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Choosing a radio and video baby

Choosing a radio and video baby

As you guessed, this is not about Freken Boc, eating buns near the TV, but about a very convenient technical device – a radio or video nurse. It is this tool that allows parents to hear and see everything that happens in the nursery, while being in a completely different place. It consists of a transmitter and receiver of audio or video signal.

The transmitter is located next to the child (sometimes it has a night light that turns on in response to the sound, and some models can “sing” lullabies). The receiving device is somewhat reminiscent of a handset with a speaker or screen, or is made in the form of a wristwatch.

If there is noise in the nursery – the baby’s crying or other sounds, the receiver signals this to the parents.

1. The most advanced models of radio and video monitors work on the basis of digital communication. This avoids interference and background noise.

In order to guarantee quality communication, choose a model not with one, but with several radio (video) channels. This will allow the child to be heard, even if interference has occurred on one of the channels.

2. Most instruments can receive sound within a radius of three meters. This is quite enough to hear the baby.

As for the baby monitor, she will “see” the child from a distance of 10–15 meters, and the device equipped with an infrared sensor will monitor the baby in complete darkness.

3. The maximum distance that a mother can retire with a receiving device is usually 100–200 meters. This characteristic is especially important if you plan to take a “nanny” to the country. Pay attention to how your assistant behaves in the room: a complex layout can interfere with the signal.

If the device will be used only at home, a range of 30–50 meters will do.

4. Although your technical assistant does not eat buns, you still need to eat her. Ask the seller what the model you like prefers: replaceable batteries, rechargeable batteries or an adapter for connecting to the power supply network.

Choose what is right for you.

5. Like any device emitting electromagnetic waves, a radio or video nurse must have a safety badge and a certificate allowing use of the device without harm to the child’s health.

ALEXEY RESNENKO, pediatrician

Choosing a radio and video baby

Baby Monitor Premium 1244, Tomy

Two-way communication. Light indication silently sends a signal to the parent unit.

4 communication channels. The range of action in open space – 300 m, indoors – 50 m. Salons “Kangaroo”.

Choosing a radio and video baby


The transmitter in the form of a sleeping bear is at the same time a nightlight with a soft light and a clock with an alarm clock. In response to the crying baby lullabies and sounds of wildlife. The receiving device can be carried in a pocket or attached to a belt.

The radius of action in open space – 150 m, indoors – 60 m. Shop “Olant”.

Choosing a radio and video baby

Digital wristless bebifon, TEFAL

Reacts to the crying baby, including a night light, has a musical function. Receiving device with vibration – you hear the voice of the child and at the same time see the light signal (can be worn on the wrist or attached to the belt).

Radius of action 400 m. Mn “Olant”.

Choosing a radio and video baby


Provides constant contact with the baby and allows not only to hear the child, but also to talk with him. Light indicators show the volume level of the signal coming from the nursery.

The radius of action in open space – 250 m, in the room – 150 m. Shop “Olant”.

Choosing a radio and video baby

A monitor with a color screen (4 cm diagonal) fits in your pocket. There is a latch for attaching to the belt. The night vision system allows you to observe the child in complete darkness.

The image and sound can be displayed on a regular TV. The monitor turns on automatically at the moment of sound.

There is a headphone jack. Transmission range of 100 meters.

You can record on videotape. salons “Kangaroo”.

Choosing a radio and video baby

Philips baby monitor, SCD489 with DECT technology

Digital device. 120 transmission channels.

The device provides freedom of movement up to 50 meters indoors and up to 300 meters in open space. The parent unit is equipped with a screen; light signals on it display the volume level of the sound. The intercom feature allows you to maintain a conversation not only with the child, but also with other family members.

Five lullaby ringtones. salons “Kangaroo”.

Choosing a radio and video baby

Radio-nurse with access to the telephone network SCD 469, Philips

Thanks to a special device, you can always stay in touch with the child. The range of action in open space is 200 meters, in the room – 50 m. Automatic dialing of any phone number in case of detection of sounds emitted by a child.

The ability to dial a home number to monitor the child or talk to him. Automatic redial, in case the line is busy. salons “Kangaroo”.

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