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Children and parents in social networks: safety rules

Children and parents in social networks: safety rules

Most modern parents are registered on social networks and have their own opinion about what is considered personal and what is not. Spread baby photos from childbirth or not, register babies on VKontakte and Twitter or wait for the child to start an account … Everyone decides for himself. But the Internet, in particular, the social network, is fraught with many dangers that moms and dads should remember themselves and warn their children.

Where the pitfalls lurk, tell our experts.

Alexander Ivashov, information security engineer:

“For any parent, the desire to protect the child from pornography, news about terrorist attacks and the like is normal. There are several options for this.

The first thing to do is to create on the computer a separate account for the child. Naturally – without administrator rights, as the administrator himself can configure any restrictions.

Further options begin.

  1. You can disable work with the Network in the child account. Cartoons, tutorials, interactive encyclopedias – download under your account and put in a folder to which the child has access. True, this limits its access to information.
  2. Set for the child’s account restrictions on access to certain resources. How to do? Manually configure the system or install filter software (firewall).
  3. You can make a list of prohibitions – which sites contain dangerous words, the child is forbidden to visit. Everything else will open.

The principle “What is not forbidden is allowed” leaves the child a lot of freedom. For example, the freedom to watch Chinese porn, if he finds it, of course. You did not add words to Chinese in the ban list?

It is also impossible to predict in advance all sites where something useful can be found. Another option – to make a list of allowed sites, in the reliability of which you are sure. If friends in the social network posted a photo of your child, but it is unpleasant for you, it is technically impossible to delete the picture.

Ask the person who posted to delete the picture or not to post it in open access. If the requests did not take effect, contact the site administrator to support service. In social networks, such as VKontakte, there is a technical possibility to limit photo viewing for selected people.

So, you yourself can show family pictures only to close ones. In the settings of the account there is an option “privacy”, which will help to “sort” the audience.

Children are drawn to what we taught them. It is possible that the best protection of the child from the dirt on the web will be that it will not be interesting to him. The way with the list of permissions is more relevant for the youngest, the option with the “black list” is for older children.

In general, when inviting programmers, do not forget: any restrictions can be circumvented, and protection can be cracked. ”

  • Check the GPS mode on children’s gadgets.
  • Pay attention to whether synchronization with the social network is enabled if the child has an account.
  • Set up a privacy mode – let only friends and relatives see photos of your children.
  • Explain to the child that you should not include your full name, home address, telephone number, and other personal information on the page.
  • Direct marketing via email or SMS is only allowed with the prior consent of the person. Explain to the child: if he provides personal information on the Internet, downloads something, he may inadvertently agree to a paid mailing service, shopping, visiting adult sites.

Children and parents in social networks: safety rules

Oleg Larionov, Adviser to the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in St. Petersburg:

“You can reliably protect yourself and your loved ones from copying photos and placing them on questionable sites only if you don’t upload photos and videos to the Internet. If a minor child has a page, parents should ensure that it is open only to a limited circle of people.

Parents should control who the child communicates with and whom they add to friends, especially unfamiliar adults. It is desirable that the pictures that the child places on the page contain as little information as possible about him, his family, place of residence.

Using a personal image of a minor without the consent of his legal representatives is not allowed. If you understand that your child’s photo is used on any site, write to the site moderator (or groups in the social network) with the requirement to delete the picture.

If your request is ignored, contact your provider. If this did not help, you will have to act through the courts.

You can demand compensation for illegal use of the image for commercial purposes. Again, the nuance: if the photo was posted in open access (for all to see), the fight will be much more difficult.

If third parties create a page using a photo of an outsider on whose behalf they are sending out any false or offensive information, in this case the rights to honest name and dignity are violated.

If someone posted a photo of your child on gay or pedophile sites, immediately contact your provider or Roskomnadzor – and the site will be blocked and deleted. In such a situation, you can also count on moral compensation, but it will be possible to receive it only in a court of law.

I advise parents to install filters on the home computer to protect the child from dangerous content, to check the magazine to see the pages visited. This is a permissible intervention in the child’s life, as parents, as legal representatives, are responsible for this child’s mental and moral health. ”

Irina Bogdanovskaya, Ph.D. in Psychology, Associate Professor at the Department of Methods of Psychological Knowledge of the Russian State Pedagogical University A.I. Herzen:

“Some parents after giving birth to a child have not yet realized their new role and are at a loss. Putting pictures with the baby in social networks, they try to inform about their new status and realize themselves in a new capacity.

Baby photos, as it were, add significance to a relationship with a child: taking pictures, putting them out means love! Another reason for the demonstration of children’s photos may be the problem of lack of self-realization of the mother, whose life is limited to the family.

Such a woman may develop a feeling of over-involvement in the child’s problems as a way to compensate for the lack of a rich life. Such a mother merges with the child, as it is obscured by them in the photo.

The reasons why parents register e babies in social networks are different. Someone keeps a peculiar diary of the kid, laying out an ultrasound picture instead of a photo. For some, it’s a fun joke.

Very often, parents in this way tend to follow fashion, to stand out. However, among the younger couples there are staunch supporters of virtual communication, who believe that it has replaced the real one. They expect that the development of the Network will accelerate the development of baby communication.

Unfortunately, they forget: a long wandering on the Internet provokes a strong dependence. In addition, we should not forget that, for example, employers take permission from an adult to publish their personal data on the company’s website.

Nobody asks anything for the baby. Here parents need to ask themselves the questions: “Why am I doing this?”, “Why is it so necessary for ME (and not for the child)?”, “What do I know about the dangers of the virtual world for the child?”

Anatoly Alyokhin, psychiatrist, MD, professor:

“Parents, showing off their child on the Web, sometimes refer to him as their own achievement, such as a fashionable tan or a new dress. Do dresses not get permission for a photo session? Say, the child is a part of me, so I can dispose of it.

There is a typical disregard for the child as another person. It turns out, in the first place “I”, and not a child, with all the declared love.

It is dangerous for the baby that he will never become a favorite as an independent person and will be considered as an achievement of the mother.

A single mother, laying out a photo with a child, wants to shout to a man: look, they say, what is your child, and you are gone! The desire to demonstrate yourself with your son or daughter on the Internet can be rooted in the desire … to annoy childless friends, prove your female consistency to others, indicate to potential sufferers: you will have to wait, “I’m out of shape now,” because I gave birth to a beautiful woman (ca). “

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