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Children of the big city

Children of the big city

In urban life there are undeniable advantages. The wider the space in which the child lives, the more opportunities to open his abilities and develop them in the future.

In addition, the urban lifestyle imposes on a small special imprint – it is well adapted to changing the situation and better versed in the surrounding people.

But with regard to the health of children, residents of the metropolis should remember some rules. In the first 3 years of life, the work of the body of the kids is just getting better, and it is very important to protect them from the effects of external conditions that may cause diseases in the future.

It is enough to remind, for example, of vitamin D. Small citizens, even southerners, really need it, because they get less ultraviolet rays from urban smog, so knowing that its deficiency causes rickets, pediatricians prescribe from September to June up to 3 years special drug (it is called cholecalciferol).

Doctors attribute the appearance of some diseases in children with the influence of a large city, especially if the residential area is located next to a large factory, construction site or highway. Kids are more sensitive to external conditions than adults and even the elderly.

Children of the big city

The small inhabitants of megacities inhale, to put it mildly, not the cleanest air in the world. Machines, smoke, industrial production – they all pollute the environment in which we live.

Experts believe that car exhausts interfere with the work of the protective mechanisms of the respiratory tract, opening the way for the reproduction of pathogens of infectious diseases in them – such as viruses of SARS and influenza. Unfortunately, the atmospheric self-cleaning systems in large cities do not always cope with the load, or at least they need time to neutralize dangerous concentrations of smoke and other substances. Therefore, on winter days, we often have to breathe with a mixture of “smoke and snow fog”, and in summer we have to breathe stale air, stagnant without clearing its wind and precipitation.

These conditions make babies prone to irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes (they turn red and watery), disorders in the stomach and intestines (regurgitation, dysbacteriosis), allergies due to skin contact with cold air and chemicals (paints, for example), respiratory diseases . For example, frequent ARDs occur due to the fact that the ability of the cilia of the tissue lining these paths to clear the bronchi from dust and harmful substances decreases.

To protect children from the influence of pollutants, install an air conditioner or air purifier at home. Not the best way to the atmosphere in the apartment is affected by gas stoves, especially if you forget to ventilate the kitchen. Experts have noticed that kids who live in such houses are more likely to have an acute respiratory disease.

And also make sure that fireplaces, gas fireplaces and ovens work properly.

  • Do not walk with your baby along major highways. Keep in mind that the concentration of hazardous substances is greatly reduced at a distance of 50 m from the side of the road.
  • Considering that harmful elements usually accumulate in the air close to the ground, at a level no higher than 80–100 cm, choose strollers for your children higher.
  • In the days of “smog” danger try not to leave the house.
  • Do not start the car if the garage door is closed so that toxic agents do not accumulate in a confined space.
  • Do not forget to check from time to time whether the exhaust system of your car is in order, and not because of the threat of being fined, but in order to make sure that it is safe for others, and above all for you and your child.
  • If you and your baby had to be stuck in traffic, close the windows and turn on the air conditioner.

Respiratory gymnastics is a good way to strengthen the body of young citizens. Children who are sick often, are engaged in special programs.

Children of the big city

The health of the child largely depends on its quality. Experts came to the conclusion that people who have been drinking too “soft” water for many years (which contains little calcium and magnesium) are prone to heart and vascular diseases, and “hard” (highly mineralized) water can lead to urolithiasis.

Pediatricians recommend giving kids special baby water, which is extracted from natural sources. Its quality and composition is best suited for small townspeople.

Almost everywhere, residents of megalopolises are accompanied by physical fields – temperature, acoustic, vibration, electromagnetic. They are created around themselves by modern technology.

  • The special services of ecological assistance will help determine the extent of this load in your home and protect your baby from it. Information about them can be found in reference books in the section “Urban Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Services”.

A few more rules to follow at home:

  • Try to do the cleaning at least 1 time a day to get rid of ticks (they are not visible to the eye and live in house dust), cockroaches, mold. Equipping the nursery, it is desirable to do without carpets, heavy curtains and upholstered furniture.
  • Make sure that there are no sources of strong odors in your home: organic solvents, phenol vapors (they are distributed, for example, by synthetic furniture panels).

Remember also: gymnastics, massage, swimming, wiping, pouring harden kids and makes the body more resistant to the influence of the city.

Children of the big city

Kids, like adults, do not tolerate wet, dank weather, when the air temperature moves through the 0 ° C mark and becomes positive. The smaller the child, the more sensitive it is to such changes. A change of weather in combination with environmental problems or magnetic storms is an explosive mixture that greatly affects babies.

On such days, children begin to be naughty or complain of abdominal pain. By the way, incomprehensible adult touchiness is a completely normal manifestation of increased vulnerability, typical of babies during periods of dramatic weather changes and smog danger.

On days when the weather changes, try to be less among people – because of the risk of getting sick.

Sensitivity to weather changes is largely dependent on our well-being. It is weakened if the baby is well rested and cheerful in spirit, and increases due to overwork, stress, illness, when the central organs of regulation are disturbed, and especially the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for the constancy of the body.

In addition, at a certain age, children react to the weather more acutely. They are especially vulnerable in critical periods of the formation of immunity:

  • up to 6 months;
  • in the 2nd year of life;
  • 6–7 years old.

Children of the big city

In metropolitan areas, the percentage of frequently ill children is high (they usually live in areas that are not the most prosperous from the point of view of ecology). Such children easily become ill with various acute respiratory viral infections and recover for a long time: they complain of weakness, cough and sleep poorly.

In addition, these babies, especially those that are younger, often have complications. After small townspeople can catch ARVI again.

The reason for such vulnerability is not only in the large crowding of people, but also in the maximum environmental stress (pollution of the external environment: air, water, space), typical of a megacity.

In large cities, one circumstance is registered: along with the development of production, the number of patients with bronchial asthma is increasing, including among babies. After all, the lungs of a child need clean air and a constant composition of gases, primarily oxygen, whose content in the atmosphere depends on external emissions.

Patients with asthma are very sensitive to an increase in the concentration of ozone in the air – one of the main components of smog. Ozone is formed under the action of sunlight on the products of automobile exhaust.

The situation is saved only by the fact that the human body can adapt to low concentrations of this substance.

Another problem of small townspeople is allergic skin irritation. Most often, the appearance of allergies is associated with pollution of the surrounding space, although it is not its cause, rather the condition complicating the situation.

For example, harmful substances that eject internal combustion engines and diesel engines into the air have an aggravation of atopic dermatitis in babies.

Children of the big city

Is it possible to make small townspeople grow healthy? Of course, this is why most children develop well.

A few simple rules will help protect kids from the unfriendly influence of a big city.

  1. Try to air and clean the house at least 1-2 times a day. You will reduce not only the concentration of allergens, but also causative agents of infectious diseases. If the apartment has air conditioning, monitor the quality and condition of its filters.
  2. Kids need daily walks, but only on “clean” territory – in the children’s park, alley.
  3. Send your baby on summer “vacation” out of town. Usually, 3-4 months of stay in the village is enough for the body to get rid of all the harmful substances accumulated during the winter, including allergens. By the way, even short time outings to the city will also benefit the kids.
  4. And finally, hardening! A great way to improve the health of the baby.

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