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Children’s books for the soul

Children's books for the soul

Children's books for the soul

I do not want to sleep!
Tiger cub was very naughty. He did not like going to bed.

And one day my mother’s patience broke. “Well, walk till the morning!” She answered, and the Tigreon, delighted, rushed off into the jungle. You can read about the adventures of the little Tiger Cub in the book, especially since the texts are designed for the smallest listener: they do not have long sentences, cumbersome participial and extraparticular revolutions, difficult and incomprehensible words.

Clear, large illustrations, page-by-page coincidence of the picture and text, the plot close to the kids, and understandable humor – all this makes the book ideal for reading a book before bedtime for very young children.

A good lesson to all the naughty tiger cubs, kittens and other guys. It’s great, of course, instead of sleeping properly, to get away from mom in the jungle … But even there, guys, all the animals are sleeping at this time!

Children's books for the soul

Mouse Peep to the rescue!
The book is part of the series For the smallest, which distinguishes it with large illustrations and text that is understandable to any child.

The day on the farm turned out to be troublesome: the pig was harvesting, the cow was painting the wall, the goat was putting hay in a stack. Little Peep really wanted to help everyone, but the animals were in no hurry to give him important assignments, but it turned out that he could be very useful.

Less is better! Not always short stature and age – an obstacle to success.

Especially when you sincerely want to help others and do a good deed.

Children's books for the soul

Car history. Says Mulle Mek
The Swedish mechanic Mulle Mek, familiar to readers from the series of books by Mulle Mek is a skillful person, travels with his dog Buffa in time in a new series and tells in detail about the history of various technical inventions. The book contains many interesting technical and historical facts that are understandable for children 3-7 years old.

To admire cars is one thing, but to understand them is another. How it all began in the history of cars?

What kinds of them exist today? And what awaits us tomorrow?

A cute mechanic with his smiling dog Buffa will tell and show everything.

Children's books for the soul

Edible pictures. Fun breakfasts for big and small
Once – and you have for breakfast a delicious and healthy toast in the form of Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, a funny moose, or even Picasso’s paintings. Porridge, “turned” into a cute panda, pig or lion with a lush mane, any child will eat in two accounts and ask for supplements.

The author of the book, Norwegian Ida Shivenese shows how to turn a boring cheese sandwich or porridge into a real masterpiece on a plate in a couple of minutes and without much effort. The basis of many sandwiches, the author takes pictures of famous masters – Van Gogh, Dali, Matisse, Frida Kahlo, etc., giving brief information about the artist’s work and the creation of their masterpieces.

The book will be interesting not only for kids, but it is also perfect for adults for creative family leisure. Any ingredients can be replaced with your own, and the pictures can be supplemented with other elements, yielding to your imagination.

Classics of painting, as well as fairy tales, films, own creativity, with grace (and, admittedly, with an appetite), the author of the book embodies with the help of food on a plate. “And so you can!” – Says the artist. And we can.

And eat, with pleasure.

Children's books for the soul

Sweet tooth and all-all-all …
The book is a collection of funny and instructive stories in pictures based on archival issues of the magazine “Funny Pictures”. Toddlers will be happy to consider painted stories about intelligent and mischievous boys and girls, about amicable and intelligent beasts. Evil characters do not seem scary to children, because they always find themselves in a ridiculous position.

Each story is hidden deep educational meaning: kids learn to see the sequence of events, make up stories, describe the actions of the characters and their emotions. The collection contains stories in pictures, fairy tales, riddles, labyrinths, paired pictures for finding differences and fascinating comic strip stories.

“Funny Pictures” is a favorite children’s magazine of our parents and grandparents. In “Sweet Tooth” collected the best pages of the first issues of the magazine, which, no doubt, like both adults and children. Yes, the Soviet guys also had their own comics!

Children's books for the soul

Tales of lions and sailboats
A collection of humorous adventure stories about the adventures of a sailor-eccentric named Steamboat and coastal seaman Slip. The book was published for the first time in the 70s of the last century by the efforts of two talented Leningraders – the writer Svyatoslav Sakharnov and the artist Mikhail Belomlinsky, the work combines a figurative language with very modern and lively illustrations.

From the absurd to reality, from fiction, to reality – as if on waves on a sailboat, the heroes of the steamer and Slip float and dive through the pages of this book. It is interesting to read this unusual book with children: everyone can understand it in his own way, and then share his impressions.

Children's books for the soul

Puppet show
If the characters, costumes and the stage are made with their own hands, if the puppeteers are the children themselves, as well as their mothers, fathers, other family members and friends, then the puppet theater transforms into a super-magical, incredibly exciting action. This book awakens children’s imagination, involves in the “director’s game”, helps to overcome shyness and “squeezing”, forms useful skills of needlework, but the main thing. – This book fascinates, fascinates and unites both adults and children.

Do you like theater? You, as well as your children, will love it without fail, because with this magnificent book you can create it yourself.

Glove, finger, shadow, puppet! And do not say that you do not have the test, old socks and gloves, foam rubber, cones or eggs.

Only this is needed, all other tips and step by step drawings – in the book.

Children's books for the soul

Professions. When I grow up, I will become …
The book gives an idea of ​​almost 300 professions – both common and not so. Do your children know what the breeder, librettist, dog handler, agronomist, pyrotechnist, zavlit, entomologist, choirmaster, barista, porter, paramedic, ornithologist, air traffic controller do?

The book will tell and (most importantly!) Show all the professional field. Each place of work, whether it is an airport, a cafe or a farm, is first clearly illustrated, and then at the next page is described in detail, information is given about all the main professionals of a particular field of activity.

The book is not only interesting, but also really useful for those who have not yet chosen a profession. Here are collected 17 topics that unite 248 (!) Professions.

And all with descriptions, with pictures that can be viewed and viewed, invent your own stories. Choose your profession!

The material was prepared with the assistance of the publishing house “Melik-Pashayev.” All books of the publisher can be viewed on the website of the publisher.

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