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Dad games with baby

Dad games with baby

It turns out that at the subconscious level the child perceives mom and dad not the same. Mom for the baby – a source of vital warmth. Dad is a source of strength, a senior friend, who is able to share, protect and protect this power from any adversity in life.

Apparently, dads feel this state of affairs intuitively. And because their games are always so energetic, with the legwork, fuss, squeal and laughter.

Perhaps, it will not be too interesting for the Pope to assemble a pyramid with the baby or to pick up the earbuds for the frames. But Dad is unlikely to refuse to play with the baby in the ball.

Ball bun Sit with the baby opposite each other and roll a ball to each other.

This game can be played even with the smallest toddler.

Football. This game is not just for boys.

Girls, too, take great pleasure to push the ball with his foot to the joy of dad. And the gate will be in turn father’s legs and feet of the baby. First, the baby scores the ball in the gates, and then the crumb plays the role of the gate.

As the gate, you can also use a chair or stool, or lay out the gate of the cubes.

Basketball. Why not play an improvised basketball, trying to hit the cardboard box on the floor or on the sofa with a ball?

Towns. And what if you build a figure like towns from cubes and shoot them down with a small ball?

And the ball can be both rolled and thrown.

Volleyball. Balloons love all babies without exception. You just need to inflate a couple of balls and stretch the rope between the two chairs.

Now, dad and baby sit on opposite sides of an improvised “grid” and throw a balloon through it. Kids can catch the ball, and older children let them learn to beat it.

Dad games with baby

Moms do not know how to play cars, although they are trying very hard. And dad can come up with a lot of different scenes for the game: the races from one wall of the room to another, and the construction of garages, bridges and tunnels of cubes, chairs and cushions, and even figure out how to open a real auto repair shop at home.

It will be interesting to the kid not only to play with cars, but also to turn into a car himself. In any. In the passenger or even in the passenger bus.

The kid picks up a toy steering wheel, and dad issues commands: forward, reverse, faster, slower, stop, give a signal, etc. Motor noise should match the size of the car.

The big car is buzzing loudly, the little car is quieter. Trying to imitate the sounds of the motor and beeps of different cars, the kid will thereby train his articulation apparatus.

A storm of delight will cause the kid to play a train. We build a train of chairs and stools, arrange toys in carriages and sit down ourselves.

Kid – for the driver. Tu-tu, chukh-chukh-chukh!


And not to make funny competitions? That’s funny, because serious is not for the baby. He still does not know how to lose with dignity.

And if papa gets something better all the time than he does, he will certainly be upset. Therefore, we play not for the sake of winning, but for the sake of fun.

Competition 1. We put on the floor a bottle with a wide neck, we give out to each player 10 peas or beans. The task of the player is to stand in front of a bottle, throwing peas one by one, trying to throw them into the bottle.

Who will make it more accurate: dad or baby?

Competition 2. Place a plastic bottle, cut off in the form of a glass, or any other suitable container at some distance from us, and throw the clothespins into it.

Competition 3. Toothpicks act as a projectile. Who will throw further?

Competition 4. Denote the area on the floor, spread out a towel. We try to throw a disposable paper or plastic plate so that it landed exactly on a towel.

Competition 5. Show your child how you can turn into a spider in seconds: sit on the floor, lean on the floor with your hands behind your back, lift yourself on your arms and legs and … run! First forward, and then back.

And then teach the kid to walk on his hands, holding his legs.

Dad games with baby

Try to play with the baby in a game that everyone knows under the name “thimbles”. We will practice the ability of the baby to solve the task and visual-motor coordination, attention, memory. For the game, we need three colorful circles or small bowls.

In front of your baby’s eyes, under one of the bowls, hide a candy, an apple or a small toy. Then we begin to move the bowls in a circle.

Will the child, after such manipulations, be able to figure out where the object is hidden. If you guessed right, you can eat candy (not forgetting to share it with dad), and play with a toy.

If the kid easily copes with the task, try to take the bowls of the same color. Can the baby now remember the bowl under which the cunning father hid the candy?

For the little ones, such fun will do. While the mom is busy, dad can help the baby become better acquainted with the objects that are in the apartment. Take the baby in your arms and say: “Now we will run with you to the sofa.

Run, run! ”Go to the sofa and say:“ Come running! Here’s a sofa! ”Now we run to the TV, the fridge, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the mother, to the cat, to the watch, in short, to everything that is in the apartment worthy of attention.

Such a game will not only amuse the crumb, but also help to memorize many new words. The main thing is to pronounce the words clearly, making expressive movements of the lips.

And it’s great if dad and baby come up with some of their own, special, game and will play it from time to time. For a child, such moments spent together with a loved one will be remembered for a lifetime.

And they will become a reason for pride: here it is, my dad! He can do anything!

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