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Developing iPad and Smartphone Applications through the Eyes of an Early Development Specialist

Developing iPad and Smartphone Applications through the Eyes of an Early Development Specialist

Disputes around the usefulness, harm, possibility and even decency of dating children with various kinds of gadgets can be carried on endlessly. Aypad spoil the vision, iPhones increase the load on the child’s immature mind, ah … solid “ah”!

On the other hand, the ability to select and click on the desired piece of the puzzle on the small screen and, while holding it, drag it to the right place – why not the development of fine motor skills? And the sounds of wild animals in savanna specially recorded in toys that no mother (if, of course, she is not a zoo worker or a zoologist) reproduces in reality – why not the development of hearing and horizons?

And the same Doman cards – they are much easier to store and display on the screen.

The biggest argument against the “iphoneization” of childhood remains the predominant unfantizedness of electronic toys.

Everything is invented and THOUGHT for the child – a horse appears on the screen and says “yogi”, the horse leaves and a cow appears with a drawn “muuu” … all the toys are built on the principle of cartoons, only unlike TV, these cartoons do not end in 20 minutes, but go on forever … It’s hard to argue with that. Any entertainment “from the screen” is still a monologue of the gadget, behind the scenes of which are children’s questions, reactions invented by children and all sorts of comments.

And the saddest thing is that gradually the child gets used to “just watching” and “just repeating” the monotonous movements of the fingers invented for it on the screen, and becomes not a fantasy-visionary (which is a normal state for the child), but a passive observer of these developmental programs .

On the other hand, the world is stepping forward, it would be strange to ignore toys characteristic of the present time … Let’s see for ourselves. Adult men invest bankers play Angry Birds, skiers in the Alps consider speed using an iPhone app, housewives prepare recipes on iPad, we set alarm clocks on the phone and read electronic versions of books … We all live in an era of progress anyway in technology and we do not consider it bad for ourselves – maybe it is good for children?

Or at least – not bad?

You can argue endlessly. But the world is changing, we are changing … It is more correct to find the good in these changes.

Or do not succumb to bad.

I still have a very ambiguous attitude to all gadgets. To be honest, initially I belonged to the group “no-no, no way.”

And then, preparing for a long flight together with my daughter, and realizing that it would be difficult for me to make her sit up strapped, I decided to “download something, but only really worthwhile.” And to her surprise, she discovered a whole world of applications that you shouldn’t be ashamed of, and in which, like in the world of toys and in the world of books, there are successful and unsuccessful, more useful and less useful.

Let me classify electronic applications that appear for children “from birth.”

Applications-books and voiced tales, like “Moidodyra.” In my opinion, they are quite good at developing their imagination, because they clearly show how the blanket runs off and the sheet flies away.

Of course, reading electronic versions of books is not a substitute for books (which, incidentally, applies to “adult” fiction e-books), but the idea is rather beautiful and well implemented.

1. Music applications, like piano, baby DJ, sounds of everything. Good tools that work on the principle of “clicked – heard.”

They do not develop fantasy, of course, they do not replace real musical instruments (but at the age of 1, we cannot, I think, talk about getting acquainted with real pianos and trumpet), but, in my opinion, perform an introductory function no worse than books with buttons .

2. A very popular application “Children at home”: a child “walks” around the house, can rearrange furniture, change the interior. Of course, again, this application does not replace the real “Walk” around the apartment and familiarization with the real life, but the toy is very cute, and even I was interested to open the lockers, look at the shelves – what is where.

3. Application puzzles. It seems to be invented as a replacement for cardboard, wooden and other toy puzzles.

Yes and no. The fact is that while electronic puzzles are designed to logic the baby (to substitute the correct piece in the right place and see the resulting picture is a logical task), toy puzzles are 70% -80% designed to train motor skills: you need to fit the part into place, Yes, do not knock down the next, which usually does not work.

And as it is known, in the first years physical development is primary. collecting a puzzle on a computer or ipad, the child loses these 70-80% of development.

4. Drawing applications. Here, perhaps, I have the same attitude as to electronic puzzles. It seems to be the same idea, but only in appearance, because the meaning of the baby’s drawing is not at all that as a result of his actions the white surface becomes multi-colored, but that the child becomes acquainted with the texture of paint, smearing it on the sheet with his own hands (and not only on the sheet) and with the mixing of colors.

5. Educational applications (alphabet, counting, languages) are a whole separate block of applications, which, in my opinion, should still complement the “basic adopted” approach of parents to teaching this or that “science”. For example, if you teach a child to read through storage, and at the same time you immediately give him an application that focuses on “reading the letters”, then the child’s progress in reading will not speed it up.

And if you approach the choice more thoughtfully, you can find interesting applications that replace the “paper” developing techniques: for example, the electronic version of Doman cards.

From all this we can draw the following conclusion: everything that you can play in reality, it is better to play in reality.

This applies to puzzles, and to drawing, and to other entertaining applications that are trying to copy and “digitize” these toys. If there is an opportunity to play real toys, if there are these toys and there is a free partner in games (and if you need one for a particular game), then it is better to play real games.

If the current circumstances are such that these toys are not at hand, if there is no partner in games, if the alternative to electronic toys is crying, nerves, frustration, fatigue, then I do not see anything wrong with giving the child an ipad. By the way, if the child’s enthusiasm for the ipad allows the mother to quietly communicate with the dad, I also don’t see a problem!

Sometimes this is the only way for mom and dad to spend time on each other, so that a child with an absolute guarantee is busy and does not require attention.

Surprisingly, my daughter Stesha learned to depict the sounds of animals and the sounds of instruments thanks to a toy on her father’s phone … Neither thanks to my mother’s constant “mu-mu” and “woof-wok”, not thanks to the “voiced” books, nor through Doman’s cards, but clearly thanks to iphone. And very quickly and accurately.

The only caveat – from the variety of such applications, you need to choose the one that is worth it very carefully, paying attention to the appearance of the animal (so that the mouse is a mouse, and not something average between a monkey and a rabbit), and the quality of the voice acting (so that we don’t , crocodile, fox and serpent).

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