Главная 7 Child development 7 Christmas trees 2018-2019: the most interesting New Year’s performances for kids

Christmas trees 2018-2019: the most interesting New Year’s performances for kids

Christmas trees 2018-2019: the most interesting New Year's performances for kids

Heroes The Nutcracker (Maxim Marinin), Girl Masha (Tatiana Totmianina), Mouse King (Alexey Yagudin *).
The plot of the Christmas tale of the victory of good over the evil of Ernst Theodore Amadeus Hoffmann in the classic version. But skating.

This year’s most-directed show director Ilya Averbukh invited figure skating coach Tatiana Tarasova to cooperation. The performance is complemented by unique dynamic crowd scenes, which Tatiana Anatolievna personally worked on.

Ice Palace Quarter “CSKA ARENA” at Avtozavodskaya
December 27 – January 7

Christmas trees 2018-2019: the most interesting New Year's performances for kids

Heroes of Santa Claus from the Russian North, favorite heroes of the TV channel “MULT”: Smesharik Nyusha, Drakosh Tosh, Leo and Tig, sorceress from “Fairy tale patrol”

Story Children who do not believe in Santa Claus fall into his Gardens of Miracles and Fairy Tales. They will have to save the animals from the Shelter of homeless animals, protect Santa Claus from the impostor, find the mysterious Lunar Hedgehog and find out the main secret of Santa Claus.

The very same 300 artists on stage, 80 in the auditorium, 500 specially made costumes, interactive games with the auditorium and 180 inflatable objects falling from the ceiling … And also a pleasant surprise! Each little guest has a personalized 10-minute video greeting from Santa Claus.

In addition to the main holiday, the audience is waiting for the largest amusement park in Europe with attractions, heroes of favorite fairy tales, the free show “Science of Magic” and the robot exhibition “The World of the Future 2.0”.

“Crocus City Hall”
December 22 – January 7

Christmas trees 2018-2019: the most interesting New Year's performances for kids

Heroes Prince (Yevgeny Plushenko), Odette (prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater Olga Smirnova), Black Swan (Adeline Sotnikova).

Plot A classic story of a girl turned into a swan by an evil wizard, as represented by the family tandem Yana Rudkovskaya and Yevgeny Plushenko.

The most-most thing On the ice will come out not only Eugene himself, but also Plushenko Jr., Alexander (better known as the Dwarf Dwarf). From 3 years old he takes part in world shows, and from 5 he performs tricks on ice.

VTB Arena – Central
stadium “Dynamo”
December 20 – January 8

Christmas trees 2018-2019: the most interesting New Year's performances for kids

Heroes Kot Matroskin, Alisa Selezneva, the Bremen Town Musicians and others.

The plot of the Magic artifact, found at the old cottage, will take Dan and Nastya into the world of cartoons. There will be a fairy tale, there will be songs performed along with the audience, there will be “live” scenery.

For the first time, characters from different cartoons will gather on the same stage.

The most-most Especially for this family show in the “Luzhniki” will build a concert hall with an area of ​​10,000 square meters. And it will be erected by the same masters who created a similar project for the filming of the MTV award in New York.

Concert Hall OK in “Luzhniki”
December 26 – January 8

Christmas trees 2018-2019: the most interesting New Year's performances for kids

Heroes Tsar Saltan, The Swan Princess, Evil Sisters.

The plot What will happen if, on New Year’s Eve, not only the artists, but also every spectator who came to the colorful musical performance on the water will become the heroes of Pushkin’s fairy tale? The stars of world synchronized swimming, diving, rhythmic gymnastics, flyboardists, masters of stunt acrobatics, circus, choreography, actors of cinema and theater will tell an old tale in a sporting way.

The very same action of the play takes place simultaneously in three spaces – on land, on water and in the air. The creator of the show is three-time Olympic champion Maria Kiseleva.

The entertainment program at the lively Christmas tree is waiting for the spectators on the ground in front of the water stadium.

Palace of Sports
“Dynamo Water Stadium”
December 29 – January 6

Christmas trees 2018-2019: the most interesting New Year's performances for kids

Heroes Masha, Bear, Panda, Rose and Hare with a Squirrel.

Story Characters of the popular and beloved cartoon series are preparing for the New Year holiday. And suddenly overnight not only all the delicacies from the table disappear, but also the Christmas tree with toys. There clearly was not without some evil witchcraft!

As the main detective, Masha immediately undertakes to unravel the detective story in order to calculate the malefactor by the traces that he left here and there.

The most grandiose show from the creators and producers of the cartoon “Masha and the Bear.” Interactive presentation with exclusive animation, dance and circus numbers, soap bubbles, songs and magicians – the animated series, embodied on the stage.

During the action, viewers will be involved in the performance.

ММЦ “Planet KVN”
December 22 – January 7

Christmas trees 2018-2019: the most interesting New Year's performances for kids

Heroes Santa Claus, Mr. Spam,
Missing children.

Story On the eve of the New Year, the boundaries between the two worlds were broken – children disappeared on the Internet! Santa Claus goes searching in the virtual world.

There is waiting for him, Mr. Spam. “Without the Internet in our time it is impossible, but it’s also dangerous to go into it headlong. Especially children.

Father Frost is busy with this problem along with all progressive humanity, ”said children’s writer, poet, playwright, screenwriter Andrei Usachev about the play.

The real thing The real storytellers took part in the preparation of the script: Andrei Usachev, Eduard Ouspensky (the writer did not become a writer on August 14) and the composer Maxim Dunaevsky.

Before you start in the lobby – an interactive program with gifts.

Concert Hall on the New Arbat
December 24 – January 7

Christmas trees 2018-2019: the most interesting New Year's performances for kids

Heroes Wizards Väinämöinen, Ilmarinen, sorceress Loukhi (artists and musicians of the “Teatriuma at Serpuhovka”).

Plot The performance of Teresa Durova continues a series of ethnic performances of the theater. It is based on the Karelian-Finnish epos “Kalevala”.

The legend of the opposition of the dark and evil northern side and the good and bright southern land where the real heroes live. And Sampo is a mill, forged from a feather, by one of the good sorcerers, whose purpose is to give happiness.

The most-most Maximum authentic space, where the shamans conduct rituals, and people transform into werewolves right on the stage. An orchestra of old instruments performs ethnic music.

You can hear the sound of the kantele (something like a harp) and the yohiko stringed instrument.

“Teatrium on Serpukhovka”
December 22 – January 8

Christmas trees 2018-2019: the most interesting New Year's performances for kids

Heroes Russian illusionists brothers Safronov in the role of themselves.

The plot Guests are invited to space odyssey on three planets. Each has its own mystery, its own riddles, its own heroes, as well as fantastic animals and giant robots. The auditorium turns into a huge intergalactic ship, and the audience becomes not only the passengers, but also the participants of the performance.

They are waiting for the most amazing illusions.

The most-most On an scene everyone can be caused – both the adult, and the child!

December 28 – January 8

Christmas trees 2018-2019: the most interesting New Year's performances for kids

Heroes Residents of eastern countries (circus artists and vocalists of the capital).

Story A story about a brave and kind young man who has found a magic lamp has been turned into a New Year parable here. The creators promise that thanks to the music, decorations and costumes, the audience in the hall will literally feel the enchanting oriental flavors!

The very same multi-layered storylines, the skill of circus artists, the subtext of the vocal numbers performed – all this will be equally interesting for both young and adult viewers.

Vegas City Hall
December 21 – January 6

Christmas trees 2018-2019: the most interesting New Year's performances for kids

Heroes Characters tales in an unusual interpretation of Chinese circus artists.

The plot is told in the language of circus and ballet. To the music of Tchaikovsky, against the background of a huge LED screen and light and sound effects, one can simultaneously see 45 acrobats and kung fu masters.

The very-most Participation of one of the best illusionists of the Middle Kingdom, Xiao Hui. Keep track of “hands” is impossible, even if you sit on the first row and pick up binoculars.

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