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Child Lark: how to sleep longer in the morning

Child Lark: how to sleep longer in the morning

Indeed, many babies seem like natural early birds. In fact, only 2–3 children out of 10 early awakening belong to real larks.

The rest of the children are birds of a different kind: those who wake up “not a dawn” for some external reasons, and most of them can be corrected.

Your child is a real lark if:

  • always wakes up himself and almost invariably in a great mood;
  • the first half of the day is alert and energetic;
  • has no problems with sleep, easily falls asleep in the evening and sleeps soundly all night;
  • after dinner looks tired.

Well, and the last, the main distinctive feature of such a chick is that an attempt to correct, shift, change the mode only leads to the fact that the baby becomes capricious, tearful. No matter how hard the parents try to move the child’s bedtime to sleep at a later time (for example, putting him in the usual 20.00, and 21-21.00), he still wakes up at 6.00 in the morning.

At the same time, the baby walks all day “broken” because of the sleep time “stolen” from him. But it is with a little lark.

With all the other children, the parents, as a rule, succeed, gradually shifting bedtime, to bring the child to a more acceptable schedule.

Start a “sleep protocol”. Determine when the baby becomes sleepy, and record this time in a diary: how many overslept, what time I woke up. Do the same with the daytime sleep (at what time the siesta passes, how many times per day and for how long).

This diary continues for 10–14 days to establish an unmistakable approximate schedule and overall need for your child’s sleep. So you will see how much time a child sleeps at night, and, most likely, you will notice that this number is quite adequate (9-11 hours of good sleep).

Another thing is that it fits pretty early – at 20.00, or even at 19.00. It is not surprising that the child wakes up vigorous by 5-6 in the morning. Secondly, you may notice that your problem lies in the fact that the child spends too much time on daytime sleep and the lack of rest at night more than compensates for two or three long day siesta.

It means that it is necessary to begin the adjustment of the children’s regime from here. To do this, it is enough to postpone (for 10–15 minutes) the first lunchtime sleep to a later time. For example, if a baby wakes up at 6.00 and by 9.00 it already fits on the first dining rest, which lasts up to 11 hours.

You can set a goal to rebuild the baby mode to sleep from 10.00 to 12.00. Patiently, consistently, with small shifts you can achieve this in 2–3 weeks. In this case, not only one dining dream will shift, but a new sleep schedule will gradually form: a second dining dream and a night’s rest will shift to a later one, and with it the morning awakening.

To create a new schedule for the child, and you will need the results of your “protocol”. Set a total time and create a different, more realistic daily routine for your family. However, in this new chart, the baby must sleep a total of as much time as before.

Keep the same regime moments (one, two lunch sleep).

AGEHow many times is recommended to sleep during the dayTotal duration of daytime sleep (hour)The total duration of a night’s sleep (hour)Total duration of day and night sleep (hours)
1 month3-477-815-15,5
3 months3five9-1015
6 months23.25-410-1114.25 -14.5
9 months23eleven14
12 months1-22-311,5-1213.5-14
18 months1-22-311.25-1213-14
2 yearsone1-2,511-1213-13,5
2.5 yearsone1.5-210.5-11.513-13,5
3 yearsone1-1.510.5-11.512-13
4 years0-10-110.5-11.511-12,5
5 years0-10-110-1111-12

Child Lark: how to sleep longer in the morning

Analyze your day. Various factors may affect sleep, and in particular, early awakening:

HUNGER. The child got used to have breakfast early, because his mother feeds him immediately after waking up.
Decision. Try not to feed the baby as soon as he wakes up, postpone breakfast for 15 minutes and gradually shift the meal to a more suitable time. If the child is very naughty, give him warm tea or unsweetened compote.

And move the breakfast itself to a later date.

NOISE. Early in the morning baby sleep is very sensitive.

He can be woken up by street noise, the conversations of parents leaving for work, the sound of a humming computer or TV.
Decision. Place the crib away from the living room, where adults are gathering (if there is such a possibility), from light sources and electrical appliances.

If there is a radio alarm clock in your house, set some wave with quiet music to low volume and turn it on one hour before the baby’s usual awakening. This will serve as a “white noise”, which muffles and masks extraneous sounds from the street or from the next room.

GREAT NUMBER OF IMPRESSIONS. Sometimes the day of the baby is so eventful that it is not the best way reflected in children’s sleep.

Some changes in his life, quarrels between family members can affect the healthy sleep of a child.
Decision . If the child is very impressionable, try to save him from too many different impressions. May his day be calmer. Try to be more in the fresh air, and closer to sleep go to the quiet games.

Try soothing pine baths. But remember: there are babies that evening bathing does not relax, but makes them vigorous and full of energy. The same can be said about swaddling at night.

There are children, and there are not so few of them, who cannot sleep peacefully until they are sung. In this state, they fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

Children happily sleep wrapped up (already not even in the diaper from which they grew up, but in sheets) almost up to a year.

INABILITY TO BREAK UP BY INDEPENDENTLY. Very few kids, waking up from some rustling or uncomfortable posture, can find a pacifier at the head of the head, put it in their mouth, turn to the other side and continue their sleep. Most children get up in the crib and start calling for mom.

Solution: everything that makes you stand at the crib for a long time should not be included in the evening ritual. Do not rock on the hands, do not lull on the chest, do not lie next to the baby until he falls asleep.

Try to put the child in bed tired, half asleep, but in a state of wakefulness. Stand by, pat on the head, turn on the recordings with the sounds of the forest, with a classic or lullaby. At first, the baby, accustomed to motion sickness, will resist and cry, but be firm: the child will need only a few evenings to understand that he must now fall asleep without his mother’s hands.

In the morning, when the child wakes up, do not rush to run to him. In the mornings, the babies sleep very sensitively, they often go from deep to superficial sleep, at such moments they can not only spin from side to side, but also start and even cry without waking up.

Then your touch and whisper can prevent him. If he is not disturbed, he may again fall into a deep sleep and sleep for another 30–60 minutes. “Woke up” – it opened his eyes, sat in the crib and chirped, and only when the calls become persistent, you can go to the baby.

WORKING WEEK MODE. The rhythms of family life on weekdays and weekends do not match.

But what a deal this baby! By the end of the first year, the hours of his sleep are accurately recorded, and it does not matter to him that today is Sunday.
Solution: tips for the larks of larks will help here (see below).

SHINE. Often, babies are awakened by daylight or street lights. Solution: Curtain the windows in the baby’s bedroom with blackout curtains.

If the baby woke up too early, continue to behave as if he had stood in the middle of the night: speak quietly and do not turn on the overhead light. The crumbs should give the impression that it is still not at all the right time for active games.

Solution: revise the sleep mode, perhaps now it is better to abandon one day’s sleep or reduce its duration.

And finally: Children under the age of 2 years often lack vitamin D, especially by the end of winter. This has a negative effect on sleep: the baby sweats easily, sleeps uneasily and wakes up easily.

If your child is an incorrigible lark, do not rush to give up.

Tip one: allow yourself to sleep with your baby, including during the day. Adjust your schedule to the child’s schedule.

Second tip: teach your baby to wake up quietly without waking up parents.

  1. Leave a bottle of tea and cookies next to the cot. Put your favorite book. For the smallest, you can use bright toys by hanging them between the crib bars on the side, front and rear. Attention, toys must be safe!
  2. The Sunday Box will help to take an older child – a box of toys, in which he can play only on weekends. These should be toys that can take a child for a long time: constructors with figures, pet farms, cars, or a children’s dinner service.
  3. Remind the child that his beloved bear and baby elephant need his help in the morning: they have to do exercises, wash their make-up with water, clean their teeth and, of course, eat some kind of imaginary pumpkin, a couple of tons of eggplants and other food useful for bears and elephants. And it is better to wake up mum after their breakfast.
  4. Teach the baby to turn on the tape recorder so that he can listen to his favorite fairy tale.
  5. Allow the child to come to your bedroom when he wakes up. Arrange for him a special secret place where he can sit or lie down: set up a children’s tent, cover the table with a blanket (it will be a cave), put a mattress or a sleeping bag there. In general, arrange the nest so that the crumb could sit comfortably in it without getting into the parent’s bed and disturbing your sleep.
  6. Get up in the morning, take turns: on Saturday – Mom, and on Sunday – Dad.

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