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Choosing diapers for babies

Choosing diapers for babies

Reusable diapers are usually made of cotton fabric of the appropriate size and shape. Classic disposable diapers consist of at least three layers.

The layer adjacent to the body consists of a soft non-woven material that lets moisture inside, while it remains dry. The inner layer consists of pressed cellulose mixed with adsorbent granules.

It absorbs and retains moisture inside, turning it into a gel. Between the outer coating and the adsorbent film is attached, which protects the diaper from leaking.

In addition, the diaper has internal rezinochki on the sides, rear and bottom edge, as well as a belt adjacent to the body. The diaper is fastened on the front of the clasps.

All materials from which diapers are made are hypoallergenic and safe for the child. Still, baby’s skin contact with dry granules of the adsorbent or gel particles (this sometimes happens if the diaper has not changed for a long time and is already full) is undesirable, and getting the filler in the mouth is dangerous – it can lead to vomiting.

That is why all the layers of the diaper are securely interconnected. Opening a diaper without scissors is quite difficult, and yet you should take precautions.

Make sure that the crumb did not play with the diaper and did not take it in his mouth.

To size. When choosing a size, focus primarily on the weight of the child.

When buying, choose the most accurate size. Too big a diaper will sit loosely, too small – squeeze in the waist.

For premature babies with very small weight, you need to buy the smallest size (2-5 kg), since there are no special diapers for such children.

“Technical” characteristics are determined by the needs of the baby, which change as it grows and develops. For a newborn whose skin is extremely sensitive, the main factors are comfort and softness.

Of great importance is the quality of the inner layer of the diaper, which is in constant contact with the ass of the baby. Diapers for older children who are actively moving and starting to sit, in addition to softness and tenderness, must also have the ability to absorb quickly and easily.

Today, most manufacturers offer diapers and reusable sticky clasps. This means that if you need to undress the baby if you see that the diaper is still dry, you can safely use it again.

While a diaper with disposable clasps would have to be thrown away: when unzipped, they are easily torn. In addition, most modern diapers have an improved inner layer.

New additional layer absorbs moisture faster and in greater quantities. She does not get on the skin of the baby, even when the crumb puts pressure with its weight on the diaper.

The so-called “breathing” diapers are also produced, the outer layer of which contains microscopic pores that can pass air to the baby’s skin and allow the passage of refracted air from the diaper to the outside. In this case, moisture is safely stored in the inner layer of the diaper.

Some diapers are available in several types: for boys, for girls and universal. They differ from each other in the location of the absorbent layer. In models of diapers for girls, the absorbing adsorbent layer is located in the central part and behind, and in models for boys it is shifted to the stomach.

Today, unisex diapers are the most popular, in which the absorbing layer is evenly distributed throughout the entire absorption zone.

  • Diapers should be changed regularly: after each feeding, sometimes between feedings, with each chair and always in the evening before bedtime, to prevent diaper rash.
  • Do not judge diapers only by packaging, try two or three brands. Often the price – an indicator of quality. Cheap diapers of little-known brands should be left for an emergency.
  • With regard to the form, manufacturers have recently increasingly become inclined to the diaper panties. Not so long ago, they were intended only for children who already walk on their own, and they only need a diaper just in case. Now, diapers, shorts are available for children from 9 months. The fact is that their groove has a cutout fitted to the baby’s movements, and they are also thinner and lighter.

For the most beloved!

Pampers Premium Care Diapers

Choosing diapers for babies

Soft as silk top layer gently and gently envelop the skin of the baby, allowing her to breathe. The unique absorbent channels instantly absorb the liquid, evenly distribute it and turn it into a gel, “locking” inside the diaper for up to 12 hours.

A special moisture indicator tells you when the diaper is changed – the mother can not worry, because she knows for sure that the baby is comfortable.

Average price: about 320 rubles.

Diapers Libero Newborn

Choosing diapers for babies

Soft diapers for newborns with a special cut for the navel, covered with a thin breathable material to avoid rubbing, and an indicator of moisture. Created specifically for the delicate and sensitive skin of newborns.

Each pack of Libero Newborn has diapers for two different cute designs.

Average price: about 349 rubles.

Softness and comfort

Diapers Huggies Elite Soft

Choosing diapers for babies

The inner layer with special pads provides incredible softness, and a special absorbent layer of Soft Absorb absorbs liquid stools and moisture in seconds. For even more tenderness, 100% organic cotton is present.

In Huggies® Elite Soft diapers, your baby will always look original and cute, because each one has a touching image of a favorite hero – Winnie the Pooh.

Average price: about 320 rubles.

Taking care of the baby

Diapers Molfix Newborn

Choosing diapers for babies

Molfix Newborn diapers are designed specifically for newborns, because the baby’s delicate skin requires care from the first days of life. The ultra-soft inner layer and the breathable outer layer do not cause irritation and diaper rash and provide comfort, and a special neckline for the navel contributes to the quick healing of the umbilical cord.

Average price: about 480 rubles. (for large packaging)

Diapers bella baby Happy

Choosing diapers for babies

Breathable diapers for children bella baby Happy contain green tea extract with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The elastic belt in the back of the diaper provides a perfect fit to the body of the child, and also protects the tummy from pressure.

The magic green distribution layer and high elastic ruffles between the legs perfectly protect even the most mobile kids from leaks.

Average price: about 670 rubles. (for large packaging)

For freedom of movement

Diapers Helen Harper Baby

Choosing diapers for babies

Helen Harper Baby diapers are suitable for the most active babies. Incredibly thin, they fit well to the body due to elastic sidewalls.

Restless, easy and convenient to move, and 4-layer absorption system reliably protects against leaks. The first layer quickly absorbs the liquid, the second evenly distributes it over the diaper, the third turns into a gel, and the fourth holds it securely inside for up to 12 hours.

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