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Come out to play: outdoor games for children’s company

Come out to play: outdoor games for children's company

Outdoor games develop strength, dexterity, teach a child to respond quickly to changing conditions, to overcome shyness. This is an opportunity to make new friends, learn how to find reasonable compromises and settle disputes and quarrels.

There are no “home” bans on the street. You can throw the ball as much as you like, jump and run, without fear of hitting the corner of the table or knocking over the fragile furniture. There are no walls or windows here, and you can “go berserk” as much as you want.

This allows the child to feel free, to relieve emotional and physical tension and to throw out the accumulated energy without harming household property. The task of adults is to direct the energy that beats over the edge into a useful course for the child, proposing one of the active games, and then directing and coordinating the efforts of the participants in the game.

What kind of outdoor games can be offered to children?

We have collected the most interesting and simple street games in which you can play with the company of children and adults.

The most easy option is games that do not require inventory. We need only the desire to play, knowledge of the rules and the presence of the players themselves.

The more of them, the more fun the game is.

Come out to play: outdoor games for children's company

Children stand in a round dance, and Zarya-Zaryachnaya, chosen by count, stands behind the circle and holds a handkerchief in his hands. The round dance goes in one direction, Zarya-zarazhka – in the opposite along the round dance. Children sing or sentence:

Red Maid,
I walked across the field
Keys dropped,
The keys are golden,
Ribbons are blue,
Rings are entwined.

After that, Zarya the charmer puts a handkerchief on some child’s shoulder and says: “I went to take water!” Right there all the children choir: “One, two, three, don’t lie, but run like fire!” The charger and the child to whom she put a handkerchief on her shoulder, run in different directions around the dance and must run around full circle. Lagging behind becomes a dawning day.

Here, too, the main thing is to run first. The children stand in the back of their heads, the leading one is facing the children – the “burner”.

Children intoned say: “Burn, burn clearly, so as not to go out! One, two, don’t blame, but run like fire! ”With these words, the last couple in the column disengages the hands, and each player runs from his side to the head of the column, the“ burner ”runs towards them and tries to besmirch someone.

If the leader succeeds, the player becomes a “burner”, if not – the players who have reached the head of the column, and the “burner” remains to be led.

This game liberates, teaches how to talk with gestures and closely monitor what other players are doing. Again, the lead is selected according to the count.

And then begins his dialogue with the players.

Host: “Ding-ding-ding!”
Players: “Who is there?”
Host: “Mail!”
Players: “from where?”
Moderator: “From the city (village, town, forest, etc.)
Players: “What are they doing there?”

In response, the presenter invents everything he wants “and calls the action:” having fun, drinking kvass, dancing, knocking with a hammer, etc. “. Players must depict this action. The one who hesitated or did not repeat the movement pays a “fine”: a leaflet, a wand, a flower, a pebble, etc.

After the game, the forfeits must be won back: “the penalty box” becomes among the other players – this is the “mirror”. Players take turns approaching him, “looking in the mirror” and doing something: combing, cleaning shoes, grimacing, shrugging their shoulders. The “mirror” must synchronously repeat for the player all its movements.

This game can be played when there are more than 5 children. The reader is determined who the cat is and who is the mouse. The rest of the children, holding hands, form a circle. “Cat” is behind the circle, “mouse” – inside it.

The task of the “cat” is to enter the circle in order to catch the “mouse”, but children should not let it in, closing the entrance in front of it (drawing closer to each other, lowering their hands, etc.). If the “cat” still manages to break into a circle, you need to quickly raise your hands up to release the mouse from it.

When the “cat” catches the “mouse”, the “cat” becomes in a circle, the “mouse” becomes the “cat”, and another child is chosen for the role of the “mouse”.

5. Above the feet from the ground

This complicated salochki. They are fun to play if you recruit more than 4 children. According to the reader, the leader is determined, who is chasing other children, trying to fool them.

It is impossible to salit if the “runner” has climbed onto a bench, a ladder, a log, that is, his feet do not touch the ground. The one who is assailed becomes driving.

Coordination and agility are well developed ball games. Those – a lot.

We have chosen the forgotten order, but no less interesting for it.

Come out to play: outdoor games for children's company

You can play if there are at least four children. The counting determines the driver, the others become round and pass the ball to each other.

The driver, who stands behind the redistribution circle, tries to touch the ball. In this case, you can not drop the ball.

The one who drops it becomes driving. If the circle is small, the ball cannot be transferred, it can only be passed from hand to hand.

However, you can get away from each other – then you can throw the ball. As soon as the one who leads to the ball touches, he stands in a circle, led by the one who has touched the ball in his hands.

The game is suitable for very young, and for older children. You will need a tennis ball or any other ball of approximately the same size.

You can play alone, together or the whole company. The task of the players is to do some exercises with the ball:

  • Toss and catch him several times, each time throwing the ball higher and higher;
  • Toss the ball and, before catching it, to have time to clap your hands;
  • Increase the number of pops with each next throw: for example, first have time to slam 1 time, then – 2, etc .;
  • Toss the ball, let it fall and catch the ball that has already bounced off the ground;
  • Transfer the ball from hand to hand;
  • To throw up the ball lying on the palm, turn the hand with the palm down and catch the ball with the back of the hand, then throw it up again and catch it with two hands;
  • Put your hand with the ball behind your back and throw it so that it flies over your shoulder and catch it with your other hand.

If the ball falls to the ground, another player starts the exercises.

For this game, you also need a wall to throw a ball into it, and a relatively flat ground in front of it. Again, each player must perform the following exercises:

  • 10 times to hit the ball against the wall;
  • 9 times to hit them against the wall, banging at it with palms from below;
  • 8 times throw the ball under the right foot so that it first hits the ground, then against the wall and catch it (you can ease the task: first throw the ball against the wall, wait for it to hit the ground and, moving the right foot through it, catch the ball );
  • 7 times do the same thing through the left foot;
  • stand facing the wall, legs apart, and throw the ball behind the ball 6 times so that it hits the ground first, and then the wall, and catch it;
  • 5 times to do the same, standing back to the wall;
  • 4 times to hit the ball and the wall, wait until it bounces off the ground, and, without catching it, once again allow it to bounce off the wall and catch it with its hands;
  • 3 times, without dropping, hit the ball against the wall, with your palms folded in the boat;
  • 2 times with the fists brought together to hit the ball against the wall;
  • 1 time with a palm to hit the ball against the wall.

Players become in a circle and play ball, as in volleyball. Dropped the ball sits in a circle.

It can be “saved” by hitting it with a ball. If one of the seated catches the ball, then everyone will be “saved”, and the one who missed the ball will sit in a circle.

Players form a circle and the one who passes the ball first says: “One.” Then the players themselves consider passes, the eleventh should hit the ball into the ground.

If he misses or misses the moment – sits in a circle.

These games will require parents to invest in some inventory. For example, buy a kite or a set so that the child can make it.

Take your snake to the street, catch a fair wind – and go! The faster you run, the higher the kite flies!

The main thing is to catch a fair wind and make sure that the snakes are not stuck in the wires or branches of trees.

Come out to play: outdoor games for children's company

The set consists of 2 discs and a special ball. You can play alone or together. The essence of the game is tossing the ball, beat it with 1 disc or 2 discs alternately, you can also juggle the ball between two discs, you can “mint” the ball with the disc on the ground.

If there are two players, one “mints” a ball on the ground with a disk, and the other tries to take the ball away with a disk.

So called 2 discs and a glowing ball. The game develops agility and coordination of movements. The task of the player is to catch the ball with the disc so that the ball in the disc is “stuck”.

To do this, the child puts the disc on his hand, and throws the ball with his other hand. You can play alone or together (in the latter case, the ball is thrown to the partner in the game).

10 pins and a ball will provide fun pastime of the whole company. The goal is to hit the ball with as many pins as possible. The player is entitled to 2 shots.

If the player does not hit all the pins with the first throw, he throws the ball a second time, trying to knock down the remaining pins. The leader counts points: they are equal to the number of knocked down pins.

If a player knocks down all the pins with one throw, he is entitled to 2 more shots. The one who scores the most points wins.

This is a rod on which 6 rings of different diameter are strung. It develops coordination, agility and accuracy, since the player’s task is to throw a ring on the rod from a certain distance.

All these games will allow you to usefully spend time in the country, on a picnic, and even on the most ordinary walk.

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