is not only to protect the central “cauldron”, but also, if possible, to throw a puck into the holes of the players. Anyone who manages to score a goal in the central hole the fastest, turns into a watchman.

Fun game in which you can play everything from young to old. The main thing is to have as many participants as possible. In the center of the site they make a snow globe – smaller or larger – depends on the number of players.

All the players stand around him and move in a dance, holding hands. It will be more fun if you sing. Each of the players trying to push the neighbors on the ball.

The one who touches the ball with any part of the body, and, moreover, falls on it, is eliminated from the game.

Do not let yourself get cold: 10 games with a child outside during the cold season

A game for the little ones. Along the edges of any trodden area, the boundaries of two houses are outlined, in one of which players gather. Leading, he’s Frost – Red Nose, stands in the middle of the site and says:

– I am Frost – Red nose, I freeze all indiscriminately. I will deal with everyone soon I will deal with everyone soon, Who will be decided now To set off on a long journey!

– We are not afraid of threats And we are not afraid of frost!

Now the task of the players is to run to another house, and the task of Moroz is to catch up and freeze the participant. Whom he touched with his hand, he should stand still.

Wins the one who did not freeze.

Another option involves a greater number of players and the presence of two Santa Clauses: the Red Nose and the Blue Nose. Standing in the middle of the ground facing the children, they say:

– We are two young brothers, Two frost were removed, I am Frost – Red nose, I am Frost – Blue nose. Who among you will decide To go on the road?

After an appropriate response, the players move to another house, and both Frost is trying to freeze them.

The game can vary in different levels of difficulty and preparation time.

For older children will have to and prepare longer. By the way, this fun can be timed to the birthday, for example, especially if it is celebrated in a country house with its own plot.

However, in a familiar courtyard you can play well.

For children who already know how to read, adults need to make a map describing the path to the treasure and with hints. The treasure should be of itself, something more or less valuable for children: candy, toys. “Treasure” is packed in a waterproof package and buried in a secret place.

The task of parents to remember where he is hidden!

For kids, you can do without a map, marking the territory with clues and arrows. Or, following from one label to another, guess riddles to the children, the answer to which is the key to the next label.

Tips can be thought out, either for the development of erudition, or just fun or useful for the body – “hot-cold”, make a snow angel, three steps to the right and one forward, etc. Or you can hide the tips in balloons or boxes-jars .

Also write letters, numbers, mathematical examples or something else on them. The main thing is to focus on the knowledge of your child.

We play on a well-trodden ground. Depending on the number of players, in the center, a low roller of snow, draws a circle.

Playing from 3 to 12 people, a circle – up to 5 meters. Also preparing a fair amount of snowballs, which are molded together and put in a bag, and preferably in a basket.

Chooses one lead – bouncer. He is outside the circle, and the snowballs are made just for him.

The remaining participants are located inside the circle. On command, the bouncer takes a basket with snowballs and, moving along the circle, tries to knock out the players in the circle with “shells”. And they are trying to dodge.

The first knocked out is preparing to become the next bouncer, but the current one, to finish the game, it is necessary to knock everyone out.

And from the snow you can:

  • to build fortresses – we build and destroy;
  • to roll snowballs – who will make the biggest;
  • to sculpt snowmen, snow figures, snow figures and letters, snow dishes, labyrinths;
  • paint snow figures with colorful gouache, dress snowmen in funny clothes and accessories;
  • to turn the snow figures into ice, drenching them in the evening with water;
  • to make ice colored ornaments in molds to decorate the Christmas tree in the yard;
  • to make lanterns, setting candles in the turrets of several snowballs made together.

Parents! Do not forget that when you are driving a child on a sled, he most of all likes the moment of sudden braking, even dropping into the snow!

… And in the sled you can harness pets, that is, dogs of large and not too large breeds.

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