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Children and gadgets: 5 main problems and solutions

Children and gadgets: 5 main problems and solutions

Studies on the impact of computers and television on children are not yet very much, but there are a lot of opinions that oscillate between the two poles: “Let it stick in the computer. Everyone does it and nothing! ”And another:“ Gadgets threaten terrible dangers and destroy the brain. ”

It makes sense to consider the possible dangers and find out whether to worry.

1. The immobility of the child

Rare children run around the room while watching a cartoon, usually a keen kid sits patiently in one place, forgetting that he likes to ride on an ice-house from the sofa. Hence the popularity of tablets in airplanes and in queues at the clinic.

But as soon as you get off the plane, immobility ceases to be a plus, and child development actually suffers from it. It would seem that an hour of viewing the weather will not do.

How to make – sure, American scientists. They conducted a study with the participation of 11 thousand kindergartens, and responsibly stated that children watching TV at least an hour a day are more likely to be overweight than their comrades, who spend less than an hour at the monitor.

2. Lack of sensory stimuli

Usually we enjoy developing toys on the tablet. The kid cheerfully drags the red squares in one direction, and the green circles in the other, draws, dragging with his finger on the glass, or makes the hairstyles virtual pupae.

It would seem the triumph of logic and creativity. In fact, it would be much more valuable for the brain to give the child a real sorter, a baby doll with rearing hair and a real wooden pencil with paper. The brain of a child needs a multisensory environment, with a wealth of tactile sensations: let him draw, but he feels the structure of the paper, hears it rustling, feels that he has to press the felt pen more firmly, you can punch the paper and draw on the floor.

The fact that the guys who collect “Lego” mainly in the tablet, lose a lot in terms of development, reasoned neuropsychiatrist and MD Theo Compiernolle in the book “The Brain Freed”.

3. Braking skills

The already-mentioned doctor Compaernolle insists that the serious problem of a child with gadgets is not what he does, but what he doesn’t do: they don’t use the delicate hand-eye coordination that he would need if he tied his shoelaces , does not fantasize, does not learn to speak, to express emotions. Experts have been talking about the connection between speech development delays and gadgets for a long time, and the American researcher Dimitri Christakis published unexpected research results. According to them, the children who watched the Baby Einstein tutorials learned fewer words in the same time than the children who did not watch the training programs.

This is not surprising: if we do not apply a skill, it begins to degrade. A child who is brought up by blinking screens, in ways of expressing emotions, will lose to a friend who spent time in the company of a deaf-mute nanny.

4. Willful insufficiency and creative inaction

Cartoons and a fun game with jumping frogs do not require any concentration efforts from the child. Even on the contrary – it is worth making an effort to break away from the screen. Almost all video sequences: loud sounds, bright colors, changing angles, exaggerated emotions, are aimed at keeping attention.

We involuntarily turn our heads in the direction of the telyashchik, and stick to it with our eyes: this is how the indicative reflex works. We, the parents, of course, are not very pleased that the offspring is sitting tied with some sort of incomprehensible reflex. We want him to do creative work, play, fantasize, create.

But there may be difficulties. Some experts, such as the German scientist Rainer Patslav, believe that cartoons stuffed with ready-made images, prevent kids from creating their own. Instead of the blue-toothed flaky bat, the child draws Masha and the bear to you for the hundredth time.

The child does not want to create, thank you, he was already fed up with someone else’s creativity.

5. Questionable aesthetic patterns

Most parents are forced to live surrounded by devilish creatures: plush Angry Birds, little cute family ponies of pink with pluck-up eye-sparkles and countless copies of spider-man. Children’s video production is done in such a way as to be clear, flat, and not too bright, any person who was looking for an application on the tablet noticed this.

To find pearl grains in a pile of garbage, you need to spend a lot of time, and then give up on everything and put a recognized masterpiece: “The Scarlet Flower”, 52 years old, “The Lion King” or something from Miyadzyaki.

Children and gadgets: 5 main problems and solutions

Tips to help children tame technology, helped us to formulate a psychologist and teacher Irina Belyaeva

  1. In the relationship of gadgets and children, it is important and measure, and the age of the child. There are recommended standards, WHO, in particular, suggests that children under three years of age should not be allowed to go to screens, from three to seven years old – look up to half an hour a day, and at a younger school age, not stick around on tablets for more than 50 minutes. Let for many of these rules be not very real, but still we must strive towards them.
  2. Until preschool age, gadgets are best removed altogether on the top shelf. Then you need to put restrictions, control their use and negotiate the rules. Discuss with your child about what exactly he does in the computer: uses it for self-development or mindlessly follows advertising and entertainment.
  3. The book is not always everything, but a computer game is nothing. Watch the content: it can be different, but always quality.
  4. Play yourself a child’s game, grasp, read reviews, or discuss on the forum, “why paladins otkhilivayutsya on full HP”. This will bring you closer to the child, you will realize that he has found in this dungeon, in addition to the magic mantle, and he, in turn, will stop looking at you as if he were too big a cheerful dinosaur.
  5. Teach children to think consistently and focus. Dangerous Pokemon should not distract the kid from the assembly of turrets from the cubes. Three burning screens in the same room are confused and prevent the helicopter from completing the top landing. Multitasking mode is no plus of a new civilization, but only a state of scattered attention, in which reading tasks will most likely fail.

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