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Choosing a pot!

Choosing a pot!

Most parents begin to think about teaching the child to the pot early enough. Often the pot appears in the house when the baby is barely six months old and he masters the sitting position.

However, a serious purchase is the time to think when a crumb becomes able to control natural processes, namely from 1.5 years.

So, when the hour X has arrived, remember that when choosing a children’s pot, you must first of all be guided by the fact that the baby is comfortable, comfortable and safe on it, so that nothing distracts him from the main task. Given this, do not rush to take the first exhibit from the shelf, and in advance study the proposed variety.

Depending on the shape, the presence or absence of various additional functions, the pots are divided into:

  • Classic. These are the most ordinary round pots, like those that were in Soviet times.
  • Anatomical. Such has the form of a saddle, a back and a ledge in front. The child sits on a pot of this type with divorced legs.
  • Pots with a “skirt.” They have a comfortable front footrest. Convenience lies in the fact that, sitting or getting up, the baby can not overturn such a pot, because its legs are on the “skirt” and fix the position of the object.
  • Pots-chairs. They resemble a real highchair, with back and legs. However, instead of a seat in this stool, there is an intake that can be easily pulled out to empty the contents.
  • Pots-toys. Can be made in the form of any animal, typewriter or any other toy.
  • Musical. Equipped with special sensors: when the liquid hits the sensor, a pleasant melody plays.
  • Folding. Great hiking option for travel and guests. They have a hard plastic seat and a soft folding insert, which is ejected after filling.
  • One pot can combine several types.

So, what kind of pot is best suited exactly for your child, so that he does not slow down, but helps the baby to learn a new skill? Keep in mind these recommendations – and you will find a winning result!

  1. Remember the main purpose. The simpler the model, the better, especially if it is the first pot of the kid, because there is a risk that the music, luminous elements, faces can lead the kid away from understanding why this object is needed in the first place. In addition, playing on the pot can contribute to the fact that the baby will sit there longer than necessary, and it is dangerous and unhealthy for the muscles of the perineum.
  2. Choose a pot with a wide opening so that the rims do not stick into the delicate parts of the body of the crumbs.
  3. Look out for a steady pot. For obvious reasons, it is very important that the pot is stable. In this sense, models with footsteps are good, or, alternatively, with rubber prophylaxis against sliding.
  4. Do not focus on the presence of the cover. A pot with a lid is useful for those cases where situations are possible in which it will be impossible to immediately empty and wash the pot. If there are no plans to “store” the contents, you can close your eyes for the presence or absence of a lid. Remember that such storage is fraught with the proliferation of bacteria.
  5. Easy to wash. Another breeding ground for bacteria can be the inaccessibility of washing one or another part of the pot. Therefore, if the pot consists of several parts or has a complex shape, pay attention to the fact that it is easily disassembled, and all its parts are available for washing.
  6. Look for a pot of practical and convenient material. Choosing between enamel and plastic, give preference to the second. Enameled pots do not like babies because of the cold seat – there will be no such problem with a plastic pot. In addition, the latter is much easier and they will not be difficult to disinfect.
  7. Check how safe the pot is by focusing on its quality. The material from which the pot is made, such as plastic, must be firm and smooth. Burrs or cracks are unacceptable, because such a pot is not safe for the baby.
  8. You can look at the pot with a handle. Sometimes kids themselves are called to pour the contents of the pot into the toilet, so the handle should be convenient mainly for the child, so that he does not accidentally knock the pot over himself in an attempt to raise it.

Choosing a pot!

Children’s pot My Size Potty from Summer infant

This children’s pot “My Size Potty” from the American company Summer Infant is the only model in the world with a realistic design that amazes with its exact imitation of an adult toilet bowl. Thanks to the thoughtful details of the model, the child will easily learn how to use this item for its intended purpose. There is an interactive pen that reproduces the sound of flushing.

And also there is a box for napkins and a removable container for easy cleaning. Special design protects against splashing. Suitable for children from 18 months to 5 years.

A great option to teach the child to the pot effortlessly! 3990 rub., Shop “Children’s number 1”, www.detskiy1.rf

Choosing a pot!

Everything’s under control

Children’s pot “Convenience and comfort” from Fisher-Price

The Fisher-Price Green Convenience Pot “Convenience and Comfort” allows kids to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed, helps them learn how to use the toilet faster. The pot has two adjustable levels of height of a seat (that it was not too low and not too high), armrests and a convenient high back.

Built-in splash protection for boys helps maintain cleanliness, and the removable tank and smooth surface are easy to clean. The pot is made of high quality durable plastic, safe for children. 2109 rub., Www.detmir.ru

Choosing a pot!

Children’s pot “3 in 1” from Munchkin

The 3 in 1 pot from Munchkin has a number of advantages that both its small owner and parents can appreciate. Firstly, it is distinguished by its multifunctionality, combining 3 steps of adult toilet training and self-washing.

Secondly, this pot has a removable container that provides ease of washing and a deodorizing disc that keeps it fresh. (The secret is that the disc contains baking soda, which eliminates unpleasant odors.) And this model also has a removable seat for adult toilet training and a non-skid base. 2950 rub., A network of “OLANT” magazines, www.olant-shop.ru

Choosing a pot!

Smart Baby Pot from BabyBjorn

The smart pot of the Swedish BabyBjorn brand has an ergonomic design, smooth lines and a smooth surface that create comfort for the baby during a delicate process. The oval shape of the pot was not chosen by chance: inquisitive restlessings often find a new use for the ship, putting it on their head like a hat. The shape of the BabyBjorn Smart pot excludes such incidents.

The high side in front protects against splashes. Behind the pot there is a handle in the form of a notch, with the help of which the child can independently move the pot from one place to another in order to hide from prying eyes. Thanks to high-quality plastic and a removable bowl, it is easy to keep it clean.

There is a rubberized frame at the bottom of the pot. 1599 rub., Www.mothercare.ru

Choosing a pot!

Children’s pot “Plastika”

The ergonomic children’s Plastika pot with anatomical seat and high back provides maximum comfort for the baby. The massive body and rubber inserts prevent the pot from sliding along the floor. The removable insert is removed and cleaned separately.

The pot was awarded the “Golden Bear” sign in the “Best products for kids” nomination. 439 rub., Networks of “Children’s World”, “Ship”

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