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Choosing a stroller for a newborn

The baby carriage cradle is a full-fledged carriage for a newborn. The basket, located at a sufficient height from the ground, will reliably protect the baby from wind, dust, rain and snow.

The high location of the basket contributes to the convenience of communication with the baby. In addition, in the stroller, the baby will not shake the child too much. On such carriages it is convenient to place a large capacity for luggage.

The classic stroller with a cradle is not the only vehicle suitable for the crumbs. There are also transforming strollers, 2 in 1 strollers, 3 in 1 strollers.

Each of them also has a cradle, which is ideal for the newborn.

Choosing a stroller for a newborn

Ideal for newborns (from 0 to 6 months). The cradle is covered with expensive soft fabrics.

Recommended for use in a car in group 0 (from 0 to 9 kg) with the Inglesina car kit. The weight of the cradle is 6 kg. Dimensions – 35 x 22 x 75 cm.

Special ventilation system. Ergo Bike chassis on inflatable wheels.

From 34 490 rub. (stroller + cradle), Detsky Mir store chain

A stroller for a baby between the ages of 0 and 8 months must meet several basic requirements. First of all, it should be:

1) Easy. After pregnancy and childbirth, the mother’s body is already weakened, so it is very difficult to push the heavy carriage in front of you. Do not look at the weight indicated by the manufacturer on the package.

The weight can be large, and the stroller is easy to operate and vice versa.

To determine how easy and convenient the stroller is before you buy it, move it, lift it up, as if you are trying to enter the sidewalk, and you will immediately understand everything. When buying, empty carriages often seem light, and when a child is in full “uniform” in them, mom realizes that she can hardly control such a unit.

Therefore, even in the store you can put something heavy in the stroller. For example, a bag to imagine how much it will weigh when there is a baby and children’s things in it.

Choosing a stroller for a newborn

The combined travel system allows you to install a newborn cradle, a walking block that can be mounted in and against the direction of travel, or a group 0+ car seat on the lightweight, innovative chassis. The stroller kit also includes a bag for the accessories needed to care for your baby, as well as a foot muff and a rain cover.

From 34 490 rub. (stroller + cradle), Detsky Mir store chain

2) Spacious. They have a spacious and deep cradle in which the child freely feels in winter clothes. Imported carriages are mainly oriented towards a warmer European climate, and our children, wrapped up in a warm winter overalls, are already fit in there already at 6 months.

The depth of the stroller is also important. The deeper the better.

Some imported strollers are so small that a child, dressed in outerwear and covered with a blanket, turns out to be half out from the stroller, which is very uncomfortable.

3) With good wheels. This is necessary for a good cross stroller. With small wheels it will be difficult for you to get on the sidewalk.

Wheels can be inflatable and ordinary. Of course, inflatables travel more smoothly, but if you live in a normal urban environment, the difference is not very large. However, inflatable wheels have a big disadvantage.

If the wheelchair hits a sharp object, the tires may burst, and it will be necessary to look for tire service for repairs, and the mother with a small child has many other worries and absolutely no time. In addition, inflatable wheels periodically deflate and they must be pumped up.

Choosing a stroller for a newborn

It can be used from birth thanks to the special adapters that are included in the kit. You can also install the Quinny Dreami bassinet on it and the Maxi-Cosi 0+ baby car seat.

The stroller has high maneuverability and maneuverability. It can be either 3 or 4 wheel.

The front wheel is dual and has two positions, in one of which it can turn by itself 360 degrees, and in the second it is fixed in a straight position; rear wheels chamber (pumped). The stroller is equipped with a comfortable foot parking brake. The telescopic handle of the stroller is adjusted to the height. The Quinny Dreami basket is equipped with a mattress, a bedspread, a rain cover and a mosquito net.

The stroller folds easily and compactly.

From 34 490 rub. (stroller + cradle), Detsky Mir store chain

4) With durable safety cage. The safety cage is what is under the fabric that wraps around the body of the stroller. It should be ventilated, and even better – made of impact-resistant plastic (there are no plastic frames in the wheelchair-transformers).

Touch the sides of the stroller: if you feel that there is no hard base under the fabric, then this stroller is not very suitable for winter.

5) The material from which the stroller is made should be durable and easy to wear off. Some strollers are covered in cotton fabric. Such a stroller is more difficult to wash.

You should also bear in mind that blue and cyan are more susceptible to fading in the sun. Bright stroller will be very dirty.

6) The handle must be height adjustable. It is very convenient, since any member of the family can walk with such a pram.

In addition, the handle with adjustable height makes the stroller more compact and helps to fit in a small elevator.

Choosing a stroller for a newborn

Designed specifically for regions where the cold period lasts more than 3 months. The warmed cradle and walking block. A raincoat on a cradle and on the walking block.

Rubber inflatable wheels with a radius of 30 cm have bearings that allow you to easily overcome even large drifts and provides a softer stroke on an uneven surface. The large internal dimensions of the cradle (78 x 35 x 24), which will ensure a comfortable stay in the stroller of even a very large baby.

The kit also includes a warmed envelope, bag for baby supplies, mosquito net.

From 14 170 rub., Detsky Mir store chain

7) Inner cover should be removable. It should be made of cotton fabric, better knitted, easy to wash and remove.

8) The stroller must have good shock absorbers. The braking system should not be separate on each wheel, but in the form of a rail located between the wheels.

9) It is also good if there is a large mesh in the pram and pockets for storing things and products. The mesh at the bottom of the stroller should be strong and preferably deep. It is very convenient if the stroller comes with a bag that hangs on the handle.

If there is no such bag, we advise you to purchase it.

Choosing a stroller for a newborn

Reflective rim for added safety. Waterproof bonnet can be reclined and removed. Reliable 5-point safety belt with soft pads.

Lightweight aluminum frame. Footrest, height adjustable. Front swivel wheels.

Shopping basket. Compact and convenient folding design. The back can be adjusted in different positions.

The convenient handle with adjustment on height. Parking brake.

The swivel seat can be installed along the way and against the movement. Compatible with RÖMER child seats.

From 34 490 rub. (stroller + cradle), Detsky Mir store chain

10) If you have to travel a lot, then pay attention that your chosen stroller easily folds and fits into the car.

For a pushchair, they are usually bought separately: a mattress, a cellophane rain cover, as well as a lock with a cable (probably, his father had already purchased a bicycle). For pneumatic wheels, of course, a pump is needed.

If the manufacturer did not put reflective strips (SOPs) on the pram, it would be useful to do it yourself. They are easy to attach with double sided tape.

Choosing a stroller for a newborn

Lightweight, spring damped. Reliable and stable frame. Inflatable wheels of large diameter.

Effective springs: designed to provide excellent throughput and gentle travel. A lot of useful functions, seats and cradles are combined so that the baby feels comfortable in any situation.

Ventilation in the cradle, lifting headboard, folding seat back, removable bumper: everything is thought out, to the smallest detail. The colors of the stroller are named after the seas and oceans: the Black Sea, the White Sea.

Red Sea, Adriatic, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean.

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