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Do not be shy: 5 most intimate questions of the child

Do not be shy: 5 most intimate questions of the child

Sometimes the curiosity of the baby goes so far that it confuses even the most cold-blooded adult. In this situation, it is important to understand: sooner or later, “immodest” questions will overtake any parent.

And it is better to be prepared for them in advance.

When receiving an intimate question from a child, psychologists advise you to adhere to the following plan of action:

– do not panic, blush or mumble;

– to leave tales about “cabbage” and “stork” – to speak only the truth;

– explain as simply as possible, adapt the information to the child’s age.

So, before you 5 most “awkward” children’s questions and answers to them.

How did the baby get into mom’s stomach?

You should not hope that the classic children’s question “Where do children come from?” Will bypass you. If the family is waiting for the second baby, the growing mother’s belly will hardly remain unnoticed by the little pet pudding.

Be prepared for the fact that one day the child will ask to tell him in detail how exactly his future brother or sister turned out to be there.

What to say? The younger child is likely to be satisfied with the answer that “The little one was made together by the mother and the father” or “The father gave the mother a seed called sperm.

This seed helped the cell inside mom grow into a child. ” If the child requires details, it is better to provide them. Otherwise, someone else will do it.

And, perhaps, in expressions that you are unlikely to like. The main thing in this case is not to be embarrassed. If the words of the vagina and penis are hard to get out of your mouth, do everything possible so that the child does not notice.

If parents are embarrassed to talk about such, in essence, natural things, then the child will perceive them as something inappropriate. A calm explanation, on the contrary, will help everyone to quickly switch to another topic.

Why does mom have such a big butt?

Children spend a lot of time comparing themselves with adults. And their care can only be envied.

You should not regard such questions as offensive – the child did not want to offend you at all. Your baby just made an observation and voiced it in the expressions available to him.

What to say? You can answer this question like this: “When girls turn into women, their figure is rounded.” Or joke: “It is very comfortable and soft to sit on such a pope!”

Why does dad have a penis more than me?

Obviously, size does matter, even if you are only five! Already by the age of four, children have completed the so-called sexual identity identification.

At this moment, the child already knows exactly what sex he belongs to and how he (or she) differs from the opposite sex. It is quite natural that the boys identify themselves with their fathers and try to figure out why they look different.

What to say? Although the penis question is capable of confusing any mother, here you can be resourceful and answer like this: “Your penis grows just like your arms, legs, or other parts of your body.

As a dad is an adult, all parts of his body are bigger than you are now. ”

What is the rope (gasket) at my mother’s legs?

Often, small children accompany mom everywhere, even in the toilet. And sometimes it is impossible to hide from them the material evidence of my mother’s critical days.

Unfamiliar feminine hygiene items, of course, raise many questions. If the child insists, it is better to tell him how it is, without going into unnecessary physiological details.

What to say? “Adult women are bleeding once a month, but it doesn’t hurt at all. This means that a woman can have a child. ”

If a child older than this explanation is not enough, you can add: “In the stomach of a woman every month a cell matures. If she meets the seed of the pope, the child is born.

If not, it comes out with blood. ”

Why do moms have a mustache in their lower abdomen?

Indeed, for all children, without exception, the topic of vegetation on the body is of great interest. And they want to know more about it. As, however, and adults.

Incredibly, even in the 21st century, scientists still cannot say with 100% accuracy why a person has pubic and axillary hair. According to one theory, they protect the reproductive organs from cold, dust and dirt.

Another argues that the whole thing is in a pheromone-saturated sweat that is secreted by the human body throughout the reproductive period of its life. From the surface of the hair, sweat evaporates more intensively, emitting a strong odor, which is designed to attract individuals of the opposite sex.

What to say? Nowadays, when almost all body hair is considered undesirable, it may be difficult to answer this children’s question.

Indeed, one woman may differ in dense vegetation, while the other – not have a single hair on her body. You can say: “The more mature a person is, the more hair on his body appears.

When you grow up, you will have them too. ” It can be added that adults often remove body hair to make it easier for them to maintain hygiene and maintain cleanliness.

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