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Chest pain before menstruation – is it normal? “

Chest pain before menstruation - is it normal?

About 2 weeks before my period, my chest starts to ache. This is normal?

With what it can be connected?

Olga, Krasnodar

Soreness in the chest for some time before the onset of menstruation is called mastodynia. There may also be complaints of engorgement of the mammary glands and an increase in their sensitivity. According to statistics, up to 70% of women of reproductive age experience similar sensations.

This condition may be associated with hormonal changes in the body and fibrocystic mastopathy.

It will be necessary to make an ultrasound examination of the mammary glands (on the 7–9th day of the menstrual cycle) and an ultrasound of the pelvic organs. With the obtained results, contact your obstetrician-gynecologist or breast specialist. In most cases, it is possible to reduce pain by taking phytotherapeutic drugs and using gels containing hormones.

What is best suited for you, can only determine the attending physician after a conversation, examination and evaluation of the results of the research.

I recently found out that I was pregnant, and now I’m worried, because, not knowing my situation, I drank red wine. Can it hurt the baby?

Natalia, Moscow

Alcohol during pregnancy is harmful. The question is how much harm it can cause to the fetus. A small portion of red wine is not likely to hurt.

If there was more than 1-2 glasses of alcohol, it is better to consult a geneticist. The doctor will determine the correspondence between the time of alcohol intake and the period of pregnancy (1-2–3 weeks).

Based on these data, he will be able to make an assumption about the possible harmful effects of alcohol on the formation of a particular system in a future baby and will tell in detail about the likely consequences.

I found a discrepancy of the pubic bones and was diagnosed with symphysitis. The doctor advises to tune in to cesarean section.

Is this really the only way to do this?

Svetlana, Volgograd

The doctor is right. Symphysis – a direct indication for cesarean section. The pubic symphysis is the area connecting the lateral bones of the pelvis.

If the cartilage of the pubic bone softens greatly, the pubic joint becomes too mobile and swells. In this case, the doctor diagnoses the symphysitis, which can develop due to calcium deficiency or an excess of the hormone relaxin.

If you give birth through the birth canal, the risk of rupture of the symphysis is high. The child will not be harmed, but the mother can get a serious injury.

For a period of 12 weeks, I was diagnosed with ureaplasma and gardnerella. What is it fraught with?

Will I have to take antibiotics?

Ureaplasma and gardnerella are opportunistic microorganisms. They may be present in a small amount in the body of a healthy person, and beneficial bacteria prevent their uncontrolled reproduction.

If for any reason the balance of microflora is disturbed, the disease develops.

Ureaplasmosis involves taking antibiotics. But I recommend first to make a quantitative analysis of ureaplasma, so that the doctor can decide whether they are needed.

Gardnerella in pregnant women is treated with candles, antibiotics are not needed.

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