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Diet of the Holy Mountain Athos

We offer you excerpts from the book and some secrets of the “Mount Athos diet”.

Diet of the Holy Mountain Athos

Diet of the Holy Mountain Athos

“For a week in the monastery, I effortlessly lost almost a kilogram.” For the whole month, three days a week, I excluded meat and dairy products from the diet, and on other days I tried not to overeat.

Surprisingly, keeping a vegan diet for three days a week, three more to delight themselves with dairy products, fish, white meat and wine, and on Sunday everything that your heart desires is completely difficult. ”

“Mount Athos is the name of a mountain with a height of 2033 meters and a peninsula in the northeast of Greece, on which it is located – one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here, against the backdrop of virgin nature, there are two dozen Orthodox monasteries. ”

Diet of Mount Athos is kept in strict confidence.

“Studies show that Athos monasticism is one of the healthiest communities in the world. The monks live a long time, almost do not get cancer, do not suffer from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and Alzhey ¬ mera disease.

A side effect of the diet adopted here is the natural loss of excess weight.

The monks do not count calories and do not starve, and this is the striking difference between their diets and fashionable Western counterparts, which promise quick weight loss. Strictly speaking, it is wrong to call the diet of monks a diet – rather it is a way of life.

Monks eat healthy food and drink good wine, following the age-old tradition of using only natural products, observe moderation and regularly engage in physical labor. Their health can only envy.

Each monastery is almost completely self-sufficient. On the mainland, they buy little. Monasteries are surrounded by gardens, orchards, vineyards, apiaries and olive groves.

Harvested in season, environmentally friendly fruits and form the basis of nutrition of the inhabitants of the Holy Mountain. In order for the earth to give good yields, it is necessary to take care of it, and the Athos monks work a lot. The monasteries also have their own small quays for fishing boats.

As a rule, boats go out to sea before those or other holiday. The catch – and it can be significant – is cleaned, cut up and eaten at dinner. ”

“The diet is constant. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are fast days when animal proteins, wine and vegetable oil are excluded from the diet.

Food is cooked on the water. Despite strict restrictions, the menu of the fast day is wide enough.

Often, what is not eaten in the morning, eat up, slightly modifying, in the evening. The remains are fed to monastic cats, which are held to fight mice and rats.

In a word, no one is hungry here.

The remaining days of the week (if the holiday does not fall on them) are considered skoromny. The range of approved products is expanding and includes fish, cheese, eggs, yogurt and red wine. Talking after fasting is a joyous event when abundance reigns on the table: fish, pies, sweets and even ice cream.

The monks sincerely rejoice at these delicacies, but, being faithful to their principles, use them in moderation. ”

Diet of the Holy Mountain Athos

“If you lose weight, give up sugary carbonated drinks – Coca-Cola and others – as well as energy and sports drinks. If you are trying to lose weight and keep it at an acceptable level, it is better not to drink drinks containing artificial sweeteners. There are two reasons for this.

First, there is reason to believe that they cause an increased appetite, and secondly, they will not help you get rid of the love of sweets. ”

Choose what suits you best.

“The beauty of the Athos diet is in its diversity. You already know how to combine fasting with fasting days to keep losing weight. This method is suitable for maintaining an ideal weight.

You may have to experiment to understand what is right for you and what is not. For example, you can make fast days Monday, Wednesday and Friday, replacing the soonest Sunday day with the second day of breaking the fast. Or choose only one day to break the fast and make the rest of the days short.

For someone, a fast day is a natural respite that allows you to unload the body, but you can not alternate fast days with meager ones, but make two fast days and four meager ones. ”

Go no experiments.

“Take a couple of weeks for experiments in the diet and watch how they affect weight. If you have not gained a single kilogram, extend the experiments for another two weeks and again track the result. Remember that one of the main principles of the Athos diet is to eat when you are hungry, and set the fork aside when you are full.

When a person counts calories, he focuses only on numbers and eats as much as possible, just to keep within the specified number. This method does not teach to listen to your body. (…) Listen to yourself and distribute fasting, fasting and fasting days so that they coincide with the periods when you feel hunger more or less.

So you will cooperate with your own body, and not try to overcome your natural needs. “

Observe the daily routine.

“Whatever you decide, it is important not to lose the good habits that you have gained thanks to the Athos diet. Try to choose for yourself the most simple rules and stick to them. If you already do that, then you are halfway to victory.

Exercise – it is very important, because thanks to sports your metabolism will accelerate. Limit yourself in alcohol. Keep snacking to a minimum.

Follow the plan. In this book we have already offered to take our diary and plan the days of breaking the fast ”.

Diet of the Holy Mountain Athos

“It’s easy to believe that your body has not just lost weight, but has completely changed. But do not be happy to immediately begin to eat whatever he pleases. If before this you easily gained weight, now it is unlikely that something will change.

With age, the metabolism slows down: that is, what you once ate regularly without harm to the figure, can turn into extra pounds. ”

Watch your weight.

“Set boundaries of a few kilograms above your ideal weight, for example 1.3–2.3 kg, and regularly watch for changes. As soon as you get closer to this limit, begin to act. It is easier to get rid of a few kilograms recruited after a satisfying week than to bury your head in the sand and pretend that nothing is happening, risking to gain much more in a few weeks.

And then it can be a serious problem. ”

“Do not postpone the struggle with extra pounds. Set a goal, as at the very beginning of the diet, and strive for it.

You may need to regularly review kitchen cabinets to make sure that there are no temptations. Do not go to the store on an empty stomach.

And watch the size of the portions. ”

Be kinder to yourself.

“Many people reproach themselves for getting better, but these reproaches are meaningless. Take for granted the fact that you too often indulge your weaknesses, use the knowledge and skills that you acquired through the Athos diet to correct the situation.

And seek support from friends and family. Let them help you just as they did when you lost weight. ”

Materials taken from the book “Diet of the Holy Mountain Athos” by Richard Storey, Sue Todd, Lotti Storey. Sinbad, 2015.

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