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Charging for two

Charging for two

Paired workouts are great for beginners, as well as those to whom regular workouts seem boring, who are shy and afraid to train alone, as well as young mothers with young children.

If this is training for two people of equal strength, they will have a competitive spirit, which becomes an excellent incentive for effective training. For a young mother, it is an opportunity to engage in physical activity, without losing sight of the child and with benefit for him.

Of the most common and effective paired exercises, I propose to consider squats (with backs to each other and facing each other), push-ups, pull-ups, abdominal exercises, and a bar in various variations. We choose the option depending on who we are at the moment – with an adult or with a child.

Squat facing each other holding hands. Stand in front of each other at a distance of about 1 meter, hold hands.

While inhaling, try to sit on a chair, up to a corner in the knee of 90 degrees, while exhaling due to the effort of your legs and buttocks, return to the starting position.

Squat back to each other. You need to lean back against each other and put your feet forward a couple of steps.

It is very important to keep balance here, therefore, in addition to the muscles of the legs and buttocks, stabilizer muscles also work well. While inhaling, you try to crouch, keeping your back level and not pushing your knees by your toes, while standing up while inhaling.

Planck + deadlift. One partner is in elbow bar, the other takes his legs.

A partner in the bar does not change anything in his position. And the one who holds the legs performs the classic movements of the deadlift: while inhaling, he draws the pelvis backwards and bends forward with a straight back, as he exhales, he straightens. Thus, one person is constantly in the bar and his position complicates the changing position of the legs, and the other performs deadlift with the partner’s legs as a weighting agent.

Then partners change places.

This is a classic abs exercise that we remember from the school curriculum.

One partner lies on his back and bends the legs at the knee, the other holds his legs. On the exhale, the lying partner tears the scapula off the floor, while inhaling returns to its original position.

In order not to overload the lower back, it is not necessary to tear it off the floor, we lift only the shoulder blades. That is, we perform this exercise in a short amplitude.

Then change places.

Joint pull-ups are effective when both “athletes” can do it. As a rule, the man assumes the main load, and the woman, due to his strength, is also able to make half-tightening. A couple stands opposite each other, jumps on a horizontal bar face to face, the girl grabs the man with her legs and begins to pull herself up.

On the exhale, they tightened their chins to the crossbar, and inhale returned to their original position.

And finally pushups. They can be performed by increasing and shifting the load.

One partner is lying flat, the other takes him by the legs. On the inhale, the one who is below bends his arms, trying to touch the floor with his chin, while inhaling he straightens his arms.

After the approach, the partners change places.

Charging for two

The most common exercise for moms is squats with a child. It can be placed behind your back, on your shoulders or in front of you.

Useful sling and other convenient devices, but you can only use your hands. Conveniently and reliably taking the baby, we fall on the inhale, due to the pelvic abduction.

On the exhale, we return to the starting position.

Also on a walk you can walk in a lunge with a stroller. We take a stroller with a baby, choose a long straight alley and walk in long strides, bending the front leg in the knee, that is, we make a lunge forward.

At the same time, exhalation is always performed on effort.

Thus, we actively and have fun, get closer and strengthen muscles. Be sure to train with your loved ones and loved ones!

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