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Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year’s shows of this winter

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

Winter holidays – the best time for fun parties! During school holidays, the premiere of the new show “New Year’s BOOM!” Will take place. This is a grand costume and theatrical party, created especially for children based on the program “BOOM! SHOW” of the TV channel “Carousel”.

The project was developed jointly with the First Channel. World Wide Web.

The masquerade show consists of bright circus and dance performances, magic tricks, comic enterprises and numbers with the participation of trained animals.

Great Hall of the House of Cinema. From 24.12 to 07.01 c. www.adv-show.ru

For the first time, the heroes of the most popular cartoons will appear on the same stage: “Masha and the Bear” and “Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin the Serpent”, “Dobrynia Nikitich and the Serpent Gorynych”, “Ilya Muromets and the Nightingale the Robber”. A good story (with modern stage technologies, circus acts and a laser show) tells about the adventures of Masha and the Bear in the country of three heroes. Despite the misfortunes, the heroes will cope with the machinations and evil charms of enemies, and the New Year will surely come!

Small spectators (from 1 to 4 years old), who came 40 minutes before the start of the performance, will enjoy the free interactive show Malyshariki.

Crocus City Hall. 17–18, 24–25, 27–30 December; Jan. 2–8 www.7-raduga.

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

Well, really, is it possible to find the best scene for the production of “The Tale of Tsar Saltan” than a water platform? Guests of the New Tree on the water from Maria Kiseleva are waiting for a truly spectacular sight in the chamber space of the pool, which will allow each guest to have a good look at the impressive scenery of the play and plunge into the atmosphere of Pushkin’s favorite fairy tale.

Large and small spectators are waiting for the performance of synchronized swimming stars and diving, flyboard champions and aquabike.

Water stadium “Dynamo”, from 24.12 to 08.01. www.aquamagica.ru

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

“I am a hero!” Is a fabulous show for children and adults at the main film studio of the country “Mosfilm”. And in the roles are also heroes, well-known artists: O. Fedorova, K. Spitz, D. Khrustalev.

The original script, funny music, dancing, stunts, special effects, fabulous lobby, an exhibition of costumes, props, real Santa Claus and Snow Maiden!

K / S “Mosfilm”, from 23.12 to 07.01 at 12:00, 15:00, 18:00. www.kinoelka.ru.

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

Then come along with the children to musical performances at the Moscow Conservatory! Here, on the main academic scene of the capital, fabulous theatrical and musical performances will take place for children and adults. Music from Tchaikovsky’s world-famous ballets: The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty will be performed – the epitome of beauty and kindness in art.

Favorite by many generations of the fairy tale “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen will be read from the stage by theater and film actor Dmitry Dyuzhev.

Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, from 3 to 8 January. www.rusconcert.net.

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

Are there any children who refuse to visit the Country of good cartoons? Here the heroes are waiting for trials, surprises, illusions, flights, stunning imagination of special effects. And also meetings with Karlson, Cheburashka, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella – the legendary characters of Soyuzmultfilm, the anniversary of which is timed to the show.

The interactive program will allow viewers to feel like a hero of a cartoon, more than 50 mimans artists will work in the auditorium.

The guests of the performance are waiting for a FREE interactive show “Winter in Prostokvashino” in the Amusement Park and Amusement Park. Regardless of ticket availability!

Crocus Expo 17–18, 24–25, 27–30 Dec; Jan. 2–8 Sessions of free show: 11:00, 12:00, 14:00, 17:00 on the days of the performance. www.7-raduga.ru.

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

This is the name of a vivid musical performance based on the popular children’s animated series. As many as five fascinating and instructive stories in one view will see small and large audiences.

And the guests of the holiday will not remain only spectators, they will play an active role in the action and without their help Luntik will probably not cope … Santa Claus himself will come to help him, proving that real miracles exist!

45 min. before the performance, an entertainment program will take place, there will be gifts, a face painting, a Christmas tree.

MMMD From 02.01 to 08.01 at 11:00, 14:00 and at 17:00.

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

And proves cheerful family Barboskinyh, went on an exciting journey to the New Year fairy tale. The theme of the performance is very relevant: how to return the interest in the book to children. “Barboskiny, or the secret of the bookshelf” will captivate the audience with a fascinating plot, spectacular scenery, original musical accompaniment, and choreographic and circus numbers will make the presentation a real gift for the whole family.

Svetlanov Hall MMDM. 2-8 Jan; at 11:00; 14:00 and at 17:00.

45 min. before the start – a Christmas tree in the lobby.

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

New Year’s theater-circus show on the water “The Mystery of the Underground Sea” is designed for spectators of different ages, and for preschoolers too, but the issues in it are solved the most serious. To give the bride the fateful stone of golden ocean, Egor goes on a dangerous journey and suddenly falls into the underwater world.

Legends of the Russian sport, winners of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in synchronized swimming, five-time Olympic champions, multiple world and European champion N. Ischenko and S. Romashina take part in the show.

The pool of sports complex “Olympic”, from 24.12 to 30.12, from 02.01 to 08.01 at 11-00, 13-30, 16-30. 45 minutes – entertainment.

Truly fascinating, perfectly conveying the fabulous atmosphere of the New Year’s holidays spectacle – sandy YOLKA SandPRO sand painting studios. This year, the audience will visit a cozy winter fairy tale with the Hedgehog and the Bear Cub Sergei Kozlov.

How cool it is, on New Year’s Eve, on frosty days, bask in the forest house and, sitting by the stove, under the ringing crunch of birch logs, brew hot lingonberry tea, dreaming about meeting Santa Claus. And he will come!

Architect’s house, 24, 25 dec. and Jan 3, 4 at 12:00, 15:00, 18:00. www.elka.sandproject.ru.

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

Musical instruments and notes in the country “DOMISOLDIA” are preparing for the holiday that is about to come, but. A few hours before the chiming clock, all the inhabitants, musical instruments, stop sounding, and their true friends do not even hear the notes at all. Spectators will enjoy the extraordinary musical New Year’s performance “Virtuoso Tree” with the participation of soloists from the Moscow Virtuosi orchestra and guest star Violetta Modestovna, the famous presenter of musical evenings.

Training your ear for music and a sense of rhythm is guaranteed!

Chamber Hall of the Moscow International Museum of Music, 2-8 Jan.

Musical – new format

Just imagine: there is not just a stage in front of you, but a boundless field, a bottomless starry sky, and right above your head – “in the clouds in front of the people, the Warlock brings the Hero”. Really bears!

This is the first in the world musical Chernomor based on the tales of A, S. Pushkin, using the latest 3D Mapping technology. But what other surprises await the audience before the premiere will remain a mystery!

Intrigue adds participation in the show of camels and horses.

An hour before the start, an interactive program for children begins in the lobby.

SC Olympic, from 02.01 to 08.01, at 11:00, 14:30 and 18:00.

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

Since the creation of the famous ballet to the music of P.I. Tchaikovsky and on the tale of E.T. Hoffmann’s The Nutcracker rarely celebrates New Year or Christmas without this performance.

Evgeni Plushenko, Yana Rudkovskaya and PMI Corporation picked up the festive tradition by creating a fairy tale of the same name on the ice with magic elements for the whole family. Viewers promise to show the best skaters, ice acrobats, surprise with luxurious costumes, holograms.

And not only. Official soundtrack performer Dima Bilan.

Moscow, s / c “Olympic”. 12/23/30/12

St. Petersburg, “Ice Palace”. 02.01-07.01.

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

And there will be plenty of them on this most emotional tree! “New Year’s Adventures in the Valley of Monsikov” – the first New Year’s performance, which not only gives children joy, but also helps the development of emotional intelligence (EQ). Children learn to understand their emotions and the emotions of others, becoming more confident. And they will be taught this by new fairy-tale characters – Monsiki, who have already conquered the hearts of many children.

Before the performance – fascinating quests, master classes and competitions.

Concert Hall CKDZH. 23 and 26 dec. Tickets

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

Fans of the famous animated series are invited to the New Year’s musical show “My Little Pony. “Battle for the crown.” Children will not only watch the show, but will also be able to play with their favorite characters, take part in the battle for the crown, dance, take a picture with their favorite characters. Even before the beginning of the performance, the city of magic is waiting for guests in the lobby – Ponyville, with a fair of gifts, a make-up area and a photo, competitions.

And a great round dance!

ММЦ “Planet KVN”, from 22.12 to 30.12, at 10:30, 13:30, 16:30, 19:30. From 02.01 to 08.01 at 10:30, 13:30. dikobrazproduction.ru.

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

On the most magical holiday of the New Year, the Aquamarine Circus of Dancing Fountains gives everyone the circus show “Santa Claus. Start.

When the trees were big ”- ironic-good family history.

The show is woven not only from exciting circus acts and original musical hits performed live by singers, but also from the latest technologies that will take the audience into the heart of an intriguing family story! Stars of world arenas take part in the show – acrobats, clowns, trainers, jugglers, illusionists, ballet dancers on ice.

1 hour before the show in the lobby – a program for children. www.circ-a.ru

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

And, of course, viewers of all ages invited to the family Christmas tree from the “Corporation of Robots”, which is held for the third time, and is considered one of the best New Year projects in Moscow. There will be a bright show, and an interactive, in which the best robots from all over the world participate.

So, on the eve of the New Year, the brother and sister are taken to a secret robot station, where they have to free Santa Claus from captivity, imprisoned by his brother Professor Frost. Well, and since the villain is a professor, young rescuers will have to solve a lot of scientific and task problems to win. And robots will help them in this!

Interactive tasks will be so fascinating that even on New Year’s holidays, children will want to do science.

The cost of the magic ticket includes a visit to the famous “Rostantsii”.

Moscow, VDNH, pav. №2. From 11.12.16 to 08.02.17. www.robostantsiya.rf / tree. Go

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

It is precisely under this slogan that the New Year celebrations will be held in Masterslavl. The children will not only master the professions, participate in exciting contests, games and master classes, but also contribute to the Charity Bazaar, which will unfold the streets of the city.

Bake Christmas cookies, decorate the Christmas tree with homemade toys, put on a play, learn the rules of a festive table setting and much more – everything will be in the hands of novice craftsmen! And then Santa Claus will surely appear, there will be a salute, a unique light-music show and gifts – each young visitor will receive a souvenir.

Every evening session (from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm) young visitors will take part in an exciting adventure and help make this New Year’s miracle happen in the Children’s City of Masters.

“MasterSlavl” (Business District “Moscow-City” in the shopping gallery, connecting the metro station “Vystavochnaya” and the pedestrian bridge Bagration). From 10:00 to 19:00. www.masterslavl.ru

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

All were once small. And Santa Claus too, although it is very difficult to believe in looking at his long white beard.

New Year’s show of the Circus of Dancing Fountains “Aquamarine” will tell not only about the childhood of the main winter wizard, but also about how the New Year’s tradition began to give presents to everyone. And also – who are Karachun, Treskun, Zimnik, Vyuzha, and how these strict teachers educated young Frost.

Waiting for viewers and other wonders. The scene during the show will constantly change, then it will turn into a sparkling ice arena, then a rainbow of dancing fountains similar to the northern lights will bloom.

Stars of world arenas take part in the show – acrobats, clowns, trainers, jugglers, illusionists, ballet dancers on ice.

One and a half hours before the show, an interactive animation program for children will start in the lobby, with the participation of the performance’s heroes.

Circus dancing fountains “Aquamarine”. 10 minutes walk from Proletarskaya metro station. CIRC-A.RU

Who damaged the Christmas tree garland ?! In the country, OZ were preparing to celebrate the New Year and quietly peacefully decorated the Christmas tree, when it was discovered that someone had cut the wires. The villain did not hide – it was an evil professor Elektrozar, who decided to spoil the holiday.

He wanted to de-energize the magical country, destroy all electronic devices and capture it with the help of electromagnetic weapons. Will the brave Megavolta and his friends manage to cope with the insidious villain and will the New Year holiday take place?

Large and small spectators are invited to be surprised at this show, because on the stage, electrical discharges are dancing on the stage in generators with a voltage of 1-2 million volts, dancing to the beat of the music! And they are controlled by the lightning catcher Megawolt, who is at the epicenter of the electric storm during the entire performance, demonstrating to the audience the wonders of physics.

There will also be a laser show and electronic music performed by real lightning from two to seven meters in length, an attraction called “The Cell of Fear”, a plasma show, a neon show and many more interesting things.

The duration of the program is 1.5 hours. Ticket price: 1900 rubles.

Tesla-Hall scientific and entertainment center from 23.11 to 08.01. at 12.00, 14.00, 16.00, 18.00. http://www.tesla-elka.ru/

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

Who did not lose socks! And Santa Claus too. And socks, they are alive.

And Monogamous, live in pairs and very upset when they are lost (you keep this in mind and do not lose them). Santa Claus’s socks are, of course, magical, and when the brave wool sock Zebra lost his Bebra, he immediately began to look for her.

In addition, without socks, the Grandfather will not be able to meet the New Year, and it will not come!

This is a piercing story inspired by the poetry of Yunna Moritz and 200 socks of all shapes, colors and sizes presented by actors at two different venues in Moscow for viewers from 3 years old. The performance lasts only 30 minutes, and another 20 minutes – a master class, takes place in a family atmosphere where the actors play with the children, and complements the action of the interactive scene and the shadow theater.

In the final – making your own sock friend and a festive distribution of candy!

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

The performances are held at various venues: in the House of Fanny Bell in the Garden. Bauman and Children’s Club “Talentville.” Tickets and schedule: http://funnybell.ru/ded-moroz-nosok/

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

Soon the New Year, the smell of Christmas trees and tangerines, the rustle of wrapping paper and, of course, children’s Christmas parties! The first Christmas party of the baby is always a special and touching event!

Baby Sensory Centers (Baby Sensory) invite you to the holiday “My First Christmas Tree 2017”! A unique for Russia format of the New Year holidays for the youngest children from birth to 3 years old is waiting for you.

On our holidays we will plunge into a beautiful Christmas story and get acquainted with the wonderful New Year traditions of England and Russia: prepare for a meeting with Santa Claus, play warm snowballs and find gifts in colorful socks, dance around the Christmas trees and have fun under the snowfall of desires! And that’s not all!

Information by phone: +7 (495) 135-22-12

Schedule and ticketing: pay.baby-sensory.info

Christmas trees 2016-2017: the best New Year's shows of this winter

On December 23 a new constellation will appear on the Moscow skyline – “Magic Disney constellation”. A unique in format and unsurpassed in scale dramatized concert show will be held during the New Year holidays in Luzhniki. Young viewers and their parents will hear the most famous hits from the popular animated films “Little Mermaid”, “Cinderella”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Rapunzel”, “Aladdin”, “The Cold Heart”, “The Lion King”, “The Jungle Book”, “ Mary Poppins “, the film” Pirates of the Caribbean “in the live performance of musical stars and symphony orchestra.

Frames from your favorite animated films on a giant screen, visual effects, colorful lighting design, bright decorations and costumes will allow you to immerse yourself in the magical world of Disney.

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