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Delicious start: fruit puree for baby

Delicious start: fruit puree for baby

Fruit purees for baby food are similar in composition and nutritional value to juices of the same name and also contain natural sugars (fructose, sucrose, glucose), organic acids and vegetable fibers, but in larger quantities. They are rich in minerals (mainly potassium) and vitamins (C, beta-carotene, P) and special components – carotenoids, flavonoids, etc. As studies have shown, these compounds help to establish a metabolism, neutralize alien agents (infection, harmful impurities, getting to us from the air), protect from chronic diseases, help the work of the heart and blood vessels.

Manufacturers introduce more prebiotics into some types of mashed potatoes – their presence in the baby’s diet helps the growth of bifidobacteria in the intestines and regulates stool.

Fruit puree for prikorma extend the taste of the child and learn to cope with the dense and dense food. They may include one (mono-component products), two or more types of fruit (multicomponent). Among multicomponent products there are not only fruit, but also fruit and vegetable (with carrots, pumpkin, rarely zucchini).

In recent years, combined mashed potatoes have appeared, containing, in addition to fruit, milk and grain additives.

1) Fruit sauce for feeding, like any other new products, should be introduced to the baby gradually. It will be a supplement to the basic nutrition, that is, to milk formula or porridge.

His daily portion is calculated as follows: the age of the child in months is multiplied by 10.

Start with 3-5 g puree (no more than 1/2 tsp.) And gradually reach the norm set by age (30-40 g for a 5-month-old baby). Consider that with a novelty you only complement the child’s lunch, that is, after him you need to give the little one a breast or a bottle. In the first case, he will figure out how much milk he needs.

If the baby eats the mixture, subtract the share of mashed potatoes from the usual volume (180 g – 30 g mashed potatoes = 150 g).

2) Children older than 4 months try monocomponent fruit purees from apples, pears, plums, peaches, apricots; from 5 months – mono- and multicomponent products from fruits, berries and vegetables, including black and red currant puree, raspberries, cherries, quince, and cherry; in 5–6 months – fruit and grain puree, fruit and milk, including fruit and yoghurt (with a yogurt content not higher than 20%) and other combined products; from 6 months – mono- and multicomponent purees containing citrus, exotic and other fruits and berries with a high allergenic index.

3) Be careful, baby fruit puree can cause skin rashes and digestive problems in babies: colic, increased stool, flatulence and even increased constipation instead of the expected stool relief. These conditions are not always manifestations of allergy, they can mean that the baby’s body simply does not tolerate any kind of fruit.

Therefore, it is necessary to acquaint the child with them without haste, and with the appearance of similar problems, it is worth observing the development of events, without increasing the portion size of mashed potatoes and not canceling it. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor to determine the exact cause.

Delicious start: fruit puree for baby

Fruit puree homogenized, sterilized, pasteurized.

Expert commentary: Since fruit purees are prepared not only for very young people who do not know how to chew yet, but also for those who have already mastered this science, canned food is 3 degrees of grinding: the first step (the package says “homogenized”) is very shredded the product is intended for babies up to 5 months, the second stage (mashed dish) – for 6–9 months and the third stage (coarse) – for 9–12 months.

Pasteurization and sterilization – two processing technologies. The first goes without boiling and is considered more gentle in relation to the natural properties of the ingredients mashed potatoes.

Fruit puree (70%).

Expert commentary: The remainder consists of ingredients that give the product a delicate texture (water, juice, thickeners). And the number of these additions depends on the type of fruit and mashed potatoes.

Fruit puree contains cottage cheese, cream.

Expert commentary: Adding dairy products to fruit, we make mashed potatoes more nutritious due to milk protein, fat, calcium, vitamin B2. True, it is more difficult to digest – this task will be mastered by the body of a 5–6-month baby.

In addition, milk protein is a strong allergen, and children with allergies under 1 year old should not offer it.

Milk sugar intolerance (lactose) is the most common cause of stool disorder in babies in their first year of life. Therefore, children familiar with this problem should not yet be given mashed potatoes containing milk, and hence lactose.

Fruit puree contains concentrated juice.

Expert commentary: Industrial juices are prepared in two ways: from fresh berries and fruits, or from concentrated convenience foods that are stored in special conditions.

Delicious start: fruit puree for baby

Sugar-free / fruit flavored puree.

Expert commentary: Mashed potatoes supply the body of babies with natural sugars, primarily glucose and fructose, they are rapidly absorbed and serve as energy sources for fast-growing children. Most children’s products contain only natural sugars, although manufacturers add a little “industrial” – sucrose to the composition of some names, especially in tart berry puree.

Babies who are just starting to tasting puree, and those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract or allergies, more suitable products without sugar.

Fruit puree contains vitamin C.

Expert commentary: Almost all puree of foreign production and many types of domestic enriched with vitamin C in an amount that provides from 30 to 100% of the daily need for this substance. This “contribution” will not be superfluous: vitamin C strengthens the immune system of babies and protects against infections.

In the composition of fruit puree are indicated starch or rice flour, dietary fiber.

Expert commentary: In addition to the fruit base, mashed potatoes contain formers – slightly modified, that is, “softened”, starch (for example, rice, corn) or flour (usually rice, manna) – as well as natural thickeners, which fall into the category of indigestible dietary fiber, – pectins, carrageenan. Thanks to them, the manufacturers, and then the kids get the product of the desired consistency.

Children who are just beginning to try mashed potatoes are more suitable products without additional fillers, because their presence “makes it heavier” digestion process.

Delicious start: fruit puree for baby

Fruit puree contains wheat flakes, oatmeal.

Expert commentary: Fruit and grain mashed potatoes include oatmeal, semolina, rice, buckwheat flour or flakes. Grain components supply babies with energy, vegetable protein and dietary fiber. Here are just the assimilation of fruit and grain products requires greater stress digestive processes and greater maturity of enzyme systems than pure fruit.

Therefore, they are designed for babies 5-6 months.

Remember also that semolina and oatmeal, unlike buckwheat, rice and corn, contain gluten. It appears in the diet of babies older than 6 months (due to the risk of developing celiac disease – cereal protein intolerance) and provided that the baby does not have inflammatory problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

Fruit puree does not contain preservatives, artificial additives, dyes and flavors.

Expert commentary: As has been said more than once, all these substances are forbidden to be used in the production of products for babies, because they can irritate the gastrointestinal tract of children and cause allergies. Of food additives – those that give foods a pleasant taste, only citric and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) are allowed in baby food.

“Pears Williams” Gerber

Delicious start: fruit puree for baby

Puree of Williams pears, known for its low allergenic properties. No added starch or sugar. Enriched with vitamin C. No GMO.

Homogenized, pasteurized.

“Apple puree with cottage cheese” “Spelenok”

Delicious start: fruit puree for baby

In the composition – apple sauce. Cottage cheese skim from cow’s milk. Sugarless.

Without preservatives, dyes and other artificial additives. Contains ascorbic acid.

Puree homogenized, sterilized.

“Juicy Apple” Heinz

Delicious start: fruit puree for baby

In the composition – apple puree (95.8%), apple juice concentrated (4%), lemon juice concentrated. Enriched with vitamin C. No starch or sugar.

Puree homogenized, sterilized.

“Berry salad of apples, blueberries and cherries” “FrutoNyanya”

Delicious start: fruit puree for baby

Puree of apples, blueberries, cherries. With fructose. No starch.

Puree homogenized, sterilized.

“Apricot. Cottage cheese “” Grandma’s basket “

Delicious start: fruit puree for baby

In the composition of mashed apricots, cottage cheese. Contains rice, gluten free.

Sugarless. Non-GMO, dyes, flavors and preservatives.

Homogenized, sterilized.

“Fruit and milk puree. Apple – cottage cheese “Agusha”

Delicious start: fruit puree for baby

In structure – apple puree concentrated. Contains natural dietary fiber.

Cottage cheese. Added fructose.

Homogenized, sterilized.

“Fruit puree with cream. Apple, peach, cream “” Theme “

Delicious start: fruit puree for baby

In the composition – apple puree, peach. Cream, sugar. BIO quality control of ingredients.

The product is homogenized, sterilized.

Delicious start: fruit puree for baby

In the composition – pear (100%). Without sugar, thickeners, milk protein, gluten. Without fragrances, dyes, preservatives, GMOs.

Prepared from organic products grown, harvested, processed and packaged in accordance with EU environmental standards for organic products. Puree homogenized.

“Pear cereal mashed potatoes” HiPP

Delicious start: fruit puree for baby

In the composition – pear puree (70%), pear juice restored (22.5%). From products with low allergenic properties. Without sugar and milk protein.

Ground wheat flakes, oatmeal flour, contains gluten. Enriched with ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Without preservatives, dyes, flavors and GMOs.

Homogenized, sterilized.

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