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Children of real kings: how is their life?

Children of real kings: how is their life?

The most famous heir to the throne, no doubt, Prince George of Cambridge, the first son of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Even before his birth, The Washington Post called George the “most famous kid in the world.”

Four years ago, July 22, 2013, George was born in London, at St. Mary’s Hospital. In the same place, where Princess Diana gave birth to Princes William and Harry.

Pope-prince also attended childbirth.

In the future, George may well become king of Great Britain, taking the throne after his father, who, in turn, will inherit him after Prince Charles. In the meantime, the third in line to the throne, like millions of other ordinary boys, goes to a kindergarten located next to the house (this was a mandatory requirement of Mom George), where they are brought up by the Montessori system, and plays with her younger sister, Princess Charlotte.

Or having fun with her and other kids at children’s parties, where everything is the same as at events for uncrowned people: animators, a contact zoo, games and surprises.

The parents of the prince and princess adhere to loyal methods of education, without corporal punishment, until recently quite common in British families and schools. In any case, the nurse of the royal children is strictly forbidden to spank the kids – you can only influence the word.

Great-grandmother, acting queen, according to rumors, with great-grandchildren is even softer than with her grandchildren, they call her easily – Granny (grandmother) or Gan-Gan (short for great-grandmother).

It can be assumed that in the future, George, like his dad, will go to study at the traditional educational institution of the British kings Eaton, and then, continuing the professional line of the male half of the family, will go to military service.

Duke of Cambridge William and Duchess of Cambridge Catherine want more children, however, it is likely that, firstly, it will be IVF, and secondly, surrogate motherhood. The reason is Kate, who is so thin that she is suspected of anorexia: with a height of more than 170 cm, she weighs about 41 kg.

Children of real kings: how is their life?

She is still quite small – about to be 6 years old, but already a very famous and beloved girl by many people. Moreover, the heiress of the Swedish throne, Estelle, duchess of Estergotland, is loved not only by her subjects, but also by admirers all over the world. First of all, she is famous and well-born, and secondly, she is very sweet and cheerful.

As evidenced by her numerous photos, regularly appearing on the web. Even in spite of the fact that her mother Estelle, crown princess Victoria, duchess of Vestergotland, heiress of the Swedish throne, daughter of the king of Sweden Charles XVI, prefers not to advertise her personal life anymore. And not even because there were a lot of novels in it, but because the last one, which ended with the wedding, became an obvious misalliance, the permission for which was specifically given by the government of the country.

Still would! After all, the daddy of the little princess Estelle is no duke or earl, but a simple sports coach who used to train her mother Victoria. But democratic Swedes seem to have been delighted at this turn of events, and Victoria’s popularity rating has risen to the skies.

And thanks to the change in the law of the throne, Estelle, in spite of everything, also became the first girl in the history of her country born with the right of succession to the throne. Therefore, she is already present at official receptions (although she still prefers dancing to state activities – sometimes, right at receptions, and she dances).

She is also interested in ecology, experiencing, for example, the fate of fish in the Baltic Sea. Estel is the responsible older sister for year-old Oscar Karl Olof.

She takes care of her brother with pleasure and assures that the time spent with him is among her favorite entertainment.

Children of real kings: how is their life?

Today’s modern Danish prince is much younger and more fun than its long-time predecessor, literary Hamlet. Presumably, his life will be happier: nowadays things in the Danish kingdom seem to be going well, and members of the ruling dynasty have not been seen in the poisoning of relatives for many decades.

Despite the fact that Christian Waldemar Henri, after his father, Crown Prince Frederick, may well become king, reigning under the title Christian XI, raise him in an environment not at all aristocratic. First, the little prince went to the most ordinary, and not the private kindergarten (besides, he had a nanny in the palace), then – the first in the dynasty of the Danish princes! – went to the municipal school.

True, he later still moved to the famous and special, but accessible to many school Hellerup. Here, for example, you can choose a form of training that suits you; Often, classes are held on the floor, an unusual room design includes many different stairs, balconies and bridges where children can sit, jump, stand and move … In general, you will not get bored!

This year, Christian will be 12 years old, and he is a typical boy of his age: cheerful, loves to gossip with friends, loves football and the group One Direction. Christian, of course, takes part in official events, but much more he likes to open with his grandfather (Prince Henrik) a new pavilion at the Copenhagen Zoo for an elephant donated to the family by the kings of Thailand, or spend time with their parents, sisters – princesses Isabella and Josephine – and brother, Prince Vincent, at a ski resort.

Children of real kings: how is their life?

When this 13-year-old girl ascends the throne and becomes the mistress of the royal palace in Oslo, she will be the first woman after Queen Margaret to be ruling Norway from the 14th century. In the meantime, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, the eldest daughter of Haakon Magnus and his wife, Mette-Marit, is studying at the private school of Oslo International School, which she passed from regular.

This change was not approved by the majority of ordinary Norwegians, which immediately affected the ranking of the cronpar, especially the rating of mom Ingrid Alexandra, Mette-Marit, who insisted on the move. The people of Norway liked the princess much more in the society of ordinary children in an ordinary school.

But parents have their own reasons: they were justified by the fact that Ingrid Alexandra would need fluent English for decent reign in the future, and at Oslo International School all subjects from the fifth grade are taught on it. In addition, the director of the institution has repeatedly told reporters that the teachers did not specifically distinguish the princess among other students.

In the Norwegian royal family, it is customary to bring up children in austerity, and the young princess is being prepared for future duties. For example, she gave her first public speech at the age of six years, and in February 2016 she lit the Olympic flame at the opening ceremony of the II Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer.

At the Oslo International School, where Princess Ingrid Alexandra is studying, they teach reading, physics, mathematics, language, geography, technology and culture. Only three times a week, lessons are held in Norwegian.

Children of real kings: how is their life?

In the opinion of those close to them, despite their 15 years, this strict girl is the true future queen. Pranks and pampering is not about her.

Ten years before the birth of Princess Elizabeth of the Duchess of Brabant, daughter of the King of Belgium Philip and his wife Queen Matilda, a new occupation was introduced in the country, according to which the throne is inherited by birthright. Elizabeth was born first in the family, therefore, despite the fact that she has two brothers, Gabrielle and Emmanuel, and her sister Eleanor, most likely, she will ascend to the throne in the future. The woman will become the Queen of Belgium, not because of marriage, as it was before, but by birthright.

So, Elizabeth is purposefully trained for the most aristocratic career in the world, literally, from birth. She knows perfectly well how to behave like a royal person, apart from exemplary behavior, she is distinguished by knowledge of all the subtleties of etiquette and firmly learned the main rule of the modern queen: stay away from journalists.

Elizabeth is a frequent participant in official events, such as the consecration of a new ship of the Belgian Navy, the opening of the Arctic station and a children’s hospital named after her. When she was 10 years old, she made a speech in memory of those killed in the First World War, and since the clever princess speaks Dutch, German and French, she turned to her listeners in them.

In Dutch, Elizabeth and is studying at a school in Brussels, as well as studying ballet at the Academy of Arts Kensnenacademie De Boeck.

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