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Children’s hysterics: 8 good reasons why baby cries

Children's hysterics: 8 good reasons why baby cries

“A healthy baby rolls tantrums! Where is it good for ?! ”- this is how children usually react to grandmother’s children’s tears, and often moms and dads follow them. But crying and crying in the first year of life, when the crumb still does not know how to talk, is absolutely natural: for a newborn, this is practically the only way to tell adults about their desires or that something is wrong with him.

A healthy and well-groomed baby will not cry for no reason! And the faster a mother comes to help a child when he complains about something, the less his nervous system suffers and the more favorable impression he has about the habitat – the house in which he lives.

Do not listen to those who say: “cry and calm down.” You can not spoil the baby before the year!

But at this age, you can either create a baby’s confidence in the safety and reliability of this world, or destroy it.

The reasons for crying may be different, but one thing unites them: the baby feels discomfort, which the mother must promptly notice and eliminate. So, how to calm a tantrum?

Here is an approximate classification of the causes of crying, which will help parents quickly navigate the situation and calm down the baby.

1. HUNGER – one of the most common reasons why a baby rolls tantrums. It is quite easy to distinguish “hungry” crying from other types of hysterics: the baby begins to cry a certain time after feeding, make mouth sucking movements, “catch” the breast, stretch the arms. Crying at the same time demanding, loud, little face – pitiful.

If the mother does not give him a breast or bottle, he becomes choking and hysterical. How to calm a tantrum in this case?

If crying is caused by hunger, after feeding the baby will immediately calm down.

2. INTESTINAL TARGLES. Arise due to the immaturity of the enzymatic systems of the child, allergic reactions, eating disorders of the nursing mother. In the intestines of the baby, gases are accumulating and pressing on the walls, causing pain. How to calm the tantrum caused by colic?

First of all, note that crying while intermittent, seizures. The baby shrieks and shrieks from crying, and then calms down for a short period. While crying, he can pull up his legs.

Feeding does not eliminate crying, and the baby starts screaming immediately after eating. Fight colic as follows. Try to warm the baby, take it in your arms, hold it close to you.

On a tummy put a hot-water bottle with warm water or a film rolled several times and ironed with a hot iron. Often, the vapor tube helps: the gases will escape and the child will feel lighter.

There are also special preparations that are not absorbed by the intestines, but act only on the gas bladder, breaking its wall and thus relieving the crumbs of pain (before using them you should consult with your doctor!).

3. DISCOMFORT. Often a child rolls tantrums in the event that he just wet the diaper or “filled” the diaper. Do not allow diaper rash, they give the children inconvenience and, of course, cause crying.

The same happens if some baby gets under the clothes, or there are seams or appliqués on the clothes that can pin or rub the baby’s delicate skin. A crumb can cry if he is just tired of lying in one position and wants to roll over.

And sometimes he wants to talk or does not want to sleep, but they are trying hard to put him to sleep – in this case, the protest is guaranteed.

Children's hysterics: 8 good reasons why baby cries

4. OVERFATURE. Kids very quickly get tired because of the hyper-excitability of the nervous system. The baby is tense, crying after waking, eyes can be closed – this is a sign of over-excitement, fatigue, inability to fall asleep.

This type of hysteria is often accompanied by a yawn, a whimper, an emotional expression of anxiety and resentment.
The kid first loses interest in the surrounding world, after which he begins to move restlessly, whimper or cry loudly. The longer the baby cries, the more tired it becomes. It is important to know that the baby is not always able to calm himself and fall asleep: the more fatigue, the stronger and longer he will cry.

How to calm a baby’s tantrum? The following techniques will help you in this situation:

  • Put the baby on your chest or belly. The warmth of your body and the sound of the heart rhythm will calm him, reminding him of life inside his mother’s tummy and causing a feeling of comfort.
  • Change position. For example, wear the baby vertically or, on the contrary, lay horizontally. This method allows you to relieve muscle tension or reduce the load on any group of muscles.
  • Air the room. The flow of fresh air will give the child the opportunity to breathe more deeply, and the normal ventilation of the lungs will increase the flow of oxygen to the brain.
  • Change the lighting. Maybe the baby is cutting eyes too bright light or, on the contrary, it is very dark in the room? Respectively or close the curtains, or turn on the dim light.
  • Turn off the TV and ask others not to make noise. Perhaps the baby is just scared of loud and harsh sounds.
  • Sing a lullaby. Even the youngest children have lullabies soothingly, their rhythms are in tune with the rhythm of sleep that our brain generates.

Children's hysterics: 8 good reasons why baby cries

5. PAIN. Crying smooth, incessant, with occasional bursts of desperate cry, the child goes into hysterics, which, in all likelihood, is associated with increased pain. In such a cry, it is as if suffering is heard.
If you are worried about the tummy, the baby, screaming, has legs, pulls them to the stomach. Such pains should be closely monitored, since, in addition to the usual colic, there are dangerous abdominal pains (for example, during invagination of the intestines), which require urgent surgical intervention.
When the baby cuts teeth, in addition to crying, he will pull everything in his mouth, he may experience increased salivation. The child will be capricious, his temperature will rise, liquid stools will appear.

Crying tedious, long-lasting, with loud splashes at night.
Crying at otitis – then the child takes care of the ear (or both at once). As a rule, in newborns, acute otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear) arises as a complication of intrauterine infection or against the background of the common cold. Crying at the same time loud, shrill, with painful intonations.

The kid, barely starting to eat, throws his chest and for a long time refuses to start eating again.
Refusing to breast and cry a crumb may also be due to the inflammatory process on the mucous membrane of the cavity of his mouth.
Finally, sometimes babies cry before they pee. If this happens systematically, it means that the baby may have an inflammatory process. If crying during urination is accompanied by fever, you should consult a doctor.

6. OVERHEATING OR REDUCING. Thermal control in infants is immature, so babies quickly overheat or overcool, and respond to discomfort with tears. How to recognize the symptoms and how to calm the tantrum? When the child is hot, he turns red, starts whimpering, release the arms and legs, tossing around in the crib.

Red spots appear on the skin – prickly heat. The crying increases and the temperature may rise (up to 37–37.5 °).

If the baby is cold, at first a sudden and piercing crying gradually becomes whimpering, hiccups begin. The arms and legs are cold to the touch, the skin on the chest and back is cool.

7. BREAST MIGRAINE – a special cause of children’s hysterics. Some babies who have been diagnosed with hypoxia during pregnancy or during childbirth, suffer from headache caused by increased intracranial pressure, nervous system disorders, increased excitability. Such children are often meteo-dependent: they react sharply to changes in atmospheric pressure, weather changes — for example, they behave restlessly in strong wind, rain, or snowfall.

The baby will “tell” you about the headache with a long cry, which is difficult to relieve. It will be difficult to calm the baby, he will refuse a breast or a bottle, and a ripple can be seen on the fontanel.

8. DEFICIT ATTENTION. Another reason your child is hysterical is very trivial – it’s boredom! Your baby is just very lonely.

At the same time he cries with breaks, with open eyes: as if he is calling and listening, checking if there is anyone nearby. If nothing happens as a result, the crying becomes continuous.

How to calm a tantrum? Just take the crumb in your arms, talk to him, entertain, comfort.

Children's hysterics: 8 good reasons why baby cries

First of all, find out the cause of crying, acting by the method of elimination. Maybe the baby has a dirty diaper or does he want to sleep? Next, check the clothes (perhaps it is cold or, on the contrary, too hot), the condition of the stroller or bed: is everything clean, smooth and comfortable, is there no diaper rash or rash on children’s skin?

If the baby has begun to cry, take it in your arms, give a breast or bottle. Shouting, being on hand?

Shake, gently talk to him, show something interesting.

The recipe to “give a cry” when a child rolls a tantrum is far from being the most effective and certainly not the best. Crying depletes the strength of the baby and lowers the level of oxygen in the blood. Try not to let the crumble roar more than 10 minutes.

First, the longer he cries, the harder it is to calm him down. Secondly, it is not so safe: too violent, long-term crying can cause respiratory affective spasm – respiratory arrest, which is fraught with fainting and even an attack of convulsions.

The main rule in any, even the most unpredictable, situation: the more confident the mother, the calmer the baby. But it is a completely different thing if you notice a crying sudden or not peculiar to your child. If no obvious cause of concern is found, and the baby continues to scream and fight hysterically, it is better to play it safe and call the doctor: he will be able to examine the child and give appropriate recommendations.

After all, even newborns can have acute surgical pathology (volvulus, injured hernia, appendicitis), inflammations that compress the nerve endings and cause pain, as well as congenital anomalies accompanied by pain.

Children’s tantrums: taming the obstinate
The baby knocks his feet on the floor, screams at the top of his throat, turns red as a beet … For children 2-4 years old, hysterical is a sure way to be heard. Not all parents know how to behave during the performance: to comfort, shout in response?

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Ten recipes from children’s tantrums
Outbursts of anger, torrents of tears, inconsolable sadness and sudden mood swings – the strong emotions of children put us off balance. How to deal with them?

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Let’s not be angry: how to cope with childish hysteria?
“Oh, how angry I am!” This exclamation from the song in the cartoon “Blue Puppy” describes not only the feelings of the Pirate’s hero, but sometimes your baby. And sooner or later every parent faces this.

Children’s moods and tantrums are explained by the peculiarities of the adulthood stage, the changing needs of the child, and therefore we can react in different ways. How to calm the baby’s tantrum without harming him and your relationship – read on

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