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Cooking the first mash

Cooking the first mash

Cooking the first mash

It is very important that you are sure that the vegetables from which you prepare food for your child are of high quality and do not contain anything extra.

The composition of the first baby puree should include familiar vegetables: zucchini, cauliflower, green peas. Please note that they are fresh. By the way, in winter you can cook frozen vegetables – industrial output or from your stocks, but not greenhouse (they may contain unsafe for small remnants of fertilizers, besides, their nutritional value is lower than that of the soil counterparts).

But the root crops that have been stored for a long time in a cellar or a vegetable storage facility should not be used in any way – there is a danger that infection has settled on them.

The first step in making mashed potatoes: you need to thoroughly wash the vegetables, if necessary – with a brush.

Cooking the first mash

Cooking the first mash

Peel and chop the vegetables you need right before you start cooking them. The fact is that oxygen oxidizes vitamins and other important substances, which is why their value decreases. By the way, at first it is advisable to soak vegetables in cool water in order to remove starch from their composition: potatoes, turnips, turnips – 1-2 hours, the rest – 30 minutes.

Then peel the vegetables and cut them into 0.5 cm pieces.

Cooking food for the baby should be in a specially designated container. Fill the vegetables with water so that they lightly cover them and bring to a boil.

Drain, pour clean and cook until ready.

Keep in mind: the pan should be closed with a lid all the time while vegetables are being cooked in it. After all, the access of oxygen to food destroys many useful substances, primarily vitamins important for the development of children.

Cooking the first mash

Cooking the first mash

Another option – you can cook vegetables in a double boiler (in our case – built into the kitchen). So you save more valuable for the baby’s body substances.

Finished vegetables need to grind blender or rub through a sieve with a spoon. Until the baby is 7–8 months old, this should be done carefully, and then slowly begin to acquaint him with more fibrous food.

Salt in food for kids do not need to add.

Cooking the first mash

Cooking the first mash

When the mash is ready, you can add vegetable oil to it (babies 4 months – 2 ml, in 5 months – 3 ml, and from 7 – 5 ml). It is better if it is corn or soy, it is less likely to cause allergies, unlike olive or sunflower.

Food for the baby needs to be cooked in small portions. If he does not finish the next one until the end, it cannot be stored until the next feed.

To make your baby mashed potatoes, you will need:

  • glass or ceramic cups (200–500 ml);
  • glass or enamel pan (0.5–1 l);
  • plastic or metal spoon
  • knife;
  • vegetable peeler;
  • plastic board (it will be difficult to clean the wooden one, because of which microbes accumulate in it);
  • sieve;
  • double boiler;
  • blender;
  • brush (for washing vegetables).

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