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Computer children are not a toy

Computer children are not a toy

Parent camp split into two parts. Innovators firmly believe: the sooner the crumb gets used to the computer, the more money will appear in his forehead. The trend takes an awesome scale.

Some enthusiasts during the thematic exhibitions are keenly interested in training programs for two-year-olds, while the most impatient do not want to wait and move barely crouched babies to the monitor. Conservatives, as always, live in the past century and protect their children from the computer, as if from leprosy.

But even stubborn guardians of tradition are not sure that they are doing the right thing. When laptops, tablets and e-books lie on all knees and palms, does it make sense to build an artificial dam in the way of progress sweeping away all archaisms?

As numerous studies have shown, up to a certain stage it is impossible to develop intellectual abilities using a computer in children. Image-symbolic thinking – the ability to match objects of the real world with their symbolic image – is formed in its entirety only by 5 years. Up to this point, the child does not understand well what is happening on the screen, which means that he can learn almost nothing.

A two-year-old kid will be able to distinguish between red or blue colors, a square or a triangle, and even be able to perform a simple task by clicking on the desired picture with the mouse, but his actions will not be fully realized. A crumb will smile, laugh and be surprised, but besides emotions he will receive little.

In order to communicate with the PC for the benefit of development, the child must be able to decipher the characters and understand that the bunny appeared on the monitor is the same animal with large ears, which he fed with carrots in the zoo, and not an arbitrary and nameless character that the letter “ A ”is a graphic sign that he had previously seen in the letter, and not just a set of straight lines connected to each other. The kid will be able to do the exercises consciously only if he knows what characteristics and properties virtual objects have in this reality.

While he has not accumulated this information, he will not be able to make any information from the screen.

Parents who are in a hurry for events, it makes sense to think about whether they are doing the right thing, forcing the crumbs to waste their strength. In the period of rapid maturation of the brain and nervous system, it is not at all a laptop that should help him.

It is much more important now to develop fine motor skills and sense organs: engage in modeling, draw, build cardboard castles, raise dolls, sing songs and learn poems.

  • Up to 3 years old children with a computer can not be introduced.
  • The baby should sit at a distance of at least 50 cm from the screen.
  • The center of the screen is preferably positioned at the level of the child’s eyes.
  • The angle of the LCD screen and the head should be the same, otherwise, due to uneven illumination of the monitor, the load on the vision will increase even more.
  • The lighting in the room where the PC is located should be moderate and even. There is no need to turn on the desk lamp.
  • In some eye diseases, working on a computer helps to stimulate vision, but with myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, such loads should be minimized.
  • It is better to buy e-books for children after 14 years.

If computer programs are useless in infancy, this does not mean that they are automatically harmless. Up to 5 years, the child is actively forming the musculoskeletal system. Sitting for a long time in a static pose can not be kids, which is why classes in clubs and kindergarten are often interrupted at the gym.

But work at the computer not only distorts the spine and spoils the posture. The organs of vision are hit, which leads to a variety of eye diseases, primarily to myopia and strabismus.

“Any system of the body develops correctly only if there are adequate stimuli, and the computer does not belong to them,” explains Igor Aznauryan, Academician of the AMTH RF, pediatric ophthalmologist, head of Clear Eye. – To begin at least with the fact that the anatomical structure of the human eye is not suitable for viewing small moving objects at a small distance. But if adults can adapt to such a load, for preschool children it turns out to be exorbitant, because the visual system matures completely only by 7 years. ” The clarity of the image that we see is influenced by several factors, in particular the length of the eye itself.

If it is more (as with myopia) or less (as with hyperopia) of the norm, the rays are refracted incorrectly, and the picture is blurred.

“In newborns, the length of the eye is much shorter than in adults, so we all appear far-sighted in the world,” continues the ophthalmologist. – By the age of 7, the sight is straightened, because the eye is gradually increasing in size. But until this happened, the strong tension that arises while working at the computer, prevents the correct debugging of the optical system. ”

As a result, children who are early to the monitor, eye diseases develop very often. In babies with congenital abnormalities, the pathology also appears very quickly.

Only 2 genres are suitable for children under 5 years old: educational and educational games and “adventure games”, although the range of products on the market is much richer.

  • Educational and developmental programs. It’s worth starting with creative tasks such as a virtual designer, coloring books, mosaics, an art studio for creating cards. You can try and disks with elementary recognition exercises, when the crumb answers the questions of the announcer. The pace of learning will be individual: if the kid finds it difficult, the program will offer easier tasks, if he passes the first level, the second starts right away.
  • Quests, or “walkers”: a child travels around a fairyland, performing simple tasks in order to receive a prize at the end or to save someone. This genre can be offered to a child from 3–4 years old, all the others should be postponed until school.
  • Strategy game. The task of the player is to ensure the livelihoods of the virtual world. This may be a magical country, a veterinary clinic, a supermarket. Such games give a developmental effect and cannot preschooler to do much harm, but they form emotional dependence quickly.
  • Arcade games: the child must pass a difficult route with obstacles for strictly limited time. This genre has a negative effect on the psyche of children up to 7 years: nervous excitement is too great, because you cannot tear yourself away from the screen for a second.
  • Racing kids are also contraindicated. As in arcade games, excessive concentration is required of children.
  • Simulators: the player is completely involved in the plot, because he sees the events taking place on the screen with his own eyes. Most often on this principle are arranged “shooters.” These programs for children under 14 years old are not allowed.

The nervous system of multimedia onslaught also does not hold up. If a child gets carried away by computer games before it even gets a little stronger, sooner or later it will become irritable, conflicting, it will upset sleep or appetite.

These effects are caused by a strong nervous excitement, because the kid has to strain his attention and thoughts to the limit.

Another trap is emotional dependence: even the most meditative program with a smooth flow of events can cause it. Children are attracted to everything bright, musical, dynamic, so the virtual world cannot leave them indifferent.

The effect of surprise and colorful animation, which abound in modern computer games, generate a state of euphoria. Parents usually come to their senses only when attachment transcends a conceivable boundary, and begin to prohibit the computer.

Strict taboos immediately generate hysterics and conflicts that could have been avoided if adults had a clear timetable from the outset.

The specifics of working at a computer is also important to consider. All actions on the screen can be performed only indirectly using the mouse or the buttons on the keyboard.

For kids, this simple manipulation is very difficult: fingers are poorly obeyed and are often mistaken. A single and double click requires tremendous tension from the crumbs: it must concentrate as much as possible in order to at least somehow coordinate its actions. So, if you offer the kid to choose a bear on the screen of three characters, he will spend on this task a lot more internal resources than if he took the necessary toy with his hands from the floor.

From the efforts that are not yet on the shoulder, the nervous system suffers again. True, not so long ago, designers invented a special keyboard for the little ones.

It is equipped with large multi-colored buttons, which can even be pressed with the palm of your hand. It is much more convenient for the child to use it, but it does not remove all other problems.

Total: in order to keep the nervous system intact, children under the age of 5 years old all experts advise in a chorus to buy only calm educational software. From computer games will have to refrain, preferably up to the school.

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