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Develop attention

Develop attention

Scarce from the first month of life shows that he has attention. He looks at bright contrasting objects, reacts to an unexpected sound, looks at his mother’s face.

He draws attention to a sharp change in the situation – the transition from darkness to light, the change of temperature. But he does it unconsciously.

What attracts him is what becomes the object of concentration, and as soon as the interest fades away, the kid looks away.

It is possible to hold involuntary attention longer, demonstrating bright, brilliant objects, moving them, talking with a baby, changing mimicry and timbre of voice, intonation. Rattle a rattle, peep rubber animals – just do not overdo the baby, do not rush.

Crumbs can be attached to the bed image of the face – a circle with a diameter of 15 cm with eyes, nose and mouth. The kid is very attracted to the human face.

Hang black and white contrast toys. The involuntary attention in babies 5–7 months is already quite formed – they can examine a new toy, pull it in their mouth, feel for a rather long time.

Further development of involuntary attention is associated with the expansion of the interests of the child, his attention is gradually riveted to a wider range of objects and phenomena. But the development of such attention in itself does not entail the development of focused, voluntary attention.

His first beginnings can be observed in the second year of the life of a little researcher – under the influence of an adult, the child directs a glance at the called object.

Develop attention

For the development of voluntary attention, you need to direct the child, point out, direct his actions, call objects words. The usual simple phrases: “Look, kitten!”, “Hear: tick-so!” Or “Who goes there?” – draw the child’s attention to objects, sounds, phenomena. In order for the baby to learn to focus on what he needs, but maybe not interesting, time must pass.

He will acquire this skill in the process of games, communication, execution of errands, walks, gaining experience and expanding knowledge and vocabulary. He will learn to use special means. So, for example, if you ask a two-year-old child to clap every time he hears the word “cat”, and you begin to list the animals, the little one may not cope with the task.

And if you give him a tool – a picture of a cat, it will go much better. This technique is good for playing “Yes and no, do not say, do not take black and white. “. It is difficult for even the youngest schoolchild to hold the forbidden words in his head, but it is worth giving him color cards – and the mistake to call an unresolved color is almost impossible.

There is a universal remedy. This is a speech!

A two-year-old toddler collects a pyramid, and your words will help the crumbs.

Try to change the toys on the shelf in places, put others there, remove the first ones and not warn the baby about it. Do not be surprised if he does not notice anything. Now do something different – find out what has changed in the room by asking leading questions.

Do a mini permutation every day and always ask what has changed. See: the child very soon will pay attention to any movements.

Develop attention

For attention games to benefit, choose a time for them when the baby is in a good mood. At the first sign of fatigue, immediately stop exercising.

Do not be annoyed if the baby is often mistaken.

On a sheet of paper, draw in a row houses without windows and flowers without a middle. Tell the child that the artist did not have time to finish the pictures and asked him to do it.

When prompting the child, remind him of the rule: if the house is, then the window, if the flower, then the middle. If a child can easily cope with this task, suggest more complex options, increasing the number of different drawings, and then abstracting them (underline the box, fill in the circle, cross out the triangle).

Be sure to give your child the right sample.

If you hear the word “bunny” – you jump, if you say “birdie” – you wave it with your hands, if other words you don’t do anything. Complicate the task, increasing the number of teams, and then confusing the child, performing the task incorrectly.

Similar games – “Dwarfs and giants” (squat or get up on the socks), or “Ears and nose” (touch the so-called body parts).

Draw droplets on the piece of paper with lines, make a few columns, but draw some droplets upside down. Tell the kid that one boy was asked to draw a rain — many droplets.

But some droplets he turned upside down. They must be crossed out.

The rule for the baby: I look at each drop in turn at a line in the line and, if it is turned upside down, cross it out. If the kid performs the task without errors, you can offer him to cross out two characters from various encountered or even to cross out certain letters from the text.

Put pumpkin and sunflower seeds on the table (beans and peas, different nuts) and mix them. Ask your child to help you disassemble the seeds in different plates.

Develop attention

For the development of voluntary attention of the child, play with him in special games. Just do not spend them in the form of a test – help the crumbs, because it is still small, and it really needs your clues.

First, propose simpler versions of the game, then complicate.

Take a fishing line and large beads. Invite a child to collect beads, alternating beads by color, size, or shape. Let him say: big, small.

Make more complex rotation. Offer the beads drawn in error and ask them to find the “wrong” beads.

Let the child depict your shadow – he will need to repeat all movements after you, even the most insignificant.

The rule for the child: if you hear a lie, then stamp your feet, if truth, then clap your hands. Say the phrases that are understandable to the kid: “I’m walking in the park now”, “This toy is red!”. Everybody knows a similar to this game “Edible – Inedible”.

It can be varied, calling animals and not animals.

Take two cups of different colors, such as red and yellow, and a small toy, such as red. Show the child that the red toy is hidden under the red cup, and begin to move the containers. Then ask: “Where is the toy?” To begin with, in order for the child to learn to follow the toy, you can even take transparent glasses.

And then play by the rules.

Show the child some object. Ask to consider it carefully. Then hide and ask the crumbs about minor details.

Play during daily activities and walks. Before you start the game, warn your baby to be attentive, and then ask: “What color is the scarf Anya put on today?”

This game will require a dad, even if reading a newspaper or watching TV. It does not hurt us.

Put the child next to dad. Ask questions to your husband, referring to the baby, and ask the child to be responsible for the father.

For example, you ask: “Do you have a white T-shirt?” The kid must answer: “No, he (not” I have “) has a blue one.”

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