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Dirty? No, explorer!

Dirty? No, explorer!

Tired of watching your little child once again upset the chair, how pencils are scattered out of the box in his hands, how a kefir stream runs like a picture on the floor, you start thinking about its agility. Maybe its development is late?

Maybe it does not develop at all, but is degrading?

The opposite is true: he is no longer the baby you fed with a small spoon. He wants to get personal life experience: he has to wipe his dirty hands on his pants and, occasionally, crush a piece of banana with his sleeve — not maliciously, but just to see what happens. Do not be nervous!

This is a natural process of knowing the surrounding reality.

Agree, if we buy children plates on suckers and non-spill cups, a piece of peace within our kitchen will surely become cleaner, but does the child find out that the soup is liquid and easy to spill, that waving his hands overturns food on the floor, that the fork is prickly ?
Once again, the repeated explanation cannot be compared with the ability to touch, try and do it yourself. At this age, children develop sensorimotor intelligence, it can be said that the organ of intelligence in a child up to three years old is the hand, it is through it that the objects and their properties are perceived, the methods of action with them are learned, and it is the hand that teaches the eye and the brain.

Do not rush and do not customize the baby.

Dirty? No, explorer!

In no case do not need to humiliate the child with offensive words: “Spilled tea again! A bungler! ”“ You will never be able to put something beautiful on – you are muddy! ”- children are very inspired and try to match what adults think and say about them.

While waiting for the baby to mature, help him develop agility. Offer finger games, constructor games, or engage in productive activities: depending on age, this could be drawing, modeling from clay and plasticine, and applique. For the development of fine motor skills and finger dexterity, sorting is suitable: for example, you can put nuts of various sizes, cereals into cups.

Older children will be interested to see which figures – houses, Christmas trees, the sun – can be put out of matches or counting sticks.

Give children space for “smudging.” Spread old wallpaper on the floor in the kitchen, dress up in work clothes for artists that are not afraid of dirt, and paint with paints.
If, despite the large expanses of wallpaper, the walls and the table will be painted, be sure to attract the kid to wash the paint, and this process should not be a punishment for soiled things, on the contrary, it should be organized no less fun than the drawing itself. Most children’s paints, such as finger or watercolor on honey, are easily washed off.

Share these moments with the child, and learning will go much more efficiently.

Dirty? No, explorer!

With a smile, looking straight into your eyes, he plunges his hands into a vegetable stew. And this after the clean baby just left the bathroom!

In part, this behavior is really a provocation, although it is not a question of purposeful impudence, rather, your child is trying to find the limits of what is permitted.

From one to three years, children go through two crises – the crisis of 1 year and the famous crisis of the three-year-olds “I myself” – for some of them, almost the entire period turns into a stage of disobedience: the kid seemed to set a goal to do only what was forbidden. For moms, this situation is a test of strength and patience.

But even if the kid managed to ruffle you and irritation got the best, do not blame yourself – there are no ideal parents, as well as perfect children.
Take your time, patiently explain to the child the meaning of your requirements again and again. And if the baby’s mouth after breakfast is smeared in cottage cheese, do not shout and swear. It is better to give him a mirror in his hands and ask him to guess what he needs to do now.

By the way, in the matter of teaching to cleanliness and order, do not forget to follow your appearance.

Dirty? No, explorer!

Alternately or all together, the bread, napkin and spoon are on the floor. A minute later, an apple is sent there as well, and all the hands of the kid have reached.

Even in the infancy period, the child has the first, first very simple, manipulations with objects. They are necessary for the development of children’s perception. Gradually, the pussy begins to notice that its objective actions bring about a result: for example, if you hit a rattle on the table, you will hear a sound, if you drop the object, it will be far away.

Kids with pleasure repeat actions again and again, watching the result.
Childhood trauma – food Despite the advantage of manipulating, if a baby throws food on the floor, stop it and switch attention to more acceptable game options, for example, by giving a crumbs box with a lid and a few small items. In addition, it is possible that the child simply does not want to eat and it is better to let him go from the table until the next feeding.

Rest assured, when children are truly hungry, they will eat, rather than smear food on the table.

Dirty? No, explorer!

Previously, you imagined what kind of balanced and calm mother you would become, but each time you are enraged by him, to put it mildly, not the best look. The behavior of the baby makes you think that you are a bad mother.

Do not blame and condemn yourself for the fact that your crumbs dirty pants or he smeared with porridge. Ask yourself if you demand a lot from your baby?

By preventing a child from learning and experimenting (which, by the way, is impossible without little trouble), we keep him in a state of dependence on ourselves.

Try some time to live on the principle of “trivia! It’s something everyday. ”

After all, oddly enough, not only children, but most adults consider Carlson and Tiny, despite their petty hooliganism, to be positive characters, and Tiny’s parents to be “correct” people, but boring and boring.

Wear an old jumpsuit when you are going to go to the park and you know that the baby will necessarily run in the sandbox.

Dirty? No, explorer!

While your child has not grown to the statements “I will not wear it for anything!”, Take a moment to dress the baby easier. Be sure to bring replaceable gloves.

When the baby is very wet, reasonably and firmly explain why you have to go home:

“You have all your pants wet and in the mud. So you can catch a cold, besides it is ugly.

We’ll have to spend time walking back home and dressing up. ”

In addition, if your baby has recently begun to walk, and on a walk he falls, lies down on the ground, bends his legs when you try to lift him, perhaps he is just tired. Swing on a swing or ride a crumb in a stroller.

And finally, remind yourself sometimes that, according to psychologists, the fear of getting dirty and aversion to any kind of dirt can be an indicator of a child’s psychological problems – his tightness, constraint, lack of inner freedom. Rejoice that your child is not threatened at all.

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