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Diastasis of the abdominal muscles

Diastasis of the abdominal muscles

To check whether you have a discrepancy of the rectus abdominis or not, you need to pass a two-part test. To get started, answer the questions:

  • Do you sometimes worry about weak back pain?
  • Your navel used to have a concave shape, and now it has become convex?
  • Is your waist disproportionately large?
  • Have you been diagnosed with an umbilical hernia?

The more positive answers, the higher the likelihood that you have a diastasis of abdominal muscles.

The second part of the test takes place in the prone position. Sit on the floor and bend your knees, then lift your head as high as possible without lifting your back from the floor and look at your belly.

If it is even and dense from ribs to pubis, then diastasis is not your problem. Another conversation, if the press resembles a mountain range with tops of different heights, and a “flabby” gap sways just below and above the navel.

It is necessary to measure its length along the vertical and horizontal. For the first indicator, simply place a ruler along the navel.

The second one is determined with the help of fingers, put them vertically, press a little on the stomach and determine approximately the depth of “immersion”. So you measure the size of the area, not covered by muscles – in fact, holes in the abdominals.

Dimensions indicate the stage of diastasis. There are only three of them: the initial stage I (photo left) is 5–7 cm, stage II (photo in the center) is 7–10 cm and stage III launched (photo right) is more than 10 cm.

Diastasis of the abdominal muscles

Diastasis of the abdominal muscles

Diastasis of the abdominal muscles

The discrepancy of the abdominal muscles threatens not only pregnant. Professional athletes – especially weightlifters, weightlifters, are also well acquainted with him.

The heavier the bar, the more likely the diastasis.

The problem can occur even with a trained press, because it’s not just the muscles. The organs located in the abdominal cavity are supported by the muscles, and above all the largest of them is straight. Its upper part is located under the ribs, lower – at the pubis.

In fact, these are two vertical symmetrical ribbons, fastened together by connective tissue, which is also called the white line of the abdomen. It is on her and presses the uterus, increasing during pregnancy. The connective stretches, pushing the right and left parts of the rectus abdominis muscle to the sides.

The distance increases, and the connective tissue becomes thinner and thinner.

Future mothers also “take weight” – the baby grows and the pressure on the press increases. The number of pregnancies also plays a role. Properties of connective tissue – density and ability to stretch – depends on heredity and general condition of the body.

Carrying the first child in his youth, you have more chances for “support”. With age, the resource strength decreases, and it is possible that after the second baby you will get a tummy, to deal with which you will need special methods.

But giving birth one by one is also not an option. If the body does not have time to recover, replenish stocks of vitamins and minerals, then diastasis of the abdominal muscles is very likely.

The divergence of the rectus abdominis muscles is considered normal in infants, especially newborns. Straight muscles of the press and connective tissue they are not strong enough to perform the functions of a reliable skeleton.

That is why, after a meal at the karapuz, such big tummies: an overcrowded stomach easily spreads muscles and bulges out. As the child grows up, the situation changes, muscles and tissues learn to take a punch. Weakened and premature babies, as well as those born to members of the Negroid race, have been struggling longer with this problem.

In children with genetic diseases (Down syndrome), it often remains for life.

The divergence of the rectus abdominis muscle can develop for quite a long time and remain invisible until a specific increased physical activity occurs. In women, it is a pregnancy and a growing fetus, in men it is overweight and weight lifting.

It is believed that this pathology generally “loves” boys more. Having failed to strengthen the press of little gentlemen at preschool age and later, parents condemn them to the inevitable appearance of the tummy after 30 years, when the connective tissues begin to lose their elasticity.

Moreover, this applies equally to sports men, who devote a lot of time and energy to their figure and ignore physical education.

It is important to diagnose abdominal muscles as early as possible. At stages I and II, the problem can be eliminated in six months or a year with the help of physical education and sports. But if you fail to take up training, the pathology can be exacerbated.

Exercises that are usually recommended to tighten the press, here give the opposite result: the stomach is not only not reduced in size, but on the contrary, increases. It turns out a vicious circle, you add to the load on the press – until exhaustion, swing it, bending and unbending the body while lying, and you see the opposite effect.

Launched version of diastasis is treated only with the help of abdominoplasty – surgery to remove fatty deposits and excess connective tissue.

With the divergence of the abdominal muscles, something has to be done, even if you are not embarrassed by the protruding belly. A similar condition is also dangerous due to the fact that during exertion a hernia can turn back – stinging, umbilical, intervertebral and causing intestinal strangulation, curvature and diseases of the spine.

Until the muscle discrepancy is resolved, it is not recommended to lift weights and perform some exercises, namely:

  • Raises the torso and legs from a prone position with bent and straight limbs;
  • Push-ups on straight legs;
  • Strength exercises for the back.

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