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Choose a suitable online service for the child

Choose a suitable online service for the child

One of them is Lego. At one time, the designer dream of every child from 3 to 40 years. A bright and colorful app for Android tablets Lego App4 + will revive the pleasant memories of childhood and will be enthusiastically accepted by your child.

The game is surprisingly exciting and simple at the same time. The indicated age is 4-7 years.

But, as users note, the younger children can easily cope with the initial levels. At the first stage, the child needs to assemble a machine from the proposed parts: choose wheels for it, a cabin and a body. From level to level, cars become more complex and receive new functions.

Gradually, a lego-city is being built from the elements, the diversity of life in which will depend on the victories in the game. The game is well developing spatial thinking, and well-drawn details allow you to understand the assembly scheme on an intuitive level, and the kid quickly moves to the goal.
The “shop” game, popular in every child’s childhood, also moved to the virtual space and has already won loyal fans. The idea of ​​the game “TOCA STORE” is very simple.

By launching the application, the baby enters the hall of the supermarket with 5 baskets. Each basket is filled with optional goods.

The assortment is very good – sweets, fruits, toys, tools for the home and other items that the child will easily remember during the game. The buyer selects the goods from the baskets and carries it to the cashier.

The seller drives in the quantity of goods, counts the coins, knocks out a check and then the buyer transfers the goods to the basket. If you arrange a collective game, the children will also learn to negotiate among themselves and give in to each other.

The space, although virtual, and the position of cashier, and here the most honorable.

One of the most popular applications is the educational game “What grows on the garden”. Excellent bright, colorful, fun and informative game, introduces children to vegetables and fruits and develops attention, memory, coordination and fine motor skills.

The program is designed for kids from 2 years. Cute chanterelle will show you what tomato, cabbage, peas, eggplant and other crops look like.

At the next level, you will need to collect the things called the program into the basket, and even further – put them in places, focusing on the contours shown.
No less popular is the game of the same developers – “Safari”. Here children get acquainted with the inhabitants of the jungle. After the launch, pictures with images of various animals are shown alternately.

By clicking on the image of the beast, the baby will hear the characteristic sound that he makes. Made very realistic and believable. In the automatic mode, the program itself reads the animal descriptions of animals in a soft and kind voice, and in an independent mother should do it.

In addition to the descriptions of animals, in the application there is a section with colorings. Animals can be made bright and fun with one finger movement.

The game is great for kids 2-3 years old.
Older children will enjoy the “Memorize” game. The application trains memory and attentiveness. Surely, many adults have always enjoyed playing with it and will be happy to practice with their children.

The application consists of two separate games: “Look for me” and “Memorize”.

The child will be able to learn letters, numbers and colors using the ABC application. The game consists of several modes, each of which is aimed at teaching individual skills.

In the “smart cubes” mode, the child learns to read. With the help of smart cubes your baby will put letters and syllables into whole words. It is enough to choose the first syllable, and then the program will select such syllables to make a word.

When the word is composed, a picture is displayed on the screen that will help the child match the written word and the real object.

Using the application “tongue twisters” you can easily learn to speak clearly and correctly, as well as get rid of many speech defects. It will be useful for both children and adults, so the game can turn into a fun pastime for the whole family.

4-9 years is the optimal age for practicing, since it is at this time that the speech apparatus is formed. If you have problems with pronunciation, tongue twisters on problem sounds will help – p, l, u, w. Professional sound is demonstrated at a slow and accelerated pace.

All in one
A separate layer of applications are family services that combine developmental applications and games suitable for children of different ages.
The application that deserves attention is the FROLIK family service. This is a whole shell for a smartphone on Android, setting which you no longer need to fear that by clicking on the icons, the kid erased important information or sent SMS to your boss.

FROLIK blocks the buttons of the smartphone, and the application will not close accidentally, giving access to the desktop of the gadget.
Thanks to such complex applications with the function kids lock, the kid can learn everything at once: develop memory, count, draw and assemble jigsaw puzzles. The application is built in such a way that difficult levels can be paid not only with parental money (Frollers), but also with asterisks that a child can earn on his own by correctly passing the FROLIK games.
The parental control system on frolic.com allows you to monitor the activity of a small user, drawing conclusions about his preferences. Based on this information, parents can create a program for the full development of their child.

The time spent by the child with the gadget is controlled remotely, which makes it possible to avoid the notorious “standing over the soul” of the beloved child and to form his ability to make independent decisions.

We see that the choice of applications is huge, and the best of them are really involved in raising a child and allow you to control this process. As they say, you just have to figure out how even the most “scary” technological innovations stand on your side.

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